Why You Need To Take A Road Trip In Europe

Being the second smallest continent, Europe has some advantages when it comes to travel, and with Russia itself comprising a whopping 40% of that entire area, the majority of the countries occupy a relatively small amount of space. For those who are looking to explore an entire country, or several in one shot, this makes it even easier to do so in one trip. Added to the this is the general ease in which you can cross borders between most of the countries (at least those in the Schengen Area). Acting as one country for international travel purposes, the Schengen Area allows travel across the borders of the member countries without the need for going through customs or applying for any additional visas. Which, on its own, is a great motivating factor for a road trip in Europe.

Road trip in europe with one modern couple in germany

This perfect combination of close proximity and open borders comes together to create a continent that is fairly easy to traverse no matter what method of transportation you choose. And there are a myriad of options to travel Europe: trains and rail passes, budget and major airlines, bus routes and car rentals. For us, we love to travel by train, to kick back and relax as we watch the beautiful scenery pass by… but by far our favourite method of transportation while travelling is by car and when we’re in Europe we think car rentals and road trips, every time!

9 Reasons To Travel Europe By Car

We really do feel that a road trip in Europe is the best way to go. In 2015 we took a Germany road trip as well as a road trip in Spain, and both times our car rental from AutoEurope allowed us incredible access to both countries and opened up opportunities we otherwise would never have had. Here are our top 9 reasons we love to travel by car and why we think you need to take a road trip in Europe!

car rental road trip in Germany

1. Freedom to come and go as you please.

We love to set our own timelines, to avoid the restrictions of an airline or transit company’s scheduled departure times. We can choose where to go and when to leave and then choose how long we want to stay there before finding the next destination. When you travel by car in Europe, you are giving yourself the option to start and end your day when and where you want. It also means your travel days don’t equal a missed day of exploring.

2.  You can change plans on a whim.

Much like having the freedom to come and go as we please, we love to be spontaneous and having the ability to turn around, change direction, alter our timing or revise our schedule completely is not something we can do very often when we travel with other methods of transportation. But when we drive, it’s a whole other story. We’ve got the road ahead of us…or behind us, or to the left or right. Really, we can switch directions whenever we choose.

In fact, during our recent road trip in Germany, we found out a friend was flying into Munich the next day. We were in Frankfurt with no plans of heading to Munich but as soon as we heard, we changed our schedule hopped in the car the following morning and spent the day driving from one end of the country to the next. No looking up timetables. No worrying about getting the best prices or how we’d get around after. It was amazing.

road trip in europe

3. Sometimes taking the direct route, isn’t the best route.

Along with having the freedom to come and go as you please and to change your plans on a whim, is the discovery that there is often more to see between one destination and another than you realize.  During our recent road trip in Germany and our previous road trip in Spain, we found so much BETWEEN each of our destination points. Had we gone from Madrid to Almunecar and back again, we would have missed all the small towns and villages we got to stop at, the ruins and castles, old churches, local restaurants and a plethora of other hidden gems and parts of the country and culture rarely seen by travellers.

4. You can get outside the tourist hubs.

With a car, you’re really unrestricted. This allows you to get outside the major cities and transit routes where main methods of transportation for tourists, like planes, trains and buses, usually come and go. Instead, you can explore more of the country which means you can peel away the layers of the culture, experience some local flare and find accommodations that are more cost effective because they are outside the main areas. Not only do these accommodations have a better price tag than those in major cities, they also usually come with more amenities that you would otherwise need to pay for (breakfast, parking, complimentary water, etc).

Road trip in Spain with car rental in Europe

5. It can be comparable, or cheaper, in price… so why not take a road trip in Europe?

In addition to saving money on accommodation, we’ve often found that the price of a car rental was cheaper for us than booking transportation to and from the various places we want to see or need to be. While you do have to factor in any added expenses, such as fuel, we’ve noticed it still hasn’t impacted our overall budget.

We use AutoEurope and it has consistently found the cheapest rental price in each of the countries we’ve searched with an easy rental process. In fact, it was cheaper to rent a car, drive pretty much all day, everyday (filling up regularly as we went) in Spain for a week than it would have been to pay the quoted prices for bus, train or plane tickets between the various cities we were looking to see. Bring more people along for your road trip and you’ve cut down the price even more!

road trip in germany on castle road frankenstein castle

6. You can save on dining expenses and experience food like the locals!

We not only save on accommodation by having the ability to search and stay at the best valued hotels, but we also save on food. You can find local stores with ease and by stopping in at grocery stores and fresh markets you can purchase delicious local food and produce at a fraction of the cost of food in a restaurant. Because your transportation is also your storage space, you are able to easily carry your groceries with you. (Note: It’s important to choose your food wisely and plan to eat food that spoils first.) Finally, like accommodations, having a car also allows you to find and dine at restaurants off the beaten path and have some incredible local experiences.

Travel in Europe with car rental in Germany

7. Your luggage travels with you, not the other way around!

From checking luggage, to carrying it with you, to lugging it down the street, to bringing it on the bus and off again, luggage can get cumbersome and heavy. We seldom had to think about our luggage, let alone carry it with us. Whether we stayed at a hotel for a longer period of time, or switched frequently, it was easy to bring our suitcases and backpacks with us wherever we decided to go!

8. It’s a backup accommodation.

Yep, you read that right. We’ve taken numerous road trips during our relationship and almost every single one involved some form of slumber in the car itself. Whether we took turns resting up while the other drove, napped at a service centre or full-on slept at a rest stop, we’ve used the car to catch up on our Zs when we were between hotels. It can come in handy when you’re looking to travel longer distances overnight in order to maximize the daylight hours or when plans fall through and you just didn’t make it to the next destination in time to check into a hotel. If delays happen while you’re on a bus, train or plane you’ve got to hope you can find transportation to your hotel and that it has late check-in! Otherwise, you’re out of luck and wishing you had four wheels of freedom to rest up in!

dashboard of car rental

9. You can travel with your own personal soundtrack!

Okay, so this one may just entice us, and with the ability to play music on cell phones and mp3 players, it’s possible to listen to music pretty much anywhere. But we love listening to music while travelling. Associating memories and music can be powerful and it’s also just plain enjoyable. For us, turning up a local radio station or plugging in our own music with the car’s audio jack really enhances the experience. We can cruise along the roads, taking in the scenery and enjoying some great tunes we’ll probably largely associate with the trip for a long time to come!


There you go! 9 of our top reasons why you need to take a road trip in Europe. For us, renting a car in Europe is a no-brainer. Between the cost-effectiveness, freedom and ease of travel and our enjoyment of driving around and really seeing as much of a place as possible, it’s our favourite method of transportation and sightseeing.


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Travellers Reveal Where To Find An Amazing Sunrise

That first trickle of light. The slow spread of colour over a dark night sky. Burgeoning feelings of wonder and excitement. A sense of endless possibilities. Witnessing an amazing sunrise can be an emotional, moving experience. We can tell you exactly where and when we saw the most beautiful sunrise of our travels and we can recall that moment in our minds: the expectation after the first pink and purple hues emerged, the emotions that built as the colourful display before us grew into an image more breathtaking than we could have imagined, and the state of contentment we were left in as the sun took it’s place and the sky was restored to its normal daytime appearance. Yes, an amazing sunrise can be a magical occurrence.

sunrise on phu chi fa thailand

Funny enough, our favourite sunrise location isn’t actually where we’ve caught the best sunrise. In fact, there were far too many clouds that day to even see the sun, but the experience was nonetheless incredible and had it been a clear day, we’re sure the sight would have been spectacular. We were fortunate to learn about Phu Chi Fa mountain and the daily climb to the top to see the sunrise by a friend who had made the same climb and came back with amazing sunrise photos. In Thailand, on the border of Laos, this viewpoint sits 1628m in elevation and puts you above the clouds and on a good day, probably sometime outside of rainy season, you’ll catch that ball of fire as it rises into the sky. You’ll need to get there early and take into account how long it takes to get to the top – the roads are winding and filled with potholes – and the final climb on foot to the top is not very difficult but it does take time. Don’t forget to dress warm as it can get chilly and keep a look out for the cute Hmong Tribe children as you climb back down!

Best Places Around The World to Watch An Amazing Sunrise

We asked our fellow travellers for their favourite spot to catch an amazing sunrise around the world and have created a list of some of the best destinations to catch the view as night turns into day. There’s even one destination that was mentioned twice and we couldn’t help but include both of the photos and descriptions as it looks and sounds like a truly incredible experience!

Here are some of the best places to catch a sunrise around the world, and even snap some beautiful sunrise photos, as suggested by some expert travellers:

Bagan, Myanmar

By Stefan & Sebastian of Nomadic Boys

amazing sunrise inbagan myanmar

 For more great photos, check out Nomadic Boys on Instagram 

Bagan is an ancient town in central Myanmar with over 2,000 temples. We visited Bagan in January 2015 as part of our travels in Myanmar.

The aim was to see that beautiful mystical sunrise over the temples, with the mist and the hot air balloons above.

Annoyingly we slept through our 5am alarm clock and at 6:30 rushed to the first temple we could peddle to (we rented bikes), which was called Buledi.

We got lucky.

We got there just in time to see the layer of mist rising up with the sun over the Bagan temples, creating that mystical like atmosphere. Then the balloons started. (You can of course take a hot air balloon ride, but at over $300 per person, this was well outside our budget).

By far the best sunrise moment of our travels!

Wollongong, Australia

By Paula & Gordon of Contented Traveller

amazing sunrise in wollongong australia

 For more great photos, check out Contented Traveller on Instagram 

Wollongong is just 80 km south from Sydney, Australia. The name Wollongong means, ‘between the mountains and the sea’ and that is literally how it is. The escarpment runs down the side, and the sea is on the other and all of the suburbs are in between. So wherever you live in the Illawarra, you 
have the beach or the bush at your doorstep. We live at the beach in an apartment and get epic sunrises that vary every day. They are amazing.

Elounda, Greece

By Paul of A Luxury Travel Blog

Elounda Greece sunrise

For more great photos, check out A Luxury Travel Blog on Pinterest

Head west on the island of Crete to the town of Elounda and you’ll find one of the most desirable resorts on Greece’s largest island. This is the perfect spot to watch the sun set, against the backdrop of Spinalonga or some of the other islands. This particular shot is taken from a private pool to one of the villas at the beautiful Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites, one of the smaller, more exclusive hotels in the area, on a hill on the outskirts of the town.

Angkor Wat – Cambodia

By Rob & Nate of Love and Road

amazing sunrise angkor wat

For more great photos, check out Love and Road on Pinterest

The orange sky, the silhouette of the temples… Something magical happens when the sun rises at Angkor Wat. The nature and the ancient architecture transport you to a new dimension, even the crowd around gets silent, the few noises you can hear are the birds singing and the click of the cameras.

We have been travelling the world for the past two years and so far the sunrise at Angkor Wat was one of the most beautiful spectacles we have seen. It’s not easy to appreciate the sunrise there. First you have to travel to Siem Reap, one of the biggest cities in Cambodia, then wake up at 4am and go by van or tuk-tuk to the Angkor Wat archaeological park. There you have to walk in the dark, find the perfect spot in front of the lake that lies on the right side of the main temple, and then wait.

All this hard work, sleep deprivation and blind walk payoff. Without previous announcement the sky becomes lighter blue, then purple, orange, and before the sun sparkles the day you still can appreciate some pink clouds. Visiting Angkor Wat complex and watching the sunrise in the park is a must do trip. The temples, the history and faith – everything is so deep. We spent a week in Siem Reap and three days exploring Angkor Wat, no doubt a memorable experience!

Chumphon, Thailand

By Chris & Angela of Tieland to Thailand

Chumphon Thailand sunrise

For more great photos, check out Tieland to Thailand on Instagram

This colorful sunrise was taken in Chumphon, a province in southern Thailand with over 200kms of untouched land and a gateway to the nearby islands of Koh Phangan, Koh Samui, and Koh Tao.

We visited Khao Dinsor (Pencil Hill), the highest point in Chumphon (10.63°N 99.28°E), which overlooks a wide expanse of rolling hills with the Gulf of Thailand to the east and the Isthmus of Kra to the west. Near the top of the mountain we were able to capture the sunrise over the treetops as it began to peek over the gulf’s smooth waters and shine through the morning clouds.

After the sunrise, we hiked a trail about 1km long that twisted up to the top of the mountain. At the end, we climbed stairs to a special 360 degree viewing platform and look at the misty hillside below.

What also makes this location special are the flocks of birds of prey, also known as raptors, that migrate through this region from August to mid-November each year. Khao Dinsor is considered by some to be among the best spots in Asia to bird watch at close range.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

By Charles McCool of McCool Travel

Outer Banks North Carolina sunrise

For more great photos, check out McCool Travel on Instagram

My family has spent at least one week at an oceanfront house on the Outer Banks in North Carolina almost every summer for the past 18 years. We go to the town of Duck—but a little further north is Corolla (home to packs of wild horses) and south is Kitty Hawk (where the Wright Brothers had their first flight). The Outer Banks was the site of the Lost Colony, where in 1587, at the first English settlement in the New World, 117 English settlers disappeared without a trace. The Outer Banks barrier islands have a series of popular lighthouses which might have prevented some of the 3,000 shipwrecks; although Blackbeard is also blamed for many. I love getting up just before dawn for amazing sunrises.

Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

By Jon of Jon Is Travelling

Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia sunrise

For more great photos, check out Jon Is Travelling on Instagram

Isla del Sol (Island of the Sun) is the spiritual home of the Incas, the legendary civilization that dominated South America until the Spanish arrived.  This place has an energy that’s hard to describe, and aside from all of the history and legend, it’s just a stunning island. It kind of looks like it belongs in the Mediterranean, with its white sand beaches and crystal clear water. We got up early one morning to watch the sunrise over Lake Titicaca – it was freezing (Isla del Sol is around 4000 metres above sea level) but definitely worth it. We could actually see the sunrise from our $6 hostel room’s window but decided to get up for a better view. The sun passed over the snow-capped Cordillera Real mountain range and bathed the lake in orange – it was an unforgettable sunrise and the perfect end to our short time on the island.

Cherating Beach, Malaysia

By Vanessa Workman of The Island Drum

Cherating Beach Malaysia

For more great photos, check out The Island Drum on Instagram

Practically the entire east coast of Peninsular Malaysia is deliciously dotted with long stretches of rather unspoiled and often rustic-looking beaches. One of the more inviting is Cherating Beach, Malaysia in the state of Pahang. Clear green waters and golden sands seem to stretch for cliché worthy miles. But If that’s not enough, add a spectacular sunrise that slowly emerges from the horizon of the adjacent South China Sea.

The morning I snapped this photo, I couldn’t even remember the last time I had witnessed an ocean sunrise. Especially one so brilliant. It seemed that my senses were also alerted to that fact. The calls of early morning sea birds, the hint of salt and sea wafting through the morning air, a reminder of other times and other places. Memories that will now include Cherating Beach.

The nearest airport to Cherating Beach is in Kuantan, Pahang, but there are plenty of buses that pass through, from various other parts of Peninsular Malaysia, making it quite easy to get to within a matter of hours.
It’s worth a visit and definitely worth getting up early to catch the sunrise.

Klaserie Reserve, South Africa

By Lance & Laura of Travel Addicts

Klaserie Reserve South Africa sunrise

For more great photos, check out Travel Addicts on Instagram

Last year, we were fortunate enough to fulfill a life-long dream of going on safari in Africa.  Our travels took us to the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve bordering Kruger National Park in South Africa.  Looking back, we didn’t have any appreciation for what “going on safari” meant.  We didn’t know how close to the animals we would be – or how unpredictable they could be.  And we had no appreciation for the African sky.  Everyone who has ever traveled to Africa talks about the sunsets, and for good reason:  they are spectacular.  They are not a one-time event.  Literally, every sunset is picture perfect.  However, we were actually more impressed with the sunrises.  The trees and animals would stand out as black shadows while the sky was bathed in shades of purples.  We’ve never been morning people, but it is worth getting out of bed for an African sunrise!

Falkland Islands

By Maja of Traveling Rockhopper

Falkland Islands sunrise

For more great photos, check out Traveling Rockhopper on Instagram

Falklands are very remote islands, located in the southern part of South America. What’s special about them? You can give a few answers, but for me: there are penguins! Can you imagine a place where there are much more penguins than people? That’s Falklands!

People often visit the Falklands during the cruise to Antarctica. But, I don’t recommend it. Falkland Islands are so special, because you can get very close to animals, e.g., penguins, and usually they don’t mind, or are scared of you. The situation may be a bit different when you travel in a big group, like the cruises to Antarctica. With these, you can unfortunately miss a great experience!

Falklands are one of my favorite destinations and it’s also a great place to enjoy an amazing sunrise. To do so, you have to get up before 4 a.m., which may be a bit painful, when it’s cold and windy outside. However, the view of southern elephant seals and penguins in the morning light make up for all the tiredness. It’s an amazing experience to observe the early morning activity of animals, especially cute penguins. And of course, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for taking great pictures.

Haleakala National Park, Maui, Hawaii

By Nadeen White of The Sophisticated Life

Haleakala National Park in Maui Hawaii sunrise

For more great photos, check out The Sophisticated Life on Instagram

Simply put, this is the most brilliant sunrise I have ever witnessed. While visiting Maui Hawaii with my Mother a few years ago, it was recommended that we take a tour to Haleakala National Park to view the sunrise. I absolutely love sunsets, which is my favorite time of the day, but as a night owl I had not experienced any memorable sunrises.

I booked the tour having no idea what to expect. Even though it was August in Hawaii we were told to dress warm due to cooler temperature at the higher elevation. The tour guide picked us up at 4.30 am and we drove two hours up to the Haleakala Summit. Haleakala is a volcano which is located on the eastern side of the island. The summit has an elevation of 10,023 feet! When we arrived we were greeted with freezing temperatures, darkness and a swarm of other tourists waiting for the sunrise. Once light started to creep in, I noticed fluffy white images in front of us. I actually asked a park ranger what they were and he responded “Ummm Clouds”. At that point I felt rather silly but I had never been that far up in the sky besides being on an airplane.

We watched with anticipation as the darkness changed to an amber color in the distance. This was followed by shades of red and yellow. The sun peaked up behind the clouds. The sky quickly radiated with light and hues of blue before the sun was fully visible in the sky. Warning – the sunrise occurs very quickly so don’t miss it. We were left with a bright blue sky and the warmth of the radiating sun. It was an amazing experience to watch and something I will never forget!

More of Haleakala, Maui Hawaii

By Adelina of Pack Me To

Haleakala Maui Hawaii sunrise

For more great photos, check out Pack Me To on Instagram

One of the best places to watch a sunrise is on top of Haleakala on Maui in Hawaii. The experience involves getting up early (3 am for us!) to make the trek to the top of the volcano in time for the sunrise. What beings as a speck on the horizon slowly grows, revealing the volcanic landscape around you. At almost 10,000 feet above sea level, you’re above the clouds which provide a dramatic backdrop for the growing sunlight. Be sure to bundle up as it’s really chilly up there even after sunrise! Even its Hawaiian name, Haleakala meaning house of the sun in, recommends visitors to its peak for this natural show.


Where have you seen the most amazing sunrise? Any suggestions for great spots to catch one?

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The Henry Hotel Manila

The black wrought-iron gates of the nondescript entrance opened to reveal the long driveway and lush green interior of the grounds. Our Uber car slowly made it’s way past dark-paneled colonial style buildings with white-trimmed windows towards the main building of the property. As we exited and grabbed our luggage, the trickling of the fountain and the serene, secluded grounds had us relaxing before we even stepped foot into the unexpectedly modern interior and walked up to the reception desk. We were met with three smiling faces donning quirky thick black rimmed glasses and black bow ties over crisp white linen shirts. In just a matter of minutes it became clear to us that The Henry Hotel Manila wasn’t going to be just another typical hotel experience.

A Boutique Hotel “Like No Other” – The Henry Hotel Manila

henry hotel manila sign at front

When we visited Cebu in the Philippines, we had the chance to experience a truly unique boutique hotel – The Henry Hotel Cebu. After such a memorable time, we were excited to see their Manila location which we knew was quite different, yet incredibly interesting in its own way. What ended up surprising us the most was how easy it was to forget where you were when you were staying there. Hidden away from the busy streets and surrounded by trees, we found the hotel to be a place to relax and an escape from the chaos of Manila.

The Rooms: Historical Flare & Local Flavour

the bed at the henry hotel in manila

Our room was in the main building of the complex and offered a colonial historical feel with some local flavour added in through the decor. This ever-present connection to culture and history is one of the most fascinating aspects of The Henry Manila.  Each room at features furniture made by local, and resident, creator Eric Paras and each piece of his is available for purchase. The rooms themselves retain as much of the original design and materials as possible, with restored wood flooring and armoires that were trademarks of the bourgeoisie of the colonial period in the Philippines.

standard room at the henry hotel manila

One of the staff mentioned how significant the large, hardwood antique armoires are to Filippino culture “it’s a piece of our history”, he said, “only the wealthy and politically powerful could afford these so it is a piece of luxury and history”. He said that the style and materials used back then are no longer employed so those pieces that remain are generally passed on through generations.

refreshments in the room at the henry hotel manila

In addition to maintaining as much of the original aesthetics, the incorporation of current local artists and products also brings in that quirky and original flare we came to recognize at the Hotel Henry Cebu. We quickly spotted the unique tissue boxes and garbage bins and were told that they were made by a local NGO – Kamay Krafts – which employ battered and widowed wives to make handmade products using materials native to the Philippines. The local links within the room seem to be endless and almost everything in the room has a story. From the artwork to the furniture, to the snack basket of local treats and coffee, there’s a connection to culture or a link to history and we absolutely loved being immersed in it.

Interested in staying at The Henry Hotel Manila? Just click here for hotel details and information.

Apt 1B – A Boutique Dining Experience

quesadilla at apt 1b at the henry hotel manila

We were pretty hungry when we first arrived at The Henry Hotel Manila and so, after checking in, we made our way back downstairs and through the “hidden” door between the front reception and the hotel’s restaurant – Apt 1B – in search for something to satisfy our now growing appetite. The interior of the restaurant was in keeping with the rest of the property – boutique and trendy in style and decor.

Sitting down in the intimate dining room, we were quickly presented with the menu of gourmet food options. We decided on a soup and salad despite the choices of pastas and breakfast, burgers and sandwiches that sounded equally appetizing and tempting!

We were served quickly and attentively and really enjoyed our meal thoroughly. As we ate, we watched the rest of the customers’ orders flow around us as delicious meal after delicious meal was brought out.

breakfast at the henry hotel manila

The following morning we were excited to head down for breakfast and we definitely weren’t disappointed. Buffet servings of coffee and tea, juice and fruits were available as we ordered our main breakfast: one order of eggs, toast, sausage and homefries and one order of pancakes.

Again, the food was delicious and filling and after several cups of coffee, we were ready to start the day!

The Grounds – A Retreat Outside Busy Manila

the pool at the henry hotel manila

If you’ve been to Manila, you know what a chaotic, hectic place it can be. The cars and the honking, the people and the poverty, the intensity of the city may be tempered by the incredible people you meet and the wonderful Filipino culture, but it is still present in large doses. For us, The Henry Hotel Manila provides the perfect combination of city location and secluded retreat grounds.

front gate to the henry hotel manila

In fact, it does such a great job of being a private refuge from the craziness of the city beyond that it’s easy to forget you are still in the core of Manila until you step outside those wrought-iron gates and reemerge onto the fast-paced, intense city streets.

The property is surrounded by wrought-iron gates and walls, bordered by green foliage and trees, and peppered with interesting features like the art gallery, furniture store, fountain, pool and of course, the main buildings which hold the rooms and suites of the hotel.

pool area at the henry hotel manila

The pool area is peaceful and serene, the trickling water of the nearby fountain still distinguishable and the surrounding trees providing privacy and shade. We took some time to relax by the water, soak in some sun and enjoy the peace and tranquility.

The property is a great place to walk through, along stone paths, past the colonial buildings housing guests and the swimming pool, through the compound and to the other end where the art gallery and houses holding furniture displays are located.

Below: Compare The Henry to other hotels in the area and save!


The Furniture Showroom – Local Talent and Design


As mentioned, all of the furniture in each of the rooms is made by a local artist and available for purchase. Eric Paras, the resident artist and furniture maker also displays his work in three houses – collectively A-11 –  at one end of the property. As with the furniture in the rooms, the furniture on display in the houses, as well as the artwork and accessories by various other artists and designers, are also for sale making these houses part showroom, part gallery, and part store and entirely unique in concept.

eric paras furniture manila

Each room is designed with various pieces designed by Eric Paras and brought together with added touches like framed work by artist Wataru Sakuma. We were amazed at the talent and variety of pieces by Paras and completely in awe over the artwork by Sakuma like the incredible intricate 3D maps that are created out of paper.

furniture showroom henry hotel manila

From first floor to top floor, from the first house to the third house, the furniture and artwork combine for a wonderful aesthetic appeal and a great showcase of the talent of these artists.


Our stay at the Henry Hotel Manila was a wonderful and tranquil escape from the chaos of the city and one memorable experience. From boutique accommodations to tasty cuisine to local artwork, The Henry Hotel showcases the best of history and culture of the Philippines.

Click here to check out prices and more information on The Henry Hotel Manila.

the-henry-like-no-other logo

The Henry Hotel Manila

2680 FB Harrison St.

Pasay City, Philippines, 1300

Tel: +63 32 807-8888

Email: reservations.manila@thehenryhotel.com