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The Ancient Lost City of Wiang Kum Kam

Discovering Chiang Mai – A Tour of Ancient Ruins We decided to extend our stay in Chiang Mai an extra day before heading to Pai.  We had met up with an old friend of Macrae’s who was in Thailand for a week with some friends the night before and were invited to join them to watch […]


Daily Digital – Thai Mythical Creatures

  Coming across various statues in Thailand, especially at temples and other places of importance, got us wondering about them and their significance. After doing some research we learned a lot more. These statues of animals, often hybrid between different species, are creatures from the mythical Himaphan (or Himmapan) Forest which is said to be […]


Daily Digital – Old Beijing Yogurt

  Walking around Beijing, these small plastic containers (sometimes ceramic) with paper lids and bands keeping them in place, can be seen frequently displayed on store fronts and roadsides. While we weren’t sure at first what these were, we risked it, bought one and tried it out. Discovering it was yogurt was quite the surprise […]