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A Day Touring Beijing Part One – The Beijing Zoo

The Beijing Zoo: Elephants and Tigers and Pandas, Oh my! Still adjusting to the time difference, we were up pretty early one morning and decided to venture out to the opposite end of the subway system to where we knew there were a few tourist attractions. Since the zoo opened early, and Carolann loves elephants, […]


Climbing the Great Wall And Tourist Scams

The only thing harder than climbing the Great Wall is ordering dumplings. Our first full day in China had us learning many a lesson about the tourist scene here in Beijing. The learning curve is steep and it is definitely not without stumbles but we managed to navigate our way to, and from, the Great […]


What It Means For Us to Pack Up & Go – Part 2

  We touched on three of the common questions we’ve received when describing our decision to travel full-time: “What about money?”, “So, you are quitting your job?”, and “What about your apartment and things?” There are two additional questions we seem to receive quite frequently as well and we will attempt to answer them now. What […]

What It Means For Us to Pack Up & Go – Part 1

We recently read this quote by Charlotte Eriksson: “Find what makes you happy and go for it with all your heart. It will be hard, but I promise it will be worth it.” She basically summed up what we’ve been attempting to express to every person with whom we’ve discussed our plans. We found what […]

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The Lancaster Smokehouse

This past winter, after taking a web coding course, we both felt a hankering for Southern BBQ.  Luckily enough, we were a town over from a restaurant we had heard of which supposedly had amazing Southern fried chicken and, something we always wanted to try, hog tails. The Lancaster Smokehouse, in Kitchener Ontario, is deceivingly […]