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5 Best Filipino Restaurants in Metro Manila

By Angela Sibal of Foodicles

What is Filipino Cuisine?

Filipino cuisine is as diverse as its thousands of islands. Dishes vary from region to region with influences from almost everywhere in the world as a result of the country’s deep history of colonization. You can taste Spanish, Chinese, Indian, British, American, Malay, Portuguese, African, and on and on.

The country as a whole has signature dishes, such as adobo (chicken or pork marinated in a vinegar-soy base and then browned to finish) and lechon (roasted pig with cracker-like skin).

But, what else can you order if you aren’t hungry enough to eat a whole roasted pig?

Filipino food goes well beyond the meat. Local seafood is the star of many dishes, as well as vegetables rich in nutrients and antioxidants lesser known in western cuisine.

Basically summed up: Filipino cuisine is comfort food served family style, and over rice, of course.

If you plan on visiting Manila, here are five favourite and reliable restaurants that will help you taste the best of the country’s cuisine in a comfortable environment for locals and tourists alike and can safely be considered some of the best filipino restaurants in Metro Manila.

Best Filipino Restaurants in Metro Manila

Abe Restaurant

Abe Restaurant serves traditional Filipino cuisine with inspiration from Pampanga, a province north of the capital known for its love of food.

The owner, Larry J. Cruz, named the restaurant after his father, Abe Cruz. Abe was a respected writer, artist, and ambassador for UNESCO in the 1970s. The menu reflects his favourite dishes as well as old family recipes.

In Pampanga, “Abe” also means “friend”, “companion”, and “getting together” which perfectly emulates the restaurant’s slogan, “Where good friends dine.”

For a traditional Filipino meal experience, Abe Restaurant is the place to visit.

Highlights include a refreshing Kinilaw na Tanique, the Filipino version of ceviche, and Knockout Knuckles, also known as crispy pata – fried pork knuckles with tender meat under cracker-like skin.

Kinilaw na Tanigue. Ceviche

Kinilaw na Tanigue. Ceviche of tanigue belly (local white fish) washed in palm vinegar, coconut milk, and spice


Sinuteng Baby Squid

Sinuteng Baby Squid. Small squid sautéed in olive oil and seasonings


Chicharon Bulaklak

Chicharon Bulaklak. Homemade crisp fried pork intestines


Knockout Knuckles

Knockout Knuckles. Traditional fried crispy pata (pork knuckles) with blistered skin adding to the crunch of every bite

Where You’ll Find Abe Restaurant & Hours of Operation:

G/F Serendra
26th St
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
11am to 3pm, 5pm to 11pm

2/F Entertainment Section
SM Mall of Asia
Business Park I
Bay City
Manila Bay Reclamation Area
10am to 12am

3/F Mega Fashion Hall
SM Megamall
10am to 10pm

3/F Trinoma Mall
EDSA cor North Avenue
Quezon City
11am to 12am

Alabang Town Center
Lifestyle Strip
Commerce Ave
Alabang, Muntinlupa
Sunday to Thursday, 11am to 10pm
Friday to Saturday, 11am to 11pm


Manam Comfort Food

Manam Comfort Food offers the best of both worlds – classics and twists. Classics are the traditional Filipino dishes, while twists are the playful, modern interpretations of those classics.

Dishes come with a choice of portion sizes – small, medium, or large. This is perfect for everyone from solo diners to couples to large groups.

Manam is the place to visit that offers something for everyone.

Highlights include the Seafood Bounty Kare Kare, the local peanut stew beautifully presented with fresh seafood, and contrasting versions of the classic and modern twist of Pancit Palabok.

Fresh Lumpiang Ubod

Fresh Lumpiang Ubod. Fresh spring roll filled with ubod (hearts of palm)


Seafood Bounty Kare-Kare

Seafood Bounty Kare-Kare. Crab, prawns, tanigue, squid, and mussels with house-made vegetable ukoy fritters


Pancit Palabok

Pancit Palabok. Thick and savory house-made sauce made from rich shrimp stock, tofu, tinapa, and annatto poured over noodles and topped with house-made chicharon, crispy garlic, spring onions, fresh shrimp, and seared squid


Crispy Pancit Palabok

Crispy Pancit Palabok. Towering glass noodles topped with house-made chicharon, crispy garlic, spring onions, fresh shrimp, baby squid, and crab floss, all covered with thick and savory house-made sauce

Where You’ll Find Manam Comfort Food & Hours of Operation:

G/F Net Park Bldg
4th Avenue, between 26th & 28th St.
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Monday to Friday, 10am to 10pm
Saturday to Sunday, 11am to 10pm

G/F Greenbelt 2
Esperanza St
Ayala Center
11am to 11pm

SM Mall of Asia
Seaside Blvd
10am to 10pm

1/F Ayala Fairview Terraces
Quezon City
9am to 10pm


Milky Way Café

Milky Way Café opened in 2002 with its roots as a classic old school destination. It started in the 1950s as a dairy bar and soda fountain. It was then taken over by a local family who included native Filipino dishes and desserts to the menu.

The café serves traditional Filipino dishes that can be eaten at any time of the day – lunch, merienda, or dinner. In fact, merienda is a popular meal time in the Philippines to stop and have a mid-day snack, which usually ends up as a meal complete with dessert.

Highlights include Pork BBQ for sweet, savory bits of pork on a stick and Milky Way Halo Halo, the country’s signature dessert and frequently voted the best in town.

Pork BBQ

Pork BBQ. Skewered marinated pork, java rice (fried rice colored with annatto), and atchara (sweet pickled green papaya)


Crispy Daing na Bangus

Crispy Daing na Bangus. Marinated milkfish in vinegar and garlic, and then fried. The best part is the belly in the middle


Crispy Catfish

Crispy Catfish. Deep fried local catfish served with salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, and mustard leaves


Milky Way Halo Halo

Milky Way Halo Halo. The best since 1962. Leche flan, preserved fruits, ube, pinipig, and milk topped with shaved ice and ube ice cream


Where You’ll Find Milkyway Cafe & Hours of Operation:

Milkyway Building
2nd Floor
900 Arnaiz Avenue (formerly Pasay Road), corner Paseo de Roxas
Monday to Saturday, 11am to 10pm
Closed Sundays


Romulo Café

Romulo Café is named after Carlos P. Romulo, a journalist and diplomat who was the first Asian to serve as president of the UN General Assembly. He was a notable historical public figure during the American occupation.

The restaurant serves traditional quality comfort food. It is ideal for large groups and families.

Romulo Café has even expanded internationally with a location in London presenting Filipino cuisine to locals in smart, elegant setting to elevate comfort food.

Highlights include the appetizers such as Chicharon, freshly popped pig’s skin, and Crispy Crablets, tiny crabs fried and eaten whole.


Chicharon. Freshly popped chicharon (pig’s skin) with pinakurat vinegar (spicy vinegar)


Crispy Crablets

Crispy Crablets. Tiny crablets fried until golden brown and served with pinakurat vinegar


Paco Salad

Paco Salad. Fresh fiddleheads, cherry tomatoes, and onions tossed in a spicy vinaigrette


Eskabetcheng Lapu-Lapu

Eskabetcheng Lapu-Lapu. Deep fried lapu lapu (local snapper) with sweet-and-sour sauce


Where You’ll Find Romulo Cafe & Hours of Operation:

148 Jupiter St, corner Comet St
Bel Air
11am to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm

32 Scout Tuazon St., corner Scout Lazcano, near Tomas Morato
Laging Handa
Diliman, Quezon City
11am to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm

Azumi Boutique Hotel
2205 Market St
Alabang, Muntinlupa
6am to 10pm


Sarsa Kitchen + Bar

Sarsa Kitchen + Bar presents traditional Filipino and Negrense (from the Negros Island Region) dishes with a contemporary touch.

“Sarsa” means sauces and condiments, a staple for Filipino eating. All dishes include pairings with sauces to enhance the flavors of the dining experience.

For a casual atmosphere with quality Filipino food, Sarsa Kitchen + Bar is the perfect destination.

Highlights include Inasal, grilled chicken parts of your choice, and Pinakbet, local vegetables perfectly cooked in crab fat and homemade XO sauce.

PakPak Inasal

PakPak Inasal. Grilled chicken wings with a charred finish


Tokwa’t Baboy

Tokwa’t Baboy. Fried Tofu on top of braised pork belly



Pinakbet. Local vegetables with taba ng talangka, crispy tofu, and XO sauce


Twice-Cooked Pork Belly

Twice-Cooked Pork Belly. With peanut sauce on the side and ginamos gata (local shrimp paste sauce) and chili garlic sauce


Where You’ll Find Sarsa Kitchen + Bar & Hours of Operation:

Forum South Global
Federacion Drive, corner 7th Avenue
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
11am to 11pm

109 Rada Street
Legaspi Village
10am to 11pm

2/F SM Mall of Asia Bay Side
10am to 10pm

3/F SM Megamall
Bldg A
Ortigas, Mandaluyong

UP Town Center
Katipunan Avenue
Diliman, Quezon City

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Foodicles profile imageABOUT THE AUTHOR

Angela Sibal, of Foodicles, is a Food & Luxury Travel Blogger who splits her time between Manila and San Francisco. She started traveling the world as a baby. Her first memories of travel were of luxury hotels and the high-end restaurants. Today, Angela continues to explore the world to eat and drink while enjoying the finer hotels and resorts in life. You can also follow her travels on Instagram and Snapchat.


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Heaven on Earth – Island Hopping in El Nido, Philippines

By Rocio and Julian

To start off with, El Nido is a small municipality located in the northern part of the province and island of Palawan, roughly 400 kilometers away from the capital city of Manila in the Philippines. It is a protected conservation area due to its recognized ecological, natural and cultural values. It is also one of the nicest and most beautiful beach destinations throughout the Philippines (which are known for having a lot of incredible and stunning beaches!). It is officially nicknamed “Heaven on Earth”, which I realized after writing the title of this post (honestly!). It absolutely deserves this name and I am about to tell you why.

el nido 01

Experiencing Paradise While Island Hopping in El Nido

Getting to El Nido can be a bit of a journey. We took a flight from Manila with Cebu Pacific to Puerto Princesa, the provincial capital of Palawan and the main gateway for flights to the island. From there you have to take a bus or mini-van to El Nido, which is another 5-6 hour ride away. The actual town, or población, of El Nido is nestled in a sheltered bay surrounded by huge limestone cliffs and hills, hence its name (El Nido = Spanish for the nest).

The town itself is nothing special but rather serves as a starting point for island hopping tours around the Bacuit Archipelago, probably one of the most beautiful natural treasures of Asia. These tours can either be booked directly through a hotel or guesthouse or from a tour operator. They usually take the whole day, leaving at around 9 in the morning until 4-5 in the afternoon. There are options of going with a group or hiring a private boat.

No matter with whom you end up going and no matter which tour you end up taking, you will be left speechless by the abundance of natural beauty! Pristine and spotless white beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters are something you will encounter for sure.

el nido 04

We were a rather small group and managed to leave on time to make our way to our first island stop. The weather was perfect and our bangka, a traditional Filipino motorized boat with large bamboo outriggers, easily navigated its way out of the bay. We were amazed by the limestone rock formations and hills which are very typical for this region.

After 15 minutes the boat reached the white shores of the first beach, the clear, blue waters blinding our eyes as we finally felt the powdery sand between our toes. The beach was not very crowded as we arrived earlier than the other tour boats. We spent some great time relaxing and were excited about finally being here and experiencing this slice of heaven.

While island hopping in El Nido on a tour, you can spend usually around 30 to 60 minutes on each beach, depending on the place and if people want to stay longer or not. The tour guides are very friendly and give you explanations about the different areas that will be visited. They also truly respect the environment and really help in keeping this place a pristine tourist destination. Being part of a natural conservation area also helps the beaches remain very clean – something that unfortunately is not always the case. We were impressed by how unpolluted these beaches, in general, were.

el nido 02

After enjoying some nice time in the sun and taking a refreshing dip in the water we continued to our next stop. We left the main island of Palawan behind us and headed out to the smaller groups of islands which were lying a bit further away. The great thing about island hopping is that you can really see a great variety of different beaches, from large to small, and also find those secret little gems in between. One of those gems that we were to explore was in fact behind a small range of karst rocks.

Apart from the beaches there are a few incredibly beautiful lagoons in El Nido. As we approached another smaller beach the boat stopped and the tour guide pointed us towards a small opening in the rocks. We stepped out of the boat and slowly waded through the shallow waters and carefully climbed into a small hole. This was the entrance to a small, hidden lagoon on the other side. A total surprise, we were fascinated by this place as it was something very unique and not comparable to anything else we had seen so far.

el nido 05

With still half a day ahead of us, we approached another beach spot where we had a nice lunch. Even before we got there, the tour guides had already started to barbecue on the back of the boat and prepared some nice fish, meat, vegetables and fruits for us on the beach. It was absolutely delicious and really added up to making the island hopping tour a great success.

More and more giant rock formations popped out of the waters as we continued our trip, opening up like spread-out arms, inviting us to their beautiful beaches. We stopped by a few more and also managed to do a great deal of snorkeling. Compared to some other diving and snorkeling spots throughout South-East Asia we found that there were a lot of active and intact coral reefs here. We were amazed by the sheer variety of different fishes and corals – truly a must-see place if you are interested in discovering the underwater world.

el nido 06We made it back to El Nido town in the afternoon and were still amazed by the beautiful places we experienced during the trip. We were so amazed that we decided to join another tour the next day as we really wanted to see more!

El Nido has absolutely blown our minds! It is an incomparable natural paradise with breathtaking views, pristine white and endless beaches, amazing underwater life, spectacular limestone rock formations, crystal clear waters and beautiful lagoons. It is, for sure, one of the most unique seascape areas in the world and has truly impressed us.


apenoni profile pictureABOUT THE AUTHOR

To read more about Palawan & other beautiful spots around the world, head over to, a blog about travel stories, food, itineraries & photos by Rocio and Julian. They are a wanderlust Mexican-German couple passionate about traveling & exploring the world & want to convince you to do the same! Join them on Twitter & Facebook as well!


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island hopping in el nido philippines pin

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Villa Caemilla: A Boutique Beachfront Hotel in Boracay

We walk at length through the mayhem that is Boracay beach on our way through station 2 and into station 3, moving through the crowds and activity while surrounded by noise and music. As we get deeper into station 3 however, the crowds start to dwindle. The music becomes a distant beat of bass and the sound of the waves softly rolling against the shore becomes distinguishable. We stop to take in the quiet and look up to the night sky before turning and making our way into our accommodations for the night. Yes, on this chaotic strip of beach we found our peaceful paradise, a beachfront hotel in Boracay,  from which to indulge in the best of both worlds: the excitement of the island and the tranquility promised by the sun, surf and sand.

Excitement & Tranquility Combine At the Best Beachfront Hotel in Boracay

boracay beach view

With an entire 4km long strip of beachfront property, on the longest white beach in Asia, you’re going to find quite the selection when looking for a beachfront hotel in Boracay. Nope, finding a hotel by the beach isn’t the tricky part of looking for accommodation on the island. Finding one of the best hotels in Boracay might be however, as you weigh the options between a louder area on the beach or a more secluded hotel off the strip.

During the day, the beach is quiet but active with kitesurfing, sunbathers and those out for a stroll along the strip of beach, or higher by the many restaurants that line it. Touts are persistent in their offers of goods and services and unless you are on the beach by the water, chances are you encounter someone with almost every step you take. By night, the beach turns into a frenzy of music and dancing, fire shows and entertainment. While foot traffic flows regularly during the day, it becomes a thick crowd at night.

boat on boracay beach in front of villa caemilla

Depending on what you travelled to Boracay for, and what your expectations are, the relentless onslaught can either be a welcome distraction, or an unpleasant overload. We found an incredible compromise when we stayed at Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel (Click here for the latest prices and more information about Villa Caemilla.. Villa Caemilla offers the best of both worlds on the island: a beachfront hotel on Boracay beach with easy access to activity that comes alive at night while also providing a tranquil escape from the chaos with its quiet location and peaceful surroundings.

Search for hotel options in Boracay below!

A Great Space to Relax or Dine by the Beach

Front desk at the Villa Caemilla - beachfront hotel boracay

When we first arrived at the hotel we were warmly welcomed and as we were being checked in, we were brought welcome shell necklaces and cold scented towels to refresh ourselves after our walk in the sun along the beach to get there. We were also given welcome drink tickets which could be used anytime that day. This was something that immediately caught our attention as most places bring you the drink directly, often before you are ready or while you are still trying to check in and get comfortable. By giving us the tickets, we were able to check-in, put our things away and change before coming back to the bar, grabbing our drink and sitting down to relax and enjoy it… and we did exactly that.

After using our tickets for fruit shakes, we settled at one of the tables where we could look out onto the beach. The restaurant and bar area being so easily accessible and open to the front offered an amazing area to sit, eat, and relax. We chose a few appetizers from their menu and soon found out they not only have an amazing location, but great service and delicious food.

beachfront hotel in Boracay loungers

Just beyond the front of the hotel is the section of beach where they put out beach loungers for their guests from 6am to 6pm to sit in the sun, or the shade under the palm tree, and still receive bar and food service. It didn’t take us long to realize that’s exactly where we wanted to go next!

The Hotel Room at The Villa Caemilla

bed at villa caemilla boutique beach hotel

The hotel itself is stylish but comfortable and this flows from the front lobby and dining area all the way to the rooms that line the back of the property. As we stepped into the room it was pretty clear why they were the winning newcomer boutique hotel in the 2015 World Hotel Awards as well as the winner of the 2015 World Luxury Hotel Awards for best luxury new hotel. The room was spacious and inviting with colours that made you feel like you were in a tropical getaway. Two towel swans greeted us on the bed accompanied by toiletry bags. We would later find out that the large bed was also incredibly comfortable and offered an amazing night’s sleep.

The washroom was clean and luxurious, with luxury fixtures, a rain shower and large, fuzzy bathrobes, which we were quick to use. The attention to detail was noticeable especially when it came to the toiletries. Not only were there a good range of products, the quality was impressive.

What a Great Beachfront Hotel in Boracay is All About: Location, Location, Location

beachfront hotel in Boracay villa caemilla loungers

As we said, Villa Caemilla offers the best of both worlds as a beachfront hotel in Boracay: the raucous nightlife and the quiet beauty of the island. Of the hotels in Station 3, it is situated in a quieter part of the strip where the loud bass of neighbouring hotels and restaurants doesn’t seem to quite reach the hotel but are also only a short walk away. In fact, walking only a few minutes will have you in the middle of utter chaos and excitement.

At night, this is where we would go. We’d walk from our hotel in station 3 all the way to the end of station 1. Sometimes, we’d stop at a coffee shop and sip our drinks while listening to some live music. Other times we’d walk closer to the shore, taking in the activity from a distance, sinking our toes in the sand and watching the water as it rolled onto the shore. The best part however, was that when we tired of the noise and crowds, we knew we had a quiet place to return to. If we came back early enough, we could even enjoy some live music in the comfort of our own hotel lobby.

sandcastles in Boracay beach

During the day, we parked ourselves on a lounger out front and enjoyed all that Boracay beach has to offer for those that want a vacation in the sun. We ordered our food and drinks to our seat in the sand and ate while watching the palm trees sway in the breeze.

Yes, the location of Villa Caemilla and the quiet luxury of the hotel and its rooms make it a perfect beachfront hotel in Boracay. It was a place where we could enjoy all the beach has to offer in luxury and comfort.

Click here for the latest prices and more information about Villa Caemilla.

Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel Logo

Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel

Station 3, Angol,

Barangay Manoc-Manoc, Boracay Island

Philippines, 5608


Looking for a different kind of vacation on Boracay? Mandala Spa & Resort Villas offers an alternate island getaway a short distance from the beach!


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The Henry Hotel Manila

The black wrought-iron gates of the nondescript entrance opened to reveal the long driveway and lush green interior of the grounds. Our Uber car slowly made it’s way past dark-paneled colonial style buildings with white-trimmed windows towards the main building of the property. As we exited and grabbed our luggage, the trickling of the fountain and the serene, secluded grounds had us relaxing before we even stepped foot into the unexpectedly modern interior and walked up to the reception desk. We were met with three smiling faces donning quirky thick black rimmed glasses and black bow ties over crisp white linen shirts. In just a matter of minutes it became clear to us that The Henry Hotel Manila wasn’t going to be just another typical hotel experience.

A Boutique Hotel “Like No Other” – The Henry Hotel Manila

henry hotel manila sign at front

When we visited Cebu in the Philippines, we had the chance to experience a truly unique boutique hotel – The Henry Hotel Cebu. After such a memorable time, we were excited to see their Manila location which we knew was quite different, yet incredibly interesting in its own way. What ended up surprising us the most was how easy it was to forget where you were when you were staying there. Hidden away from the busy streets and surrounded by trees, we found the hotel to be a place to relax and an escape from the chaos of Manila.

The Rooms: Historical Flare & Local Flavour

the bed at the henry hotel in manila

Our room was in the main building of the complex and offered a colonial historical feel with some local flavour added in through the decor. This ever-present connection to culture and history is one of the most fascinating aspects of The Henry Manila.  Each room at features furniture made by local, and resident, creator Eric Paras and each piece of his is available for purchase. The rooms themselves retain as much of the original design and materials as possible, with restored wood flooring and armoires that were trademarks of the bourgeoisie of the colonial period in the Philippines.

standard room at the henry hotel manila

One of the staff mentioned how significant the large, hardwood antique armoires are to Filippino culture “it’s a piece of our history”, he said, “only the wealthy and politically powerful could afford these so it is a piece of luxury and history”. He said that the style and materials used back then are no longer employed so those pieces that remain are generally passed on through generations.

refreshments in the room at the henry hotel manila

In addition to maintaining as much of the original aesthetics, the incorporation of current local artists and products also brings in that quirky and original flare we came to recognize at the Hotel Henry Cebu. We quickly spotted the unique tissue boxes and garbage bins and were told that they were made by a local NGO – Kamay Krafts – which employ battered and widowed wives to make handmade products using materials native to the Philippines. The local links within the room seem to be endless and almost everything in the room has a story. From the artwork to the furniture, to the snack basket of local treats and coffee, there’s a connection to culture or a link to history and we absolutely loved being immersed in it.

Interested in staying at The Henry Hotel Manila? Just click here for hotel details and information.

Apt 1B – A Boutique Dining Experience

quesadilla at apt 1b at the henry hotel manila

We were pretty hungry when we first arrived at The Henry Hotel Manila and so, after checking in, we made our way back downstairs and through the “hidden” door between the front reception and the hotel’s restaurant – Apt 1B – in search for something to satisfy our now growing appetite. The interior of the restaurant was in keeping with the rest of the property – boutique and trendy in style and decor.

Sitting down in the intimate dining room, we were quickly presented with the menu of gourmet food options. We decided on a soup and salad despite the choices of pastas and breakfast, burgers and sandwiches that sounded equally appetizing and tempting!

We were served quickly and attentively and really enjoyed our meal thoroughly. As we ate, we watched the rest of the customers’ orders flow around us as delicious meal after delicious meal was brought out.

breakfast at the henry hotel manila

The following morning we were excited to head down for breakfast and we definitely weren’t disappointed. Buffet servings of coffee and tea, juice and fruits were available as we ordered our main breakfast: one order of eggs, toast, sausage and homefries and one order of pancakes.

Again, the food was delicious and filling and after several cups of coffee, we were ready to start the day!

The Grounds – A Retreat Outside Busy Manila

the pool at the henry hotel manila

If you’ve been to Manila, you know what a chaotic, hectic place it can be. The cars and the honking, the people and the poverty, the intensity of the city may be tempered by the incredible people you meet and the wonderful Filipino culture, but it is still present in large doses. For us, The Henry Hotel Manila provides the perfect combination of city location and secluded retreat grounds.

front gate to the henry hotel manila

In fact, it does such a great job of being a private refuge from the craziness of the city beyond that it’s easy to forget you are still in the core of Manila until you step outside those wrought-iron gates and reemerge onto the fast-paced, intense city streets.

The property is surrounded by wrought-iron gates and walls, bordered by green foliage and trees, and peppered with interesting features like the art gallery, furniture store, fountain, pool and of course, the main buildings which hold the rooms and suites of the hotel.

pool area at the henry hotel manila

The pool area is peaceful and serene, the trickling water of the nearby fountain still distinguishable and the surrounding trees providing privacy and shade. We took some time to relax by the water, soak in some sun and enjoy the peace and tranquility.

The property is a great place to walk through, along stone paths, past the colonial buildings housing guests and the swimming pool, through the compound and to the other end where the art gallery and houses holding furniture displays are located.

Below: Compare The Henry to other hotels in the area and save!


The Furniture Showroom – Local Talent and Design


As mentioned, all of the furniture in each of the rooms is made by a local artist and available for purchase. Eric Paras, the resident artist and furniture maker also displays his work in three houses – collectively A-11 –  at one end of the property. As with the furniture in the rooms, the furniture on display in the houses, as well as the artwork and accessories by various other artists and designers, are also for sale making these houses part showroom, part gallery, and part store and entirely unique in concept.

eric paras furniture manila

Each room is designed with various pieces designed by Eric Paras and brought together with added touches like framed work by artist Wataru Sakuma. We were amazed at the talent and variety of pieces by Paras and completely in awe over the artwork by Sakuma like the incredible intricate 3D maps that are created out of paper.

furniture showroom henry hotel manila

From first floor to top floor, from the first house to the third house, the furniture and artwork combine for a wonderful aesthetic appeal and a great showcase of the talent of these artists.


Our stay at the Henry Hotel Manila was a wonderful and tranquil escape from the chaos of the city and one memorable experience. From boutique accommodations to tasty cuisine to local artwork, The Henry Hotel showcases the best of history and culture of the Philippines.

Click here to check out prices and more information on The Henry Hotel Manila.

the-henry-like-no-other logo

The Henry Hotel Manila

2680 FB Harrison St.

Pasay City, Philippines, 1300

Tel: +63 32 807-8888



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Best Couples Spa & Resort in the Philippines – Mandala Spa & Resort Villas

As the doors opened, the smell of incense, the sound of gentle music and the sight of colourful flower petals elegantly strewn were the first to reach our senses. Stepping into the villa was like entering a tropical paradise with the beautiful canopy bed with artfully placed petals atop the white linens, the warm wood decor and the trail of flowers leading into the modern and spacious bathroom. This hideaway off the streets of Boracay was a welcome oasis away from the busy, tourist filled beaches and was surrounded by trees and tranquility and saturated in luxury and relaxation. We had found a luxury oasis and one of the best couples spa and resorts in the Philippines.

Finding A Luxury Oasis at the Best Couples Spa & Resort in Boracay

mandala spa and resort villas couples spa

Boracay is a beautiful island in the Philippines with many hotels, resorts, spas and activities. It is also a popular tourist destination and as such, the main strip of the beach can get pretty crowded and, in some areas, fairly noisy. Our first night on the island had us staying right on the beach in Station 3 (the strip of the beach is divided into three stations though the borders between each are arbitrary rather than actual physical divisions). Unfortunately, our hotel was right beside a late night bar pumping out high-level bass music into the wee hours of the night, leaving us worried about the rest of our time on Boracay. Though we didn’t know it, we’d have very little to worry about.

After the first night, we made our way off the beach and headed to what would be our accommodation for the next several nights – the award winning Mandala Spa and Resort Villas and what we came to see as the best couples spa and resort in Boracay, Philippines. Situated a short walk away from the beach, nestled away from the streets of Boracay, we found the main entrance to the resort and started down a path covered by an archway of foliage. Pulling our wheeled carry-on sized backpacks down the path, we stopped as the dark green, leafy cover opened up to reveal the resort.

The lush vegetation gave the feel of a secluded tropical paradise as we navigated the path past the spa, to the reception area. Welcomed with warm smiles and an offering of ginger tea and water, we sat and relaxed out of the sun while the check-in process began. We quickly found ourselves being led to our villa along the winding path, with the greenery surrounding us and the occasional butterfly fluttering past.

A Luxury Villa Off The Beach in Boracay

best couples spa and resort philippines mandala spa and resort villas

Tucked off the side of the path, we took in the greenery of the Mandala Spa and Villas and walked up to our own, private getaway. As the doors opened and we took our first look inside, we knew we had found a special resort in the Philippines. The soft sounds of music drifting from the private iPod docking station was the first thing we noticed. Calm and peaceful, it beckoned us further into the villa where we were struck by the gentle smell of incense burning. Olfactory and auditory senses now stimulated, we surveyed our surroundings: warm wood floors and furniture, white flowing curtains on large floor-to-ceiling windows, and accents of red and purple combined to create a room that seemed to radiate luxury and tranquility.

mandala spa and resort villas flowers

The flowers and petals were amazing touches as well and as we followed the trail from the door of the bathroom, across stone tiles, we found ourselves in another haven of comfort. A large tub with petals already floating in the water, plush bathrobes and towels, and an outdoor private rain shower were just some of the amazing features in this spacious en-suite.

couples spa and resort philippines villa bathroom

We were quite surprised with what we found in the room – a kettle with all the fixings for tea and coffee, a private modem for WiFi, a great basket of toiletries, and a large TV that managed to only add to the luxury of the room without taking away from the tropical paradise vibe that had infiltrated our minds from the moment we stepped into what was shaping up to be one of the best resort in Boracay, Philippines.

mandala spa and resort villas philippines

We quickly got ourselves settled, making coffee and tea with our in-room amenities, and headed to the patio outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and the peaceful privacy of our own oasis.

A Focus on Feeding The Body, Mind & Soul

the garden cafe mandala spa and resort villas philippines

The Garden Cafe, an outdoor restaurant pretty much central to all the villas, was a perfect place to enjoy the beautiful weather and the tropical seclusion of this luxury spa resort while grabbing a meal. With the Mandala Spa and Villas’ focus on health and wellness, it was no surprise that the food offered had a variety of healthy choices and ingredients.

breakfast at mandala spa and resort villas best couples spa philippines

On our first morning, we woke up in a haze of contentment, tucked in our comfortable bed with the canopy curtains let down around us. After taking our time to get ready, we headed to the Garden Cafe to grab some food. Sitting at a table overlooking the resort, the birds entertained us with their morning calls as we browsed the menu and made our selections. This was to be the pattern set for the rest of our mornings at the Mandala as we went through their all-day breakfast menu, one dish at a time, trying things like their incredible oatmeal and quinoa pancakes, fresh muesli with homemade organic yogurt and fresh fruit, and perfectly cooked eggs Benedict.

mandala spa and resort villas food

After our first breakfast, we knew we needed to try more of the menu and returned for many meals. We were particularly fond of their roasted pumpkin soup, the surprisingly delicious quinoa burger and their Moroccan chicken wrap, though everything we tried had our taste buds and stomachs feeling satisfied.

the vessel mandala spa and resort villas best couples spa and resort

We had quickly realized that the Mandala Spa and Resort Villas was one of the best couples spa and resorts in the Philippines but what took it to the next level for us was its focus on nourishing the body, mind and soul. The food provided us with healthy, nutritional and amazing tasting food (many ingredients grown in their own greenhouse garden) and their fitness centre, The Vessel, offered classes in the morning and afternoon, like yoga, jazz dance and pole dancing. Add the spa to the mix and it isn’t difficult to see how we could feel completely content and relaxed for our entire stay – our mind, body and soul having been pampered completely.

Enjoying an Award Winning Spa in Boracay

award winning spa philippines mandala spa

Staying at the Mandala meant we were also staying at a luxury spa resort that has won awards for their spa treatments and is easily one of the best couples spas in the Philippines.  Recently winning the Leading Spa Resort in the Philippines for 2015, we knew we couldn’t leave without indulging in their spa services. It didn’t take us long into our first treatment to understand why they were award winners and to decide a second treatment was an absolute must.

We booked a Romantic Mandala Spa Journey for one of our last days at the resort and after months without any successful efforts to ease our tense, travel-weary muscles we were excited for not only the romantic experience but the hopefully healing benefits of the treatment!

mandala best couples spa philippines

Our Romantic Spa Journey was divided into three different treatments starting with a “Royal Footbath” which was the perfect way to begin to completely relax. After the footbath and some tea, we were taken to massage tables, side-by-side. Here we were given their full-body “Asian Signature Massage”. Sinking into pure bliss as our knots and tense muscles were kneaded and released, we let all sense of time or stress melt away. The final treatment was their “Cleopatra Milk Bath” where we both luxuriated in the warm, petal-filled water enjoying fruit shakes and chocolates as the last of our stress evaporated and any remaining muscle tension faded.

After the first treatment we booked our second for the following day, this time going with one of their award winning spa treatment: Mandala Spa’s Hilot Trilogy. We were intrigued to experience an ancient Filipino therapeutic form of massage and traditional healing.

mandala spa experience romantic journey

We first experienced Hihilaan, where banana leaves covered in coconut oil were dragged along our backs in order to determine areas of imbalance. Next, a traditional form of vacuum cupping, Bentosa, followed by a Hilot massage of deep strokes. Finally, there was the foot massage, Dagdagay, where two bamboo sticks are used to massage the soles of the feet. We found each one incredibly interesting to experience, although Macrae got a bit ticklish with the Dagdagay technique!

Again, complete relaxation took over us both and we were left in a state of loose muscles and calm moods. What we noticed most about both spa experiences was the attention to detail. From the flower arrangement underneath our massage tables so we’d have something to look at, other than the floor, if we opened our eyes, to the soft linens and choice of oils, there was great thought and care put into every aspect of the treatments.

Escaping the Chaos & Enjoying Some Tranquility

mandala spa and resort villas boracay

While we always enjoy staying on the beach, finding some tranquility and peace away from busy areas (like many strips along the beach in Boracay) is a respite we also look for often. With free towel rentals from Mandala Spa and Resort Villas and a path that leads out to a shortcut to the beach, the sand and water was only a short walk away and allowed us to enjoy the quiet and relaxing vibe of the spa resort, while still getting as much beach time in as we wanted.

Between the villa, the food, the spa and the overall focus on relaxation and wellness, we knew we had found one of the best couples spa and resort destinations in the Philippines and by the end of our stay, we were dragging our feet, wishing the experience didn’t have to end.



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Nobu Manila: A View From Inside The Golden Towers

The Nobu Manila… Golden window-panel covered buildings stood like gleaming mirages reflecting the busy city beyond, withholding the secrets within. A city within a city. We knew there was something special about it when we first passed by, one of the most identifiable of the hotels in Manila, Philippines, though we hadn’t yet had the chance to peek behind the gilded curtain of the gleaming towers. When we finally had the opportunity to venture within the buildings that had beckoned us since our arrival, we learned that it lived up to the promise of its name… we had found a City of Dreams.

The Nobu Manila – Decadence, Luxury and Elegance Within A City of Dreams

City of Dreams and Nobu Manila

Entrance to the City Of Dreams and Nobu Manila

It’s hard to miss. The City of Dreams Manila, a large golden complex and its 6 shimmering towers can often be seen while driving the busy and chaotic streets of Manila, Philippines. The gold-tinted windows of the elegant towers immediately draw the eye and awaken the imagination.

Of the 5 star hotels in Manila, this integrated casino resort hosts three, as well as a casino, a range of dining options and a shopping complex, just to name a few of the many features to be found within. But it wasn’t until we entered the doors of the Nobu Manila, after we had stepped out of the car and handed over our bags to the patiently waiting bellman, that we realized the extent of the grandeur and elegance to be found in one of the most luxurious hotels in Manila.

The dining room at the Nobu Restaurant Manila

The Nobu Manila is inspired by renowned Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa and his array of world-famous restaurants. The accommodation arm of Nobu is now reaching ranks with some of the most modern and most luxurious hotels in the world, and we were excited to be able to experience the decadence, luxury and elegance the brand is known for.

One thing we always look for in accommodation, along with the comforts and luxury, modern decor and aesthetics, is that unique feel. We like experiencing something different, something that makes a place stand out for us and helps make our time in that place more memorable. It’s that certain “je ne c’est quoi” that the best luxury hotels in the world have, and it was that same “I don’t know what” that we found at the Nobu Manila.

That ‘Je Ne C’est Quoi’ of the Nobu Manila

Sure, “je ne c’est quoi” suggests an unidentifiable “something”, but often times it’s not one intangible element but instead, a host of well-crafted, well-executed ideas and an attention to detail that make an accommodation standout, make it superior.

the view from the hallway at the Nobu Manila

From the front lobby of the Nobu Manila, where staff greet you wearing beautiful outfits and warm smiles, the Japanese-influenced design begins its flawless integration into the modern and elegant decor and the incredible combination of great service and impeccable style resonates from every inch of the property.

After our incredibly quick check-in, we were lead through the lobby of earth tones and subtle cherry blossoms, to the south tower and made our way to our room.

A Room of Added Touches

We stayed in the twin room of the Nobu Manila, it has a great view

We were immediately impressed with the room which exuded all the charm of a boutique style room and none of the, often soulless, feel of a hotel chain. The crisp white linens, the continuation of the cherry blossom and Japanese-inspired motif, and the neutral colours with modern lines and touches made the room elegant while the attention to detail, like the welcome bowl of fruits, the specialty tea, the variety of toiletries and the personalized message on the television added a whole extra level of welcome and comfort.

The tv in the rome at Nobu Manila hs a personalized greeting

We also loved the added touches we just kept finding. Opening the drawers of the nightstand we found tea and coffee, wine glasses and a bottle opener, and a whole snack bar with some extras, like an intimacy kit, for purchase.

The sake and wine selection in your room at the Nobu Manila is fantactic!

There were outlets aplenty and even a master light switch near the bed eliminating the inevitable fumbling around in the dark that always happens as you search for a light switch in a new place. Luckily, the room was spacious enough, it wouldn’t have been a problem even if there wasn’t a master switch close by. The bluetooth/docking station was also a great addition and was probably the first feature we used, streaming out music while we sat to enjoy our welcome tea and fruit.

Welcome fruit, tea and sake from the Nobu Hotel Manila, Philippines

The large bathroom too was fitted for comfort. Many plush towels, the essential toiletries (plus some), a spacious shower with a rain-shower head and two of the most comfortable, soft-lined bathrobes we’ve had the pleasure of donning.

This is the view of the pool we had from our room at the Nobu Manila

After seeing the room and the bathroom, you would think it couldn’t get much better, right? That’s what we thought until we opened the curtains and looked out at the view. Facing inwards towards the pool, the view was fantastic and when the sun set and the lights of the ‘Fortune Egg’ and the rest of the City of Dreams were illuminated, it made for a fantastic, and romantic, evening scene.

Nobu Restaurant – An Experience In Itself

The dining room at the Nobu Restaurant Manila

Nobu Restaurant. Our stomachs are still singing its praises. Since our accommodation package included breakfast (guests of the City of Dreams and visitors can also purchase breakfast here separately), we had the pleasure of dining here and enjoying some of the style of food Chef Nobu Matsuhisa is so famous for. The restaurant is set up buffet style for breakfast with a range of options from traditional Filipino food to American fare to Japanese-inspired dishes and everything in between. Salads, vegetables, noodle dishes, pastries, breads, okonomiyaki, and a pancake station with some incredible toppings, like their pecan butter. There was something for everyone and, being the passionate food lovers we are, everything was for someone like us.

The selection of food for breakfast at the Nobu restaurant in manila is extensive

Nobu Restaurant steps it up a game though with their ‘Breakfast Minis’, a menu with additional small plates. While it is included in the breakfast buffet, these are ordered individually. Each item we tried brought together wonderful, often unique flavours and several of them were so memorable we are still talking about them.

The Nobu Restaurant in the Nobu Manila has an amazing breakfast that noone shoud miss

The Eggs Matsuhisa, a poached egg with spinach and bonito egg sauce on a toasted bao, looked simply stunning and, with a perfect poach on the egg, didn’t disappoint. The Nobu Style Cheeksilog, a miso braised Wagyu cheek with garlic rice, popeye relish and a fried egg did justice to the traditional Philippine dish while fusing Japanese flavours perfectly. Our favourite of them all however, was the french toast. Thick and fluffy with a light yuzu custard, whipped cream and tomato jam. This dish had us fighting over each bite.

The Nobu Restaurant in Manila has a special french toast, one of the best french toasts in the world

From the clean and modern Japanese decor to the good-to-the-last-bite food, the breakfast at the Nobu Restaurant was exactly like the rest of our experience at the Nobu Hotel Manila: decadent, wonderful, comfortable and truly memorable.

Relaxation & Refreshments Under The Golden Towers

the golden towers from the deck of the Nobu Manila hotel

Stepping outside as we headed to the pool area, the glimmering of the golden towers once again cast their spell but this time, the sound of the trickling water from the fountains and the pool, the warm breeze on our skin and the smell of something delicious being cooked at the nearby poolside restaurant, Wave, had us fully engulfed in the moment and appreciating the experience those buildings of gold contained.

While each hotel has their own pool, the Nobu is at the centre of the property with a decent sized swimming area, a lifeguard on duty and many deck chairs and couch-style seating for guests to enjoy.

We ate caesar salad, burger and fries at Wave restaurant in the Nobu Manila

We sat for a bit by the pool, enjoying the view, the breeze and the peace of the area before our stomachs got the better of us and we moved to the restaurant, Wave, for some poolside-meets-patio dining. Since we’re always on the hunt for a good burger, we decided to try one out, along with a caesar salad and boy are we glad we did! One of the best burgers we had during our time in the Philippines, the burger at Wave came perfectly cooked, topped with flavourful caramelized onions, tomato, lettuce, pickle and onion rings and some pretty great tasting fries. The Caesar salad was also well prepared and we loved the crispy, real pieces of bacon.

Gold-Plated, Luxury-Filled Experience of a Lifetime

There is more to the Nobu Manila however, above and beyond being a gorgeous luxury accommodation with a restaurant that makes stomachs grumble in memory by its mere mention. There are other things aside from the fact that it features a fitness centre and a spa allowing you to get a bit of pampering in during your stay.

What elevates the experience at the Nobu Manila to the next level is the fact that it is a full-service hotel located in the City of Dreams and, as we touched on, that means access to a whole world of activities and experiences beyond the doors of the Nobu Hotel itself: an impressive casino floor, a variety of excellent restaurants, shops, clubs, and Dreamplay, a Dreamworks-inspired interactive play space. Whether you are there for business or leisure, a stay-cation or vacation, the Nobu Manila has everything you need and want.

We were wecomed with this tea set from the Nobu Manila hotel

As a couple exploring the city of Manila, we ended up experiencing a side to this busy capital we weren’t expecting. The city within a city, where one needn’t wander further than the lobby of their hotel, though the city beyond is only a free shuttle ride away; where you can escape the intensity of Manila and head to one place where comfort, food, culture and entertainment come together.

The entire complex containing the Nobu Manila is a gold-plated, luxury-filled, experience of a lifetime and on that first night, when we finally slipped between the crisp sheets of the extra-comfortable bed and laid our heads on our pillows, we did so with a sigh of contentment and a smile in appreciation for the day and anticipation for what else we would be experiencing in this City of Dreams.

Want to stay at the Nobu Hotel Manila? Or dine at Nobu Restaurant?

Find information about the Nobu Hotel Manila, the City of Dreams and the Nobu Restaurant:

Nobu Hotel Manila  &  Nobu Restaurant

Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard, Entertainment City,

Parañaque 1701, Manila, Philippines

Phone: +632 800 8080

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A Unique, Boutique Stay At The Henry Hotel Cebu

Located in the heart of Cebu City, tucked away off the busy streets, sits a boutique hotel where art and style meets comfort and hospitality; where quirky signage, unique decor and friendly smiles greet you upon entering.

Truly a Hotel “Like No Other”

henry hotel cebu front

We landed in Cebu City, unsure of what to expect after spending several days in the beautiful chaos that is Manila. What we found was a mini-sized version of the capital: busy and with a rich history. It also held several surprises that had us leaving the island feeling like we’d found something truly special. The Henry Hotel Cebu was one of those unique places we discovered that made our experience in Cebu a memorable one and is a place we couldn’t wait to talk about.

henry hotel cebu reception

Entering through the front doors we knew, true to its slogan, this was an accommodation unlike any other on the island.  The lobby and reception area was decorated in a combination of modern meets vintage with a hint of some rustic for added personality!

red statue henry hotel

In fact, we were first greeted by the smiling red statue of a man bowing as we walked in – a fitting intro to the quirky, mix-matched furnishings of the rest of the lobby. Uncoordinated and random as it may seem, the quirkiness fits and flows well within the hotel.

henry hotel cebu red statue face

After our brief encounter with the red man, we were greeted by the friendly staff and given our welcome drinks while we checked in and in no time we were being shown to our room.

The Large Room

large room henry hotel

We stayed in the Large Room, which was incredibly spacious and, much like the rest of the property, decorated in a unique and compelling way. Minimalist without being austere, we loved how a feeling of coziness was achieved even with the bold contrasts in colour and the industrial flare to the decor.

henry hotel cebu bedroom

With a large, comfortable bed dividing the space, a desk for us to do work and a table to sit and relax, we found it to be absolutely perfect for us!

henry hotel room cebu

The bathroom was also incredibly large with a separate vanity area to the shower and toilet which, if you’ve ever travelled for longer periods of time with someone you know is a huge bonus! The provided toiletries were great as well and we loved that the soaps and lotions were locally made.

When Art Meets Hospitality

front lobby cebu henry hotel

After settling in, we explored the grounds a bit more taking time to really investigate the lobby and the various displays. Vintage American artwork, rustic accessories and some modern touches made the entire space feel welcoming like a home while at the same time made it as intriguing as an art gallery.

henry hotel decor

The furniture, knick-knacks, paintings and other added elements of the space lead your eyes on a bit of a merry chase as you roam around taking it all in and finding more hidden treasures as you do.

henry hotel lobby art

Heading to the second floor we found more artwork on display, much of it contemporary, and found that several artists were represented here, as well as throughout the hotel. We learned that these were local artists who were being showcased.

henry hotel cebu beetle

henry hotel cebu second floor

We particularly liked the collage style artwork of famous faces by Geovanni Abing.

geovanni anbing

Whether you are a lover of art or just appreciate it from afar, the aesthetics of both the room and the property will have you looking around every corner and searching for the next surprise.

A Boutique Dining Experience

rica's restaurant henry hotel cebu

While the decor provides the quirky, less-than-coordinated feel, the food at Rica’s, the restaurant at The Henry Hotel, was well-composed in concept and execution. Maintaining the flow of vintage decor, Rica’s also has a selection of well-placed, fun artwork but the food is really what stands out here.

henry hotel cebu superhero chairs

We were impressed with their breakfast buffet spread that was included with our rooms. Each morning there was something slightly different in the options of hot dishes and consistently really quite good with impeccable service.

henry hotel breakfast buffet

henry hotel breakfast

We also ate our lunches at Rica’s finding a great variety of options but settling on some lighter dishes, as we both were a bit under the weather.

ricas soup henry hotel

Their soups were flavoured well and perfect for rainy days or when we were looking for a light meal to satisfy our hunger.

Dessert was something special for us as well as we rarely indulge ourselves but their Brazo Mantecado was just begging to be ordered and boy were we glad we did! Layer upon delicious layer, it is a truly decadent treat!

Brazo Mantecado henry hotel cebu

There are also a variety of great restaurants that are easily accessible from The Henry Hotel should you want to venture out and doormen who will help you hail a taxi if you’re looking to go beyond walking distance.

Henry Hotel Amenities Galore

henry hotel cebu lounge

While we did head out in the evenings for dinner, The Henry Hotel pretty much provided anything we would need. The pool and patio was a fantastic place to enjoy the sunny days and felt peaceful and tranquil.

patio at henry hotel

pool at henry hotel cebu

henry hotel cebu library

Their second floor lounge with books, computer access and board games was perfect to get some work done, do some reading or escape the heat (and sometimes the brief periods of rain as we went during rainy season).

henry hotel fire exit

We also had a good laugh at some of the cute, stylish or witty signage. This fire exit sign is just one example!

Boutique Rooms, Unique Style

henry hotel x large mural

Since each one of the 30+ rooms are unique, we wanted to check out what some of the other rooms look like and got a chance to see an XL and XXL room and since our Large room seemed pretty spacious, we were curious just how much bigger the rooms could get!

henry hotel x large room

The XL room we saw was, just as it is called, EXTRA large and a uniquely decorated room in keeping with the uniqueness of the hotel. The mural on the wall happens to be a copy of one of Carolann’s favourite paintings, so she was extra excited when we saw it!

Henry Hotel Cebu XXL room

The XX Large room is two times the size as it has two rooms for up to four people and with the minimalist style continuing even here, is a very spacious suite.

The Henry Hotel – A Must-Stay in Cebu

lobby simpsons henry hotel cebu

True to boutique hotel form the property is unique yet makes you also feel at home. As you enter the lobby however, the added quirkiness makes you wonder if you’ve ventured through the rabbit hole and found yourself in an artist’s version of Wonderland. It’s a place where you can escape the city and relax in your room, enjoy some tranquility by the pool, indulge in some delicious food and take in some interesting artwork along the way.

We had a fantastic time at The Henry Hotel in Cebu and were excited to check out their Manila location and see a completely different style of boutique hotel of the same name.


the-henry-like-no-other logo

                 The Henry Hotel Cebu

One Paseo Compound, Ma Luisa Entrance Road,

Banilad, Cebu City 5000

Tel: +63 32 520 8877