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10 Ways To Style Up Your Travel Outfit

By Dana Hughes

Travelling is always tiring and time consuming. Running through airports or train stations, checking maps and making sure we stop at gas stations for a refill, sucks up almost all our energy.  So we usually like to dress as comfortable as possible in order to reduce stress. But most of the time, comfortable means boring and it really doesn’t have to be like that when it comes to your outfits. Here is a list of 10 amazingly easy ways of jazzing up your travelling clothes.

Tips For Creating A Stylish Travel Wardrobe

1. Jewelry

jewelry for travel

One of the easiest ways to really bring to life a bland travelling outfit is jewelry. This means that you can basically wear whatever you want, even jeans and hoodies as long as you sport the right amount and type of bling. For example: are you wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a cardigan?

Then throw on a multilayered necklace that includes pearls, beads, chains and crosses. Embellish your wrists with heavy bracelets and nobody will even notice you’re wearing jeans. Or, are you wearing a simple cream colored top with pants? No problem. Gold is the answer. A big chain necklace will take you out of the boring zone and into the fun and luxury one.

2. Sunglasses

sunglasses for travel up style travel fashion

If you’re travelling by car, let’s say and you have a long drive ahead of you, you will definitely need sunglasses. But, as a trick of embellishing your outfit for that journey, leave your classic Ray Bans to rest at home this time and go for a big, dazzling pair instead. You cannot go wrong or unobserved with a pair of Lolita sunglasses from LoLoBu. They have a thick white frame which is why, if you pair them off with a red hot lip, the effect is guaranteed.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of round ones, the Harry Potter type, especially if you get them in a crazy neon color from, let’s say, Dior. But 2015’s star were definitely the cat eyes sunglasses. So rock a pair of golden ones, like Quay proudly introduced this year with a completely black outfit and a hat and watch as all eyes turn on you in the crowded airport.

3. High-heels

high heels for travel fashion

I know you’re going to wrinkle your nose at the idea of going on a trip in high heels, but hear me out first. High heeled shoes are empowering, luxurious and make a statement, especially when you’re travelling. They really say: “Wow, this girl is about to go on an eight hour flight to Rome wearing sky high heels. She must really have it together. Why can’t I do that?”

Watch as you become an example and an inspiration to women around you, because, indeed, attempting an eight hour flight in high heels is a feat of strengths and if you can do it, it must really mean you’re a strong, independent woman, who does have it all together.

4. Luggage

stylish luggage for travel

Another obvious point in order to style up your travelling ensemble is the luggage. Instead of carrying your stuff around in a plain, black bag, make sure to buy an interesting, colorful and stylish one. Go romantic, for example and buy a retro one, especially if you’re travelling light, or go diva with… Chanel.

5. Scarves

scarves and travel fashion

The accessory we all love and cherish is, probably, your best friend on a trip. It’s very versatile and can serve for many other purposes, not just to hang around your neck. Therefore, when travelling, don’t think only about the comfort and warmth a scarf comes with, but design and style as well. Therefore, instead of choosing a bland one, try a plaited blanket scarf, for example, a huge shawl-like one or, why not, a head scarf.

6. Maxi Dress

travel style maxi dress

The maxi dress or skirt may seem another odd choice for travelling. That’s because when we think about going on trips, we mainly think of pants, but, actually, maxi skirts and dresses are very comfortable. More comfortable that pants even, in hot weather. So, you can choose a simple, mono chrome maxi skirt, pair it off with a crop top and you have an amazing outfit for the airplane or train, no one else will have.

7. Casual Chic

casual chic travel fashion

Probably the most eye catching and, at the same time, most comfortable style you can adopt while travelling is the boyfriend style. Grab a pair of low-waist, baggy, tattered boyfriend jeans, a white tank top, a hoodie and a baseball cap and you’ve got yourself a head-turner outfit straight out of the hood fashion, as well as one you could probably climb a mountain in.

8. Stylish Boots

travel fashion stylish travel boots

Boots are another great way of combining stylish attires with being nice and comfortable while you travel those long miles. They are clearly the way to go, almost always. We don’t recommend you travel in, let’s say, sandals. Your toes will get dirty and crushed in no time through the airport or train station. However, with boots you run no risk of that and if you can find a dazzling pair, your success is guaranteed.

9. Oversized Sweaters

travel fashion and oversized sweaters

Oversized sweaters can save you a lot of trouble. They will keep you warm and you won’t need a supplementary piece of clothing, like a cardigan or a jacket. Just the sweater will do. The world has fallen back in love with them as they re-entered the trend this year. They are highly fashionable right now and the best part – you cannot go wrong with them, no matter what pattern or color you choose.

10. Hats

stylish hats for travel

And last, but not least, hats. Either you’re travelling during summer to some hot holiday location or in winter time to a snowy one, you will still require a hat. So why not make it a jazzy one and the main attraction of your outfit? If you’re feeling bold enough, you can try a funny one, with cat ears on it, for example, because they have been in trend this year.


So take these ten tips and go crazy and creative with them. The purpose here is to make travelling as pleasant as possible for you, and a well put together, sparkling outfit will certainly do that.



Dana K. Hughes is a travel enthusiast and a photography student, who loves to plan unforgettable trips. She is also a dedicated writer, who loves long walks through unknown cities and spying on people’s outfits. Dana is currently doing an internship at http://serbags.com, where she writes original articles that inspire readers to showcase their individuality and bring out their personal style. You can also find her on Twitter.


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10 Tips For Travel To Pai, Thailand

Pai, Thailand. Tucked away in the mountain valleys of Thailand’s northern countryside. A place where tranquil views of rice paddy fields and waterfalls attract tourists looking for a peaceful retreat, and perhaps some meditation, from more hectic cities. After we decided to travel to Pai ourselves, we understand the appeal it has for tourists and expats in the country: lazy morning walks, motorbike rides through lush jungle and stunning landscapes, afternoon indulgences in good coffee and food and evenings spent browsing the nightly walking street.

What To Know When You Travel To Pai, Thailand

The desire to visit Pai while in Thailand has been steadily growing, but there are a few things to know before you venture all the way to this more secluded area. We’ve made our way on our own by scooter from Chiang Mai to Pai, we’ve scoured for the best accommodations to suit our needs, we’ve explored Pai and the surrounding area for things to do and we’ve dined at some amazing restaurants while there… and through all of it we’ve come away with some tips we think are important for anyone who wants to travel to Pai.

1. Choose Your Method of Transportation Wisely

drive to pai, road to pai, chiang mai to pai, how to get to pai, thailand mountain roads

The majority of people who visit this mountain valley town, head from Chiang Mai to Pai and there are several ways to do so. If you’re looking to visit Pai, you’ll want to take a look at your options and judge which makes the most sense to you.

The most popular method of transportation is by minibus or larger air-conditioned bus. The minibus is the quickest way to get there but with 762 turns to navigate, motion sickness is incredibly common and driving on a tight schedule, you’ll not be making many stops. Though it’s only around a 3 hour drive, we recommend taking this only if you’ve got a pretty strong stomach and need to get there in a hurry! At approximately 150-200 THB each way, it is also one of the cheaper options for getting yourself to Pai

If motion sickness is sure to be a problem, the air conditioned bus offers a bit less sway, though those 762 turns will still be felt. This method will take longer but will be more comfortable and will ring in a slightly cheaper tab at 100-150 THB. If you can afford to take more time to get there, we’d recommend this as it offers some more comforts.

If you’re looking for adventure, you can always rent a motorbike and drive the exhilarating route from Chiang Mai to Pai. Be forewarned: This is not a method to be taken lightly and should only be attempted by those who have experience riding motorbikes and who are comfortable with long drives on uneasy terrain. It is a route known to be prone to motorbike accidents as drivers take corners at unsafe speeds not anticipating the difficulty of the road.

Having said that, we drove from Chiang Mai to Pai and back again on motorbike and had one of the most amazing times! We took it at a comfortable pace, made sure to gas up when we could and kept hydrated. If this is something you’re looking to do, we have even more tips on getting from Chiang Mai to Pai by motorbike, including where we rented our motorbike. This method will also cost you about 200THB minimum per day but will give you the freedom to come and go as you please and eliminate having to pay for transportation once in Pai.

You can also rent a car to travel to Pai and make the ride more comfortable all around but it will increase your expenses, so price this out beforehand and explore your options!

The last main method of getting to Pai is by plane and it is also the most expensive. You’ll save time on the actual trip (only about 30 mins from Chiang Mai) but will add on time getting to and from the airport as well as time spent in the airports themselves.

Whichever method you choose, think wisely whether it is the right one for you. There are pros and cons to all options and as Pai is not the most easily accessible of places, you’ll want to be sure you’ve picked a method of transportation that offers you the safest and most comfortable option that fits within your budget.

2. Rent A Motorbike In Pai If You Didn’t Drive Up On One… But Don’t Learn There!

If riding a motorbike to Pai is not your idea of a good time, you’ll be getting to Pai with only your own two feet to get you around. For the most part, this is all you need, but if you have an urge to explore, you’ll need to either hop on a tour, hire someone to take you around or rent a motorbike once you get there. Bike rentals will be a little more expensive here than in the larger city of Chiang Mai, but they’ll still be decently priced. There are however, some key details to consider before, and while, renting a scooter in Pai.

  1. The same rule applies here as anywhere else when renting a bike: do a full check of the bike before hopping on, you may want to take photo and/or video documentation of any scratches or dents before you leave the rental place with images of it in the background
  2. Ensure you have insurance or are insured by the rental company, and
  3. Make sure you have a proper and fitted helmet

Most importantly, when talking about Pai, is do not use this opportunity to actually learn how to drive a motorbike. We can’t tell you how many patched and bandaged people we saw walking around Pai when we were there. It is a popular place for people to rent their first motorbike and the combination of new drivers, small streets, hilly terrain and many, many people can create a less-than-optimal place to ride, especially if you’ve never done so before.

3. Book Your Accommodations Strategically

While this mainly applies to those who are driving a scooter or car to Pai, or those who plan to rent a scooter once there, it is a good idea for anyone heading to Pai. Though there is a main stretch of road with accommodations throughout, there are also outlying hotels and hostels. If you’re planning on having a motorbike with you, you’ll want to make sure the place you book has parking available as it is not always simple or easy to park along the walking street overnight. Since you will have a bike, you are obviously able to make your way to and from the main areas and have a bit more room to negotiate where you’ll be staying. If you have a car, you’ll definitely need to find an accommodation in Pai that has the space available.

If you’re not looking to rent and are relying on your own two feet or hiring transportation once in Pai, you’ll probably want to make sure you are located somewhat centrally to the walking street or the activities you are looking to do once there. We’ve put together some of the best accommodations in Pai and have also reviewed one of our favourites, right on the walking street, Soi One Bedrooms.

4. Explore Outside The Main Strip

Pai Mountain View THailand

Though it’s tempting to keep things easy and stay within the main area of Pai, you’ll be missing out on a ton of beautiful scenery and great things to do.

Head out and visit Pai Canyon, drive through rice paddy fields and beautiful mountain landscapes, explore the various waterfalls nearby and find marked, and unmarked, viewpoints that will leave you speechless.

There are various things to do and see like the War Memorial Bridge on the outskirts of Pai, Wat Phra That Mae Yen – the temple on the mountain, Pai Piranha Fishing Park, The Chinese Village and yoga classes or retreats.

Pai can be as eventful or as relaxing as you make it but getting out of the main area and walking street will give you a wide range of things to do in Pai, no matter your purpose for your trip there!

5. Visit Mae Hong Son

This is one thing we didn’t get to do on our visit to Pai, but really wish we did. Heading even further north, you’ll reach Mae Hong Son and if all the talk in Thailand was true, it’s a beautiful area not to be missed. If you can add this stop to your trip, you might want to do so! Though growing in popularity, it is still less tourist-packed as many other areas in Thailand and offers some of that classic Northern Thailand scenery and tranquility.

Mae Hong Son also borders Myanmar, so depending on the current Thai tourism laws (please check these before you travel to Thailand) you may be able to do a border run if needed or use this as an entry way on to visit another country! It’s only 2-3 hours drive from Pai and you can drive your rental car or scooter or take a bus straight from Pai. If you do go, let us know what you think and show us photos – we’re anxious to get back to northern Thailand and find out for ourselves!

6. Visit The Walking Street More Than Oncegrandmas pancakes pai vendor on walking street

If you can, depending on how long you are there and what your itinerary entails, heading to the walking street more than once is a definite must. Now, you may get there and think that you’ve seen all you can see with one walk up and down it… but you’d be wrong. We found that we saw new things, paid attention to different vendors and watched new stands pop up each night we ventured out.

Taking another walk along the street also allows you to try new food vendors that you may not have had a chance to try previously – whether you were just too full from the other food you bought, or you missed seeing them altogether! In fact, it wasn’t until our second night strolling the walking street that we stopped and bought something from, what is now, our favourite Pai Walking Street vendor – Grandma’s Pancakes! We liked it so much, we went back the next day to try a different flavour (because you just can’t resist some Nutella on your pancakes!)

7. Meet People

Whether you’re sitting in a coffee shop, in a common area of your accommodations, dining at a restaurant or walking the walking street, be open to talking to others – you’ll find locals and tourists alike are extra friendly and open to meeting new people! Of course, you’ll want to take regular stranger-danger precautions like you would anywhere (be smart!) but you’ll also learn quickly that the people who live and visit Pai are by large a pretty friendly and talkative bunch.

We met some travellers in a coffee shop looking for help with WiFi who we passed by several times while in Pai and said ‘hello’. We met a couple on the walking street one night who gave some amazing restaurant recommendations and we met two backpackers at our hostel with whom we became fast friends and still stay in touch with!

Pai is really no different than anywhere else – if you put yourself out there, you’re bound to meet good people and make friends – but because of the close proximity to, well, everything and the small space most people are occupying, it’s easier to keep bumping into the same people and getting to know the familiar faces!

8. Find Time to Relax!

This is a place for relaxation, meditation, yoga, etc and even if you’re not into that it’s not a bad idea to take some time to live in the moment and appreciate the beauty of your surroundings. Chances are you’re visiting Pai from Chiang Mai or Bangkok, or are headed to one of the busier cities at some point. Though we love the activity of the large cities and can often be found in them, it is nice to take some time away from it all.

If you travel to Pai you’ll also get a good glimpse into life in the northern, and remote, areas of Thailand. That includes a more tranquil landscape and it’s nice to be able to tap into that and appreciate the beauty of the country.

9. Try The Coffee

Coffee Hill Rest on drive to pai

Northern Thailand does coffee good! So good, we’ve even listed 5 top cafes in Northern Thailand to find good coffee while you’re there. One of them just happens to be on the way to Pai, but even if you’re not navigating your own way there, there’s plenty of good coffee once you get there. We tried different cafes and coffees while in Pai and you’ll probably be hard pressed to find a bad cup of joe!

If you’re a coffee lover, this will be a paradise for you and if you’re not, there are plenty of fresh fruit juices and teas to satisfy whatever beverage craving you have!

10. Do Your Research Before You Take A Tour!

While walking the streets of Pai, you’ll probably see signs or be approached by someone for a tour to the outlying areas, particularly tours that include a visit to the “Longneck” people of the Karen Hill Tribe. Before you make a decision to go, we’d recommend doing some research into this industry. Much of the “tribe life” you’ll see, including the neck rings, are maintained for tourism reasons only and many people feel it is exploitation and harmful to the people of the tribe. Whatever you decide, it would be beneficial to look into the issue and decide whether it’s something you’re still interested in, and comfortable, doing or not.


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6 Things to Consider When Planning a Destination Wedding

By Kacey Mya of The Drifter Collective

To all of you “Future Mrs.”, a “Congratulations” is in order. So now that the man has popped his question and the bride-to-be is going forward with planning, there’s so much to do! Time is ticking until the knot is tied. A destination wedding might be something you have always thought of. However, there are a lot of things to be aware of.

Planning Your Destination Wedding

Here are 6 things you should consider to have the destination wedding of your dreams.

1. The Location

destination wedding on the beach

You can’t have a wedding without picking a location! If you’re thinking of having a destination wedding, then “destination” could mean a few things. It could mean you want your wedding to take place five hours away at your favorite beach. It could also mean you want to fly over seas to a nice resort. Either way, the best destinations to have your wedding aren’t right around the corner.

Because your location will be farther away, you need to keep in mind that when you’re planning you’ll be making calls to the venue rather than driving there to see it in person. Give yourself a few options and then narrow it down. Ask yourself questions like “How far do I want my guests to travel?” and “What did I fall in love with about this location?” to help you make the final decision. You can have the sand between your toes on a Hawaiian island or a giant castle in Europe as the “wow” factor for your romantic ceremony. Dream big! It’s all about picking the right location.

2. The Guest List

Think about how many people you want at your wedding. Destination weddings usually have a lower numbered guest list due to the travel. It can also get expensive for guests when they pay for their own travel and accommodations, which is the reason why less people will attend. Most weddings like this have just a small number of family and friends, which keeps it pretty intimate. This can give the wedding a more relaxed feel, meaning less stress for the bride!

3. The Travel Items

wedding on beach bride

You will need to break out your inner minimalist when it comes to what you bring to your wedding. Most destination weddings are celebrated over multiple days, and you know you’ll end up packing a bigger suitcase. It’s a good idea to skip the DIY wedding decorations and leave it up to the wedding venue to give your ceremony some glam. The mother of the bride can travel with the wedding dress to ensure the groom doesn’t sneak a peak. Did you want your dog to be the ring bearer? Then you’ll need to make sure the flight allows pets before your book your plane ticket. The little details will come together at the wedding, but you should definitely leave the big stuff at home.

4. The Budget

What are you expecting to pay for? No, you don’t have to pay for the travel and accommodations for your guests, but if it’s in the budget you can make that offer. Typically the bride and groom pay for venue, the décor, and the food and drinks. If your wedding is at a location your guests can drive to, consider the gas and toll expenses they will have to pay. Don’t let the budget overwhelm you, and stick with what’s important. This will make it easier on the planning side, where the time and money is at the minimum level. You can use budgeting tips to plan your wedding and definitely cut down some of the cost.

5. The Invitations and RSVPs

beach wedding

Inviting guests to a destination wedding is more complicated than sending out invitations to a wedding in your hometown. There’s a lot of invitation etiquette you might not have thought about. You will need to send out the “Save the Dates” early enough to allow your guests to schedule their travel arrangements. They are usually sent 6-8 months before the wedding. Flights typically cost more when they are booked closer to the date. Save your guests money by sending out invitations earlier.

The RSVPs give you confirmation on who will attend your wedding. Give your guests a strict reply date, so you have time to plan accordingly. The more details you announce on your save the dates, invitations, and RSVPs, the better understanding your guests will have. This part of planning a destination wedding is all about the timing.

6. The Weather

Always, always, always have a back up plan! You can plan the perfect wedding, with the perfect location, but if a tropical storm decides to blow through your big day, you’re going to wish you had a back up plan. Beaches aren’t so beautiful in the rain. When you plan your wedding with the venue, make sure you come up with an indoor plan. You can’t control the weather, and that’s okay! You can still have a gorgeous destination wedding, and they say rain on the wedding day means good luck!

Don’t let the stress and expenses of a destination wedding scare you away from having the wedding you’ve always wanted. Keep your plans organized, and keep your guests informed. If you want a wedding on the beach then go for it girl! Say “I Do” at the destination of your dreams.


 Kacey Mya Profile Picture                                           ABOUT THE AUTHOR                                                                  Kacey is a lifestyle blogger for The Drifter Collective, an eclectic lifestyle blog that expresses various forms of style through the influence of culture & the world around us. Kacey graduated with a degree in Communications while working for a lifestyle magazine. She has been able to fully embrace herself with the knowledge of nature, the power of exploring other locations & cultures, all while portraying her love for the world around her through her visually pleasing, culturally embracing & inspiring posts. You can find her on Twitter & Pinterest.

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Beginner Travel Hacks to Travel for Less

By Anne Slater-Brooks of Travel The Globe 4 Less

What if there was a way you could stay in top hotels for free? Or you could fly business class for less than economy? Would you be tempted to travel more?

Well rest assured, it really is possible to bag free hotel nights and fly in style for less than the price of an economy ticket. It’s called travel hacking and for those unfamiliar with the term, this is simply the art of using airline and hotel rewards programs to travel for less.

Travel Hacks To Get You Going

Whether you’ve never heard of travel hacking and want to get started pronto, or are looking for some tricks to add to your arsenal, here are my top tips for kick-starting, or growing, your travel-hack journey.

Hotel Loyalty Programs

hotel robe hyatt city of dreams

Make sure that every hotel night you book is rewarding you in some way by signing up to their rewards program. You have two choices, either join the individual hotel loyalty program (but then you will be restricted to hotels in that group) or opt for hotels.com, which allows you to earn rewards for every night booked, irrespective of the chain or hotel you stay at.

The latter offers more flexibility but means you may miss out on achieving tier status (levels reached that result in greater rewards) and thus better benefits. You do however, earn one free hotel night for every ten stayed. Other programs allocate a grade to each room type and this corresponds to the number of points required for a redemption.

The best thing about hotel reward programs is that rooms are entirely free. No taxes or fees to pay on top. All you have to do is collect enough points to book one or more free nights. It has been known for me to enjoy a trip to the Florida Keys almost entirely free (excluding flights from the UK of course!)

You can also double dip by taking out a branded hotel credit card, meaning that every hotel you book will not only count towards your ten free nights, but will earn you additional hotel rewards.

Get Cheeky

This is just a minor point in relation to existing points balances. You may occasionally find that a long forgotten balance you collected from some past hotel stay has expired. This is by no means a guarantee but I have had success by simply emailing them and politely asking them to reinstate the points.

This is less likely to be successful with airlines but often you can prevent miles expiring with them by simply buying something through their shopping portal or taking part in an online survey. For instance, to prevent my American Express miles expiring this week, I simply signed up to E-Rewards and completed a brief survey. I also bagged 100 points in the process!

Flight Reward Programs

westjet in the air

Most airlines offer a loyalty scheme but before you go filling in lots of forms to join them all, you need to think smart. Many airlines are members of an airline alliance meaning you only need to join one loyalty program within the alliance to earn points for all flights taken with any of the airline alliance members.

This is a much better approach as it allows you to build points balances quicker than building up minuscule balances in lots of programs only to see them expire if you don’t use them within a specific time period.

Miles collected can be redeemed for flights in any class but the downside is that usually taxes and fees are extra. If you are based in the US, you are lucky because your taxes can be incredibly low allowing you to redeem points for flights for little more than a Starbucks coffee!

If you are in places like the UK or Canada, the taxes and fees are a killer and for this reason, I don’t usually advocate using rewards to book flights in economy and instead prefer to go upmarket booking flights in business or first class and depending on the program, using these rewards for upgraded seats can even allow you to fly business for less than economy.

Get Credit From Your Credit Cards

Now this is where it gets super interesting! Once you are signed up for those all important airline reward programs, you can apply for a credit card allowing you to add to your balance significantly. American Express offers a variety of cards which allow you to convert membership rewards into points for many airlines, giving you great flexibility.

They also offer very attractive sign up bonuses with the AMEX Gold card paying tens of thousands of points after spending an initial minimum amount. The sign up bonuses tend to be really high if you are US or Canadian based, though they’re pretty significant for those in other areas of the world as well.

American Express may not be for everyone however and if not, branded cards providing rewards for specific airlines such as Emirates, Etihad and Lufthansa are available in the UK . There’s a much longer list of available cards in the US (you lucky things!) so you can really target the card you sign up for to coincide with the airline reward program you joined, such as Southwest, Delta, and Jet Blue. In Canada, credit cards are often available with a travel rewards option and the points can be converted into the specific points used by each airline before a ticket purchase is made.

As an example, I have a British Airways American Express card and AVIOS points, but I also have a Lloyds Bank AVIOS Duo which includes a MasterCard for those occasions when AMEX isn’t acceptable.

Earn Top Cashback

top cashback logo

Top Cashback in the UK is a godsend. It allows for cashback to be converted into AVIOS with British Airways or Tesco Clubcard points (more on that next!). Substantial Cashback balances can soon be accumulated if you make a point of conducting all your online shopping by clicking through to the relevant store from Top Cashback. Not all stores are covered but there are hundreds which are. For instance, I book my trains, hotels, some flights, Christmas presents and more through the store.

Cashback earned can be cashed out for real money if you are in need of some holiday spending, or alternatively, you can convert them into miles with British Airways. You can also convert into Tesco Clubcard vouchers and then convert them to AVIOS (British Airways currency) earning 12,000 points instead of 5,000 if you send them directly to British Airways.

Top Cashback USA also allows you to earn Cashback on many hotel and airline bookings however this is cashback in the true sense of the word. It may help you out with spending money for your next trip, or even allow you to purchase a few extra air miles but there is currently no facility to convert them directly into airline or hotel reward points. On this one, us Brits really have the better deal! Although American based, Top Cashback USA is also open to residents of Canada or Mexico, though not all retailers will ship outside of the US. In addition, there are limited payout methods for residents outside North America.

Interestingly, Top Cashback is also available in India, Japan and China on dedicated sites for those countries.

Use your Tesco Clubcard Or Other Customer Rewards

For anyone unfamiliar with Tesco, it is one of the leading supermarkets in the UK and offers a loyalty card, known as Tesco Clubcard (similar to your CVV Reward card) whereby you earn points for shopping in store, at petrol stations and online. These can then be converted into either Virgin Flying Miles or British Airways AVIOS.

In Canada and the US, equivalent cards, such as Air Miles or Aeroplan miles, are also available to be collected at grocery stores, gas stations and various other retailers and can be used to purchase flights or hotel stays, or converted into equivalent points on an airline or hotel chains points program.

If you pay with your credit card you will also earn those reward points on top – double whammy indeed!

Shopping Portals

The sake and wine selection in your room at the Nobu Manila

Almost every airline and hotel brand seems to offer either a shopping portal or partner earning opportunities. Similar to Top Cashback, if you head to the hotel or airline website first, find the store you are interested in, click through and buy, you will earn additional points payable within six to eight weeks.

This is definitely one of my top ways to earn. Between Top Cashback, British Airways Gate 365 and the AVIOS store, I have thousands of stores covered and after credit cards, this is my most lucrative earning strategy.

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road trip travel hacks

Sign Up For Updates From Travel Hacking Blogs

When I started travel hacking, I found the information on other blogs invaluable so I promise this isn’t just a pitch to encourage you to part with your email address. Signing up for updates keeps you advised of new offers and opportunities to earn more rewards.

My top picks are Head For Points in the UK, and any of the Boarding Area sites in the US. The Points Guy also has a section dedicated to Canadian credit cards among other general tips and guides for anyone looking to delve into travel hacking.

Use FlyerMiler

When it comes to redemptions I highly recommend checking out FlyerMiler which allows you to search for the best value reward flights for your chosen destination. You can filter your results by class of travel, redemption cost, airline and other options making it a quick way to establish the best value redemption options. You may even wish to use this system to research which airline alliance may be best for you as it would be shame to commit to one airline to discover they charge double for their redemptions of a similar airline you could jump into bed with.

There can be a huge difference between redemption prices of different airlines and some airlines regularly offer redemption sales. I’ve seen flights to Beijing from London with Lufthansa in business for as little as 70,000 whilst British airways would charge you around double this in points.

Start With These Top Travel Hacks 

So there you have it, some great ways to help you on your travel hacking journey. It does take time and research is needed to workout the best programs and strategies for you, but in the end the travel rewards will be worth it!

Anne Travel the globe 4 less profileABOUT THE AUTHOR

Anne, of TravelTheGlobe4Less, works in financial services by day and moonlights as a travel blogger over on www.traveltheglobe4less.com by night. She has travelled to more than seventy countries on six continents and uses travel hacking to indulge in business class flights and luxury hotels. You can also find her on Twitter or Facebook.


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Staying in Shape While on the Road

By Dan Ramos

Staying in shape while you’re on the road can be difficult.  Whether you’re travelling for work or on vacation, the amenities and structure you’re used to at home are typically hard to come by.  Not to mention, the urge to indulge in local cuisines is a difficult battle for us foodies out there.  Despite the challenges, staying fit while travelling doesn’t have to be so hard, and I’m here to tell you it can actually be fun with the right mindset!

Tips For Staying Fit While Travelling

First and foremost, you have to plan ahead.  Knowing what kind of food you’ll be eating, how you’ll get that food, when you’ll be working out and how you’ll be working out are all critical things to think about when you’re travelling. Here are some tips and tricks to help stay in shape while on the road!

Pack Healthy Snacks

Being on the road typically means you’re schedule is a little out of whack, but that doesn’t mean your diet and workouts have to be.  Letting yourself get too hungry is a major reason we overeat and something we need to defend against.  Grabbing some healthy snacks is a perfect way to keep us full in between meals.  Things like peanuts, beef jerky, fruit, granola, tuna pouches and sliced vegetables are all great options.  If you’re going to be spending a lot of the time in the car I would recommend picking up a cheap Styrofoam cooler with some ice which will provide you with more options for the types of snacks you pick up.


Eat at Places That Post Nutritional Information

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve been with people who have ordered a salad thinking they were being healthy, just to find out it had just as many calories as the cheeseburger.  Just because something seems healthy doesn’t always mean it is.  More and more restaurants are posting their nutritional information, taking the guessing game out of the calories and macronutrients you’re consuming.  If the place you’re eating at doesn’t supply nutritional information, feel free to modify your meal for healthier alternatives.  Salad instead of fries, dressing on the side, grilled instead of fried and holding the cheese and mayo wherever possible.

Stay at Places with Kitchenettes

Instead of eating out for every meal, why not stay at a place with a kitchenette?  Kitchenettes are great because you can cook your own healthy meals and know exactly what you’ll be consuming.  The one added benefit to renting a place with a kitchenette is you’ll actually save money.  Yes, they’re generally more expensive than regular hotel rooms, however that cost is offset by the amount of money you would save from eating out for every meal.


Cheat Meals Are Actually Okay

How can you travel to Japan and not want to try their sushi, or go to NYC and not want some thin crust pizza?  One of the perks about travelling is getting to try food for which the area is known for.  And I’m here to let you in on a little secret…. It’s okay to try this food!  But before you order that large pepperoni pie I should say there’s one little caveat.  Cheat meals are fine, but moderation is key.  This goes back to packing healthy snacks and not letting yourself become too hungry.  Eat slow and savor every bite as you should use healthy meals to keep you full and cheat meals to get a taste of the city.


Workout First Thing in the Morning

If you’re on the road it’s usually safe to assume you’re there for a reason and not to just sit in the hotel all day.  With that being said, you probably have an erratic schedule which could make it much harder to sneak in a workout later in the day.  For this reason, I highly recommend getting your workout done first thing in the morning.  That way it’s taken care of, you no longer have to worry about it and there aren’t any excuses you have to make as to why you didn’t work out… because you already did it!  If mornings just don’t work for you, schedule a time every day that you can commit to getting a workout in.  Having a routine to rely on is key when the rest of your schedule is up in the air. Simply put, make your workouts a priority.

Find the Workout that Works For You

Once again this goes back to the planning stage.  Know yourself and know what kind of workouts work best for you. Are you the type of person that always goes to classes?  If so, don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll use the hotel gym. Research some local gyms that offer classes in the area or find a public workout on Meetup.com and go!

surfing-carlsbad-ca (1)

Get a Franchised Gym Membership

Larger franchise gyms like Golds, Planet Fitness, NY Sports Club and Anytime Fitness will typically give you access to all their gym locations once you become a member.  Going this route can save you a lot of money in the long run as you don’t have to pay every time you want to use a gym at a new location.  Not sure which gym to go with?  Almost all gyms today offer some kind of a free trial, pick one of those up and take it for a test run.

Portable Workouts

If gyms and classes really aren’t your thing, maybe you should try the at-home workout method.  There are a boatload of options in terms of equipment you could bring with you on the road, but personally there are two that I won’t leave home without –  a jump rope and resistance bands.  Being both extremely lightweight and portable, these two items will give you practically everything you could need for a full body workout.  Want to take the at home workouts to the next level?  Try out the TRX Pro.  It’s definitely more pricey than the jump rope and resistance bands but it offers a wider variety of workouts and increased difficulty as you’re now using your bodyweight for resistance.


Plan Fun But Challenging Activities

Workouts don’t have to be limited to your hotel room or a gym.  Find some local activities that will get your blood flowing. Personally, I would recommend participating in activities that the area is well known for like snorkeling in the Bahamas or SUP (stand up paddleboard) in Lake Tahoe. No matter if it’s surfing, snowboarding, hiking, walking on the beach or rock climbing, these are all great ways to burn calories while having some fun.





Dan is a former professional baseball player turned software engineer and world traveller.  Working 100% remote for startups to fortune 500 companies he’s able to maintain a nomadic lifestyle without sacrificing the security of a full time job.  To read more about his story checkout  http://danramdom.com/omc. You can also see more of his story and work on Twitter.



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Travel Hacks For Planning A Road Trip

Summertime is right at the doorstep – the time for cottages, camping and road trips. We love road trips, maybe more than the average couple. From sleeping in the car in Germany, or scooting from Chiang Mai to Pai in Thailand, no matter where we go we try to get a road trip or two in the itinerary… we’re almost always planning a road trip. We’ve been on so many it’s hard to keep track. There was our spontaneous road trip to New Brunswick for a long weekend and then there was the time we took our rental car from southern Spain to the northern city of Pamplona. With all this booting around in a car over the years, we’ve learned many road trip tips and want to share the knowledge we’ve gained. You can also head over to our tips for a long weekend road trip if you’re looking for some more tips for an even quicker trip!

11 Great Tips For Planning A Road Trip

car rental road trip in Germany


Here are some of our tips for things to bring as well as other travel hacks for planning a road trip to make it a cheaper, easier and less stressful trip!

1. Download Sit or Squat and Gas Buddy

These days it seems like hundreds of apps come out a day. We’ve found two that might be useful on the road trips you take this summer depending on where you’re travelling. If you’re the type of person who needs a clean washroom or else you won’t go, or at the very least just want to be prepared for what you’re getting yourself into, Sit or Squat is going to be your best friend. Sit or Squat allows users to add toilets anywhere and lets you know if you can “sit” (the washroom is clean) or “squat” (the washroom isn’t clean).

Gas Buddy is another useful app this time providing a list of the gas prices around you. By knowing your location, Gas Buddy is a key road trip travel hack that will save you money (even up to 20 cents per gallon) by showing the cheapest gas near you. Users can also collect points by submitting gas prices themselves.

2. Use a Car Charger Adapter That Will Even Charge Your Computer

BESTEK 200W Power Inverter 3 AC Outlets with 4.2A 4 USB Charging Ports

An inverter converts car battery power to household electricity so you can charge your electronics without a car charger. Bringing a power inverter is always a great idea and is probably the number one road trip hack that we follow, only because we bring our laptops with us everywhere we go. But it doesn’t stop at laptops, a travel power inverter can power almost anything, from camera batteries to powered coolers for your food and drink, there are a ton of useful items you can bring if you have something to power them up with.

No matter what inverter you decide to go with, make sure to choose the right voltage and wattage for your products. If you don’t pick the proper voltage for your electronics, you can cause big issues.

3. Portable Charger

Reeljuice 8000 mAh Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank with 4ft. Built-in Cable

Yes, we just told you how important an inverter is to have in the car to charge your electronics, but what about those times you are away from the car exploring? Or when you don’t have the car running? Or the car battery has died? For this reason, we never travel without a portable charger, no matter where we go or what our mode of transportation is. GPS on your cell phone and the ability to make emergency calls or look up information while on the road can be essential. Gone are the days when road maps and pay phones were found at the side of the road or at rest stops. Now, having functional electronic gear can be the difference between being lost for hours in unsafe conditions and enjoying a stress-free trip on four wheels.

Our portable charger of preference is ReelJuice 5X Portable Power Bank by Lynktec. Sturdy and reliable, it can charge your device 5 times – that’s enough power to last you for 2 days of charging! We also have cords aplenty to tangle when we travel so the retractable cord on this power bank is something we have appreciated on the go.  The other thing we love about taking this with us, especially on a road trip, is the ability to charge both the power bank AND our cell phone at the same time with the pass-through charging option so we don’t have to worry about waiting for one item to charge before we can charge the next. This power bank combined with an inverter means we’re set for all our electronic needs on the road!

Grab your own ReelJuice Portable Power Bank from Amazon!


4. Use Google Maps Offline

We use Google Maps everywhere we go, no matter where we go and no matter how we travel. Google Maps works in almost any country and is usually accurate while working offline. This makes it an amazingly handy tool to have bring on a road trip as it is basically the new age of a paper road map. As long as you’ve got a charge, you can open the app and navigate to your destination. The icon identifying where you are can be used as a compass of sorts and will even move with you as you go.

The other great feature we use constantly is the starred location feature. When you do have data, like when you are planning a road trip route at home or have stopped somewhere with WiFi, you can find a location or point of interest on the map and star it. That way, when you are offline again or, as was our case once in Thailand, in the middle of nowhere and without a signal, you can still see the star on the map and find your way there.

5. Need A Mattress? Try An Inflatable Pool Raft 

Sometimes on long road trips we like to take turns driving while the other one sleeps. At home (in Toronto) we have an SUV and by laying the back seat down we have a so called bed, you can lay down some blankets so it doesn’t feel so hard, but we like to take a pool raft to lay down to make it a bit more comfortable. An air mattress would probably do the trick as well, but a pool raft is quickly blown up, deflates to a smaller size, and can be re-purposed as, wait for it, an actual raft if your destination involves water. This may sound like a strange road trip tip but it can make all the difference!

6. Grab an Adapter That Plays Through Your Radio.

iClever Wireless FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit with 3.5mm Audio Plug and USB Car Charger, Black

Nothing makes a road trip great than a great road trip soundtrack. Creating that soundtrack from the constantly fading in and fading out radio stations as you drive however, is not so great. Instead, getting an adapter allows you to just download songs on your phone (or stream if you have data and a good connection) then plug and play. Radio adaptors are a savior on road trips, the further you drive from cities, the more you’ll have to change those radio stations & avoid static.

We’ve mentioned having your own personal soundtrack as one of the reasons to take a road trip in Europe but having some great music in the car really does enhance the experience. Music is also a great provoker of memory and associating the songs to the memories you are making will create a lasting connection.

An adapter like iClever Wireless FM Transmitter, will not only play your music through your phone, it will also keep your phone charged so you’re not draining your battery in the process!

7. Already Paid For Parking? Sleep in the Parking Garage in the Car! 

In larger cities, you’ll often find underground parking or parking garages the norm. If you’ve already parked in one to explore the city, you’ve just given yourself an amazing accommodation opportunity –  Pull out that inflatable pool raft and enjoy the extra security of the parking garage and a night’s stay already paid for.

We ended up in Heidelberg at one point during our Germany road trip. We had detoured because we wanted to check out a castle in town but we had no plan on where to stay. We parked our car close to the castle and spent the day walking around the castle and town. We loved Heidelberg so much we ended up exploring a lot longer than we expected… until 10 pm. After searching for places to stay we realized that the available hotel rooms in the area were out of our budget, so we decided to stay in the car in the parking garage that night since we had already paid most of the 14 euros it would cost us for 24 hours. We put down the back seat (in the Volvo) and  used the trunk cover to block the remaining light from our eyes and had an amazing night’s sleep believe it or not!

We should note that since we were in Europe, we were not able to bring our trusty inflatable pool raft and STILL managed to get comfortable.

8. Avoid Conflict. Use Apps like Venmo to Split the Cost of Gas & Food.

Going on a road trip with others can cause some awkward moments when it comes time to gas up or pay for other expenses. There’s the “oh I’ve got this one” and the “I’ll grab the next one” then there’s the “well you paid for the last one and it was twice this bill… so I guess I’ll grab this and the next”. No one means to forget to pay someone back for covering a cost or end up paying a lesser share of the total cost, but it happens. No one in the car may mean to short the other but it’s not uncommon when trying to cover costs of travel between two or more people. It can leave everyone feeling a bit uncertain of their place on the financial side of the trip… but it doesn’t have to.

If you think you are able to keep an accurate tally of the costs, or all the receipts, you can simply designate one person to pay all the expenses, divide the final tally by the number of people on the trip and get a per-person amount to be paid back. If you’re looking for a bit less hassle, you may just want to download Venmo.

The app Venmo allows you to split costs with ease without having that awkward moment of asking for money. While there is still one person who foots the initial bill, gas, restaurant bills, and the like can be split and paid back on the spot through the app.

Note: The transfers are NOT instant so there will be a delay and you’ll want to make sure you’ve set up your account and all is functioning before you hit the road to avoid any problems.

9. USB Charger

Anker 40W 5-Port USB Car Charger with PowerIQ Technology for iPhone 6s 6 5; iPad Air 2, mini 3; Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge S5; Note 5 4 3; Nexus 6 9 and More (White)

If you haven’t noticed it yet, we’re all about power. When you’re on the go with electronics it is a must have. Nowadays very few people don’t carry at least a cell phone with them, and like we mentioned before, it can be very important to have functioning electronics on certain road trip routes. Added to that is the inability to use the apps we’ve mentioned, and have yet to discuss, should you run out of juice while on the road.

When you’re on a road trip with multiple people you might need multiple USB chargers so everyone can charge their phones and tablets, because let’s be honest, we may highlight the importance of having a device charged for safety reasons but most people don’t want to go without a working cell phone or tablet. Whether you go for a car inverter or not, having a USB charger that powers everyone’s electronics Anker 40W 5-Port USB Car Charger can be a great tool that keeps the peace in the vehicle and allows for a smoother ride.

10. Know The Rules of the Road.

This may sound unnecessary but we can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard stories about tickets received or errors made while driving in a different province, state, or country. A huge part of planning a road trip should involve figuring out what you need to know if you’re driving in a new province, state or country. Whenever we rent a car in a foreign country, aside from searching for rules online, we now ask the car rental company if there are any rules that we should know about. They are a great resource for information as they will have heard the mistakes that other renters make on a regular basis.

You don’t want to come home and, a few weeks later, receive a large traffic violation in the mail. Trust us, it’s what happened to us in Germany. While coming off the autobahn we didn’t slow down enough and didn’t know that every off ramp has speed cameras. We might have known if we asked the car rental company about any tips to know or common mistakes made. When we rented in Spain, we asked about the rules and were given a lot of great information about traffic violations, typical mistakes and even information on highway names and numbers to avoid accidentally taking a toll route.

11. Look On Instagram (Follow us! @OneModernCouple)

Instagram is a fantastic way to find restaurants, attractions and accommodations in any place. Just punch in the hashtags for that specific city, town or country and watch the magic happen. Instagram is a great travel hack we use pretty much everywhere we go. We’ve even made many friends by finding fellow travellers in the area. We met another blogging couple in Taipei Taiwan and they took us on a hike to a place called Teapot Mountain, someplace we would have never known about it if we weren’t on Instagram.

Are you a foodie? We also have a food Instagram account – @OMCeats – come join us there too and find some great suggestions for where to eat!!


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Amazing Anniversary Trip Ideas For Any Couple

Planning A Romantic Getaway To Remember 

Are you looking for an anniversary vacation you and your spouse will never forget? Do you need ideas to get the creative juices flowing so you can plan a relaxing vacation? We’re going to help you get started! Planning a romantic getaway is always a good idea, no matter how many years you’ve been together. From beach getaways to weekend romantic spa packages, planning a romantic trip can be a hit if done right, but it shouldn’t be stressful. That’s why we’ve decided to give you some amazing anniversary trip ideas so you and the one you love can plan a celebration that you will dream about for years to come.

Not only are these spots great for romantic couple’s vacations but they are also great options for places to get married, renew vows and even good for family anniversary getaways – if you’re looking to bring everyone along!

Anniversary Beach Getaways

Let’s start with beach getaways. Who does’t love those two words put together? Not a single person! Right? Well, while not all couples can afford a beach getaway honeymoon, as being newly wed for most people means newly broke, those that are lucky enough to have a honeymoon on the beach know it is a fantastic idea for a romantic getaway. No matter how long you’ve been together or what you’re celebrating adding some beach-side celebration will only increase the romance!

Taking a vacation for your anniversary on a beach is always a good bet. What’s more perfect than sitting on the beach beside you’re partner with a cocktail in your hand and the sand between your toes. who knows… an anniversary beach vacation could just be what you need to keep the fire going in your relationship.

If you’re convinced an anniversary vacation on the beach is just what you’re looking for, here are some great destinations to consider.


Mexico, Cuba and Dominican Republic

When you’re from North America, Mexico, Cuba and Dominican Republic are places that come to mind when looking into vacation getaways… okay, Cuba is not quite the first place one thinks of if they are from the US, but that is quickly changing. These destinations offer sandy beaches, suntans, relaxation and romantic suites that are a fraction of the cost compared to other places in the Caribbean or back home in North America. Most resorts offer all inclusive packages where the drinks and food are included with many offering upgraded anniversary vacation package, or even wedding package, deals to up the romance factor.

We’ve been lucky to have vacationed in Cuba a couple of times and found it a perfect couples destination for romance. Both times we stayed at Melia resorts and had a particularly memorable time at the brand new Melia Marina Veradero, Cuba with the family.  Searching for the best anniversary vacation packages might get a little tricky but using sites like TripAdvisor to read reviews and compare prices from competing sites might help you find the best anniversary trip ideas for a beach vacation. Don’t forget to sort through both the good and bad reviews and weigh the pros and cons of each place.


What comes to your mind when you think about Belize? White sand, beaches, crazy turquoise water and amazing snorkeling? But did you know Belize is also known for its Eco-lodges and world class scuba diving? Belize’s barrier reef is a famous diving and snorkeling location that attracts enthusiast from all around the world, while the Mayan ruins attract others looking to hike through the jungle and unlock the past hidden beneath the cover of the trees for the last thousand years. If trekking through the jungle like Indiana Jones and searching for Nemo isn’t your idea of a romantic anniversary getaway then there are 295 miles of coastline filled with amazing beaches available to satisfy your wildest dreams. Belize is a place for that couple looking to relax on the beach but want the option to head out on some adventure every once in a while. It’s pretty reasonable to say that heading to Belize is a top anniversary trip idea.

Do you think Belize is one of your anniversary trip ideas? Then Compare prices for hotels in Belize from different sites all in one place and click here!


Maui is best known for its beach resorts and romantic retreats for couples, being located in the mid-Pacific makes Maui a perfect place to get a tan, surf, shop and enjoy endless outdoor activities like snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing and mountain biking, just to name a few. If you love to hike, Mt. Haleakala is right there for those adrenaline seeking couples, and is named the islands tallest at 10,023 feet (3,055 m). The view of the sunrise from above the clouds on Mt Haleakala is considered one of the best in the world and can provide a wonderful romantic excursion. If you’re big on adventure, the beaches on Maui stretch for miles, and is the perfect place for couples to relax under the sun and watch the waves roll in.

Compare prices of hotels on Maui and other places in Hawaii.

The Maldives                               

The Maldives is a collection of hundreds of islands sitting in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Known for its beaches, blue lagoons and coral reefs, The Maldives is a true tropical paradise for couples looking for a romantic getaway. If you’re looking for a cheap vacation, the Maldives might not be the best place to go as thea’re the home of some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts in the world, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t head there to enjoy your anniversary in style and luxury.

Maldives anniversary vacation ideas

Heading to The Maldives or Other Expensive Destinations on a Budget

To many of us, a trip to the Maldives or any other luxurious island like Bora Bora or Fiji would only happen in our wildest dreams, but the truth is that a trip to these places doesn’t have to cost as much as you think… if you can find a decent flight at the right time of the year, where you won’t be charged too much to stay at a beach front resort. By planning ahead and keeping a watchful eye on flights, it’s possible to head there for your anniversary. Organizing an anniversary getaway for high season might not be smart for a traveller looking for a more affordable vacation to these expensive locations, but doing so in low season may have you finding the deals to get there on a budget!


High season in the Maldives is from December to February, with a price hike during Christmas and New Year. Heading there between May and November though, will save some of those hard earned dollars. What does it mean to travel during low season? Usually, low season brings precipitation, and while rain can put a damper on a vacation, from our experience, tropical rain showers are fast to pop up and equally fast to disappear. With some downpours lasting only an hour or two, and the sun coming back out right after, scheduling your vacation during this time isn’t really as bad as some would have you think!

Not only is it short-lived, the rain provides some added benefits. It gives you more time at the bar, restaurant or even your suite hanging out with your better half… and isn’t quality time with that person one reason why you plan anniversary vacations in the first place?

Check out prices for hotels at different times of the year in the Maldives, and compare prices from different sites!

Note: High and low seasons vary depending on the location, so make sure you know what time of the year is the best time for your wallet and the best time to go on a romantic anniversary getaway.

We usually use SkyScanner to find the cheapest times of the year to fly. The site allows you to search for lowest prices over the course of an entire month.

Our Favorite Vacation Ideas For Couples

Breezes In Nassau, Bahamas

Compare prices of Breezes and other resorts in Nassau right here.

The Bahamas is known for having some of the most pristine beaches in the world and Breezes Resort Bahamas can be found on one of those outstanding beaches. Located on Cable Beach, Breezes Bahamas is a paradise with some of the best service around, no wonder this resort is one of the top anniversary vacation destinations. With 391 rooms, three pools, four restaurants, a spa, fitness center, three tennis courts and tons of daily water activities and day trips, there is no way you could get bored here!

Santa Maria, Cuba – Melia Resorts

With crystal clear water, white powdered sand and sunshine all year round, Santa Maria, Cuba is one of the best places for an anniversary vacation. We found the Melia Resort (our review of the Melia Santa Maria) to be the best resort on the island of Santa Maria. Not only is the resort right on the beach with wonderful service, it also has some of the best food to be found at a resort in Cuba, and for that reason it’s a the top of our list for anniversary trip ides.

Viking Cruises

When thinking of a romantic cruise for couples, you probably don’t think of Viking, because you might say that you’re too young to go on a Viking River Cruise…  but you couldn’t be more wrong. Viking River Cruises is a luxurious cruise line with attentive staff that is there for you day and night, fantastic meals that have your mouthwatering in anticipation and stops at world class cities, where you can explore on your own or take a tour with their professional tour guides. Couples can roam different cities every day or just stay on the boat and relax. If you’re not interested in river cruising, Viking has ocean liners with routes all over the world… how does a romantic cruise on the Mediterranean sound for an anniversary idea?

viking-river-boat-on-the-Danube - anniversary trip ideas

Anniversary Destinations In Asia

Coming up with any anniversary getaway ideas is tough when you want to think outside of the box, there are so many different places in the world you probably haven’t even considered. It’s normal when thinking about anniversary vacation spots to think of going to the typical island destinations –  to Mexico, Dominican or even Cuba (if your North American), but when most people think about heading to Asia for a romantic couples vacation, they might think it’s way too far for a getaway. They couldn’t be more wrong. We spent a lot of time in Asia (13 months to be exact) and found so many places that would be great anniversary vacation spots that we decided to share a few with you.


Anniversary In The Philippines

We’ve discovered that, not only is the Philippines is a great place for a vacation, it is perhaps one of the best anniversary vacation spots in the world. Head to Boracay and stay at what we found to bethe best couples resorts in the Philippines, or stay outside the chaos that is Manila at The Nobu, in the golden towers of the City of Dreams… Both amazing places for a romantic getaway and great vacation ideas for couples.

beachfront hotel in Boracay villa caemilla loungers

We shot a couple of videos of the places we stayed in the Philippines

Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa is perhaps most well-known for the American military bases located on the island, but it is also a magical place filled with places to party, eat and relax. You can easily be at a gorgeous beach in the morning and come afternoon, be shopping in one of the many Japanese shopping centres located on the island before enjoying some world class dining. Okinawa has beaches with the bluest water, some of the best dive sites in the world and temperatures that barley drop below 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit), no matter what time of the year… it’s no wonder we think Okinawa is one of Asia’s best anniversary destinations.

If you’re a history buff, you can find your fair share of historical World War II sites all over the island as one of the biggest battles of the war took place on Okinawa. While we were there we heard about The Peace Memorial Park and how the displays within its walls tell the story of the suffering the Okinawan people endured. If you find yourself on the island for one of your anniversary vacations, make sure to take a little bit of time to learn about the people, their own individual culture and customs, and the hardships they have endured and overcome.

Koh Tao, Thailand

Located in the gulf of Thailand, Koh Tao is a tiny island with a huge scuba diving community and is one of the best, and cheapest, places to dive in the world. This piece of paradise makes a great anniversary trip idea for couples who love to dive. We decided to spend one of our anniversaries in Koh Tao and even though we didn’t plan on it before arriving, we ended up getting our open water diving certificate just because it was so darn cheap! Check out the awesome video by Fat fish movies while we were diving in Koh Tao.

koh tao swimming, koh tao, ko tao, thailand, best islands in thailand, beautiful beach photos

Other Anniversary Trip Ideas

Florida keys

Florida keys is one of the most romantic places in the world primarily because of their sunsets… okay its because of more than just their sunsets. The Keys are the most southern point in the continental United States, which is not only pretty cool, it also means great weather. Only 90 miles from Cuba, Key West is the last island in the archipelago where the weather is perfect all year round, the parties are plentiful (if you’re in to that) and good food is around every corner. If you ask anyone, those three reasons alone are what make the Florida Keys a stunning anniversary vacation destination. The atmosphere and vibe of Key West is a combination of the Caribbean, island life along with the historic yet carefree, party-vibe of New Orleans. The sunsets may make you cry, the food my make your stomach leap with joy and the entire island may make you forget about any troubles you have… that’s probably what makes it perfect for a couples romantic getaway.  We drove down through the Keys, from Miami to Key West, and found that there were 5 things you must do when traveling to the keys.

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Las Vegas

Las Vegas is more than burlesque shows and smoky casinos now a days. Vegas is full of fantastic hotels, that transport you to another place and/or time in the world. The hotels are so incredible, most days you don’t even have to leave to have fun. With daily shows, restaurants and buffets, pools and hot tubs, bars and clubs, and let’s not forget the good old casino, each accommodation is an escape from the real world. Las Vegas is a place where you can find reason to get divorced and get married in the same day, it’s sin city alright, but it’s also a very romantic place for couples and for people looking for a romantic getaway. Not just for those looking to elope or renew their vows with Elvis nearby, it is also dubbed as one of the best anniversary vacation spots in North America.

You can find honeymoon suites with heart shaped hot tubs right in the room. If you want, you can have dinner at a new restaurant every night, and because there are over 2300 restaurants in Vegas, you’ll never have to go to the same one twice. Gambling isn’t your thing? That’s all good! Vegas will keep you busy no matter what you’re into. The hotels and casinos encourage visitors to come and stay and gamble at their establishments, so finding decent inexpensive anniversary trips to Vegas is possible no matter where you are flying from.

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night time in las vegas - anniversary trip ideas

New Zealand

If you’re an adrenaline junkie then New Zealand is perfect for you! With an abundance activities, including skydiving and hikes up volcanoes, there is everything for a couple seeking adventure… oh and lets not forget New Zealand is where The Lord Of The Rings was filmed so there’s no shortage of spectacular scenery.

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Although New Zealand is comprised of two islands, the northern island is where the majority of New Zealanders call home and is where many beautiful beaches, volcanoes and geothermal areas are located. A 12 hour non-stop flight from Los Angeles might sound like a long distance to fly for an anniversary but the scenery and friendly people make the journey well worth it. In actuality, it is closer to the west coast of North America then Ireland or Italy. A visa isn’t required for U.S and Canadian citizens which is a bonus when you’re trying to plan a trip to this majestic place. If you’re not from the U.S or Canada, check out the New Zealand Immigration website to see if you need a visa to visit New Zealand.

Niagara on the lake

With 50,000 honeymooning couples heading to Niagara Falls Canada, Niagara is a popular place for a romantic getaway. Niagara-on-the-Lake is a 30 minute drive from the Falls and is where the Niagara river meets lake Ontario. Spend and afternoon on a wine tour through a few of the many wineries in the region but remember don’t drink and drive! This wine region offers bicycle tours or other guided tours and many wine festivals have discounted passes for designated drivers. If you’re new to wine and wine tastings, we’ve written 9 things we learned about wine tasting when we went on our first wine tasting tour and recently attended the Ice Wine Festival.

One Modern Couple At The Niagara Icewine Festival

Since we were driving ourselves to the wine festival, we decided to go over the course of two days so we were able to take turns as designated driver and so we decided to stay nearby at Riverbend Inn and Vineyard. This quaint, historic hotel is perfect for honeymooners, couples celebrating an anniversary and is located in a perfect location for couples who love to go on wine tours. The Riverbend Inn also specializes in throwing small weddings with some spectacular views and scenes for photos and are able to provide a romantic suite for the bride and groom.

Check out prices for Riverbend Inn and other hotels in the Niagara area.

niagara vinyard - anniversary vacation ideas

Anniversary Weekend Ideas

If you don’t have time for a romantic vacation for a week or two, you can celebrate over the weekend. Head out on a road trip or fly somewhere close by. There are many couples resorts and weekend vacation packages at spas and you can probably find some amazing anniversary vacation packages around your own hometown. Although it wasn’t for our anniversary, we took a long weekend and turned it into a road trip to New Brunswick. It was a great trip and a romantic excursion for the two of us. You don’t have to drive the whole time like we did, but make sure to plan out your getaway in order to maximize the time you have during the weekend. And don’t forget it’s your anniversary, so be creative!

How To Find Cheap Anniversary Trip Ideas

Finding out how to get a deal for a romantic getaway can be tough. We’re bombarded with tons of different prices and deals for different locations, resorts, flights and hotels online. The best way to find a deal however, is to be patient and do your research. Knowing the right websites to look for those deals is also one of the greatest challenges when it comes to finding the perfect anniversary vacation for a couple looking to relax, not get stressed out over the booking process.

It’s very possible these days to take a cheap romantic vacation. You can find a cheap flight a guest house or inn for under $100 a night. Or find a unique place on Airbnb (sign up with Airbnb through us and receive a free $20 credit) and book a flight through SkyScanner to find the best flight and accommodation deals. If you’re looking for more great sites to use, we’ve created a “Travel Resources Page”.

We also have an e-book “Free Travel Tools You Should Know About” to help you book trips and vacations wisely. This free e-book is actually a collection of apps and sites that we found and use to find the best deals for flights, hotels, and resorts, as well as some other tools you might find useful while travelling the world. This book doesn’t show you where to get the cheapest all-inclusive deals around but it will show you where you can find the cheapest flights, and what days of the month or year is the best for booking a flight to a destination.

Note: keep in mind when booking a flight, you’ll typically find the cheapest flights about 3 months before the trip.

Booking and planning your own vacation takes a little more effort than going through a travel agent or a single site but it can pay off in the end, like booking through Hotels Combined, a site which takes hotel booking sites and compares prices though them to save you money. There is a lot more work, but a lot more freedom of choice and savings, by traveling on your own time. You can definitely create a fantastic anniversary vacation by planning it on your own and travelling on your own time.

belize-anniversary vacation ideas

Milestone Wedding Anniversary Vacation Ideas 

If you’re looking for anniversary trip ideas and still can’t decide, then maybe you should consider taking a more traditional approach. Traditionally, married couples would give anniversary gifts in different categories based on the number of years they’ve been married. Nowadays, not many married couples follow this way of gift giving but you can take some of the trip ideas we’ve given, combine some traditional anniversary romance, and be creative with them. Take the old way of thinking about wedding anniversary gifts and use them to create modern day anniversary trip ideas.

1st anniversary, paper

Want to present your gift in a unique way? Think about the plane ticket as one of the best paper gifts one can give! Planning something a little more low-key? A gift certificate to a weekend at a spa or tickets to a wine festival are paper trails you’ll definitely want to leave!

5th anniversary, wood

A getaway to a cabin by a lake or on a mountain for a ski trip definitely takes care of a gift of wood for a 5th anniversary. Strap on some snow or water skis or grab a surf board and you’ve got another great anniversary trip idea for a gift! The more modern take on the 5th anniversary themed gift is silverware. Fulfill this requirement by booking a luxury cruise in the Caribbean or on a river in Europe. Dining on our Viking River Cruise had us polishing each piece of silverware as we ate every last bite of every amazing meal.

10th anniversary, tin

While tin is the traditional gift, the modern anniversary gift for a 10 year anniversary is aluminum, so make sure a plane ride is involved or think about a great adventure by train. You can watch the scenery pass while heading to your destination making the travel a part of the whole experience.

20th anniversary, china

While fine china dishes may be the original intent, a trip to China to see The Great Wall is an experience of a lifetime, we were there in Beijing in 2014 and headed to the Great Wall and had one amazing time. With so much to see in China, you can spend any amount of time, from a long weekend to see the Wall, to a longer vacation exploring the terracotta soldiers, the night markets, historical attractions like Tiannanmen Square or some of the many gorgeous scenic views across the country.

25th anniversary, silver

Sliver reminds us of the silver screen. Being married for 25 years is no small feat so we don’t mean you should just head to a local cinema for a movie. Instead, head to where movies are made… Hollywood, California. Check out the beaches, explore Los Angeles and stay in the same hotels the stars of the big screen stay. Exploring Hollywood’s past and present would be a unforgettable way to celebrate 25 years together.

50th anniversary, gold

Hitting the 50 year wedding anniversary is very impressive and a great milestone to reach as a couple, so why not have a big celebration? Lets face it, you’ve been married for 50 years so we know without doing the math that you probably don’t want to go far… Why not head to the golden beaches in Florida? It’s great for a couple who want their family to join them on their wedding anniversary trip. Florida has a reputation for entertaining the young, the old and everyone in-between and you’ll easily find yourself having one of the most memorable vacations of your 50 years together.

Get other traditional anniversary gift ideas from Hallmark and create your own anniversary trip ideas for whatever year you’re celebrating

Get Planning That Amazing Anniversary Getaway

We’ve given you many different vacation trip ideas. So many, we may have made your decision a little bit more difficult. With that said, there are so many different places you can head to experience the best anniversary vacation possible. Remember, to plan the best romantic vacation make sure to take your time to find the best spot in the world, wherever that may be, to spark those romantic flames and keep them burning.


Please let us know if you need a hand in the planning, or have any other great vacation trip ideas that we can add to this list.

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6 Proven Tricks for Unique Travel Experiences

Travelling to a new destination is always exciting: the sense of the unknown, imaginations running wild, the anticipation of novel things to come and all the possibilities and experiences awaiting. We never really know what to expect. Sure, we have some preconceived ideas drawn from whatever we’ve gathered through various media outlets and talk with fellow travellers, but those are really just abstract concepts in our minds. It isn’t until we actually land that we are able to make some tangible connections to all the names of places and attractions thrown out as we do our research. Most of the time too, what we find are the same things repeated, those same things we “must-see” or “must-do”. Now don’t get us wrong, we love experiencing those attractions that are quintessential to a destination but we also strive to peel back the layers and tap into the deeper culture and witness, not only off-the-beaten path attractions, but everyday life as well. We love to make our way through a country or culture at deeper levels and in doing so we’ve found a few tricks for unique travel experiences that we use, or have heard of, in order to find exactly where and what a place has to offer outside of the typical, popular sights.

If you’re looking for something different while travelling then the below suggestions will definitely help you find just that… and if the main attractions are what bring you to a particular destination, these can help you to experience them in a unique way!

Some of Our Best Tricks for Unique Travel Experiences

Meet Locals

travel taiwan hiking jiufen

Perhaps one of our all-time favourite things to do while we travel, not just for finding different activities in a particular destination, is meeting locals. Interacting with locals allows you an insight into a country and culture unlike anything else and through the sharing of each others’ stories, friendships are often formed. We have genuine friends all over the world simply because of our interest in getting to know the people we meet as we travel.

It’s an interesting universal that people love to share information about their home country. No matter who we meet a sort of pride in one’s nation, national history and culture inevitably shines through and it is an amazing experience to share in that. Along with that pride is the desire to share all kinds of information about the great things to see and do – things one wouldn’t be able to find on TripAdvisor’s top restaurants or top attractions list. But how do you go about meeting locals and forging these relationships? While randomly interacting with people as you go can probably find you some good information, it’s not always a guarantee and we’ve found several sites/apps that can help you connect with like-minded individuals who are looking for people just like you!

couchsurfing friends taiwanese traditional food

Airbnb and Couchsurfing are two sites we regularly use while travelling. While it’s true that they are great for finding accommodations they are unique in that they are hosted by locals. They are also our favourite tools when looking to meet people as we travel. Other sites are also popping up to give tourists and locals ways to connect. Sites like EatWith, WithLocals, and even Uber (yes, we’ve had some suggestions come from conversations with an Uber driver!) will have you connecting with locals in different ways. Meetup also offers a great way to find gatherings and events, put together and attended by, those living nearby. If you’re not looking to meet locals in person but would still love some advice, sites like Trippy allow you to post travel questions about specific destinations that can be answered by locals and travellers alike.


carolann trying on gentle monster sunglasses

With Airbnb, the hosts are a great source of information and are often extremely helpful in suggesting, and even showing you, amazing things around the area. Though the host may not always live in the same place you are booking, that doesn’t mean they aren’t able to communicate some great suggestions to you. If they won’t be around and available during your stay, message them and ask them if they can provide any tips – most are eager to help!

We’ve had some amazing experiences through Airbnb. In Korea, we had a host that gave us a tour of the area, taking us to some different restaurants and showing us some great local sights, like Gentle Monster, one of the most interesting stores we’ve ever been to! We even spent an evening exploring and were taken to a 7-11 along the river which served fried chicken and beer to be eaten at an outdoor, riverside table – a popular local activity we were told!

In Japan, we met Taro, who had cycled for 4 years from Japan to England and back again! We were able to learn so much about the area from him and chatted frequently about our common passion for travel. Our first experience with Airbnb was in Chiang Mai, our host quickly became a friend and while we did very little of the typical sightseeing in the city, we were exposed to some of the best meals in Thailand and he helped us find one incredibly unique site of ancient Thai ruins. In fact, there isn’t a country where we haven’t found an amazing host though Airbnb!


hakka family, hakka, taiwan, taiwan ,hsinchu

Accommodation purposes is actually not our main reason for using Couchsurfing. In fact, most of the time we use the site to connect to locals who aren’t able to host but want to meet travellers, or we use it to learn about local meet-ups and gatherings rather than to actually request a stay. Whether we’ve stayed as a guest or met at a gathering, we’ve made some incredible friends through the site. In fact, two of our closest “international friends” were made while staying at their apartment in Taipei. With a spare bedroom, and a desire to meet other people who also loved to travel, the couple opened their home to Couchsurfers and we were fortunate enough to have found them on the site. After a few days, we realized we had a lot in common and asked if they were interested in renting their spare room to us for the month we were planning to stay in the city.

We returned after a quick trip around the coast and spent a week with them and their family to celebrate Chinese New Year. It was one of our favourite memories and a time we will always cherish. Warmly welcomed into the fold and made a part of all the festivities, we felt we had been given a special gift to have been able to experience such an important part of Taiwanese culture with them. Renting their spare room for the next month had us developing a deeper bond and we left with a tearful goodbye but many great moments to remember! We’ve been fortunate in that all of our Couchsurfing connections have led to incredibly unique travel experiences and insight into each destination.

Use Guidebooks

marco polo guide walking tour one day in bangkok

For some reason, there seemed to be a recent resistance to using guidebooks coming from those in the travel community. Citing reasons such as outdated information (due to the publication process), the extra weight taken on by travelling with books and, of course, the fact that books have been made seemingly irrelevant with the information available online. These are not completely false, but they are also not valid enough to ignore the huge benefits guidebooks can have to those seeking information and direction while travelling.

When we started our full-time travels, it was through reading a guidebook that set us on our course and had us visiting China first. If not for that, we would never had one of our most memorable experiences yet, climbing the great wall, dodging scams all day and meeting someone who we now consider one of our very good friends.  The fact is, guidebooks can be an incredible resource with a concise yet comprehensive compilation of information about a particular destination. Some guidebooks have become even more inclusive, offering more local secrets and tips, and providing information on significant places that are usually overlooked.

We found an abundance of this in Marco Polo Guidebooks. Though we were skeptical at first, probably because of the onslaught of people telling us to avoid guidebooks, we quickly found ourselves excited to heed the advice of the books. On top of that, we managed to carry our guidebooks for almost 6 months with no damage and with no hardships when it came to added weight – and we travel with only two carry-on sized backpacks and one for our tech equipment!

exploring phuket by motorbike

We found ourselves exploring Phuket by motorbike, finding things away from the popular and controversial Patong area, and made our way to some attractions even the locals were surprised we knew about! We were able to combine their “Perfect Route” in Phuket, detailing stops and suggestions along the way, with various other bits of information in the guidebook – such as insider tips for restaurant recommendations and the like. We chose one of their suggested restaurants while driving around the island and enjoyed some amazing sushi, a very difficult thing to find throughout Thailand!

Our spiral guide for Thailand helped us decide which islands we would visit in the short time we had in Thailand before we made our way to Bangkok, giving us tips and suggestions throughout and even including itineraries for varying lengths of days. Though we had been to Thailand before, we gained more information and facts about the country and the places we were visiting and when we got to Bangkok we knew we’d be using our Marco Polo Guides to maximize our short time available to explore.

In fact, while we intended to find our way through their suggested “Perfect Day” we found ourselves stumbling on their “Walking Tours” section and knew we had found the perfect way to spend our time in Bangkok. We ended up spending one day in Bangkok using the map provided and the guidebook to see the old farang quarter, a section of Bangkok we had neither heard of, nor visited before. We conversed with locals, stopped at a street vendor that had been cooking up food on the same corner for decades, and saw another piece of Thai history and culture through the old buildings and remains of a European colonial period. It’s something we never would have known about otherwise.

european quarter bangkok

We really were pleasantly surprised by the quality and quantity of information packed into the guides. The uniqueness of the information was also extremely valuable to us – insider tips, walking routes, motorbike/driving routes, itineraries for 1 day to 1 week and facts about the places listed and their significance. The maps were also helpful as, despite our immediate desire to rely on technology, GPS is not always perfect, especially in Thailand, and we were frequently pulling out the map to find our way.

Sure, guidebooks will always have outdated information as restaurants and hotels close or move and prices and hours for them, as well as attractions, also change. But so too does information on the internet. Restaurants we suggest because we absolutely love them are no less in danger of these changes because they are recommended online. Sites like TripAdvisor and Facebook Business Pages too must keep up with the ever changing landscape of the tourism industry, and there is often a delay in updated information.

But sometimes, having to act spontaneously, seek out an alternative because what you expected to be, wasn’t, leads to some of the best memories. Couple some great insight from a guidebook like Marco Polo produces with some instances of self-directed travel and you’ll find some truly unique travel experiences.

You can also check out the guides we used in Thailand on Amazon!

Get lost!

rice fields thailand, rice fields chiang rai, thailand views, rice patties,

One of the surefire ways of interacting with locals, finding hidden gems and getting a front-row seat into the heart of the culture and community is to simply get lost. By car, motorbike, or foot; by bus, train or other method of transportation, it really doesn’t matter. Just get out and start moving in one direction, turn yourself around a few times, make spontaneous turns because you see something that catches your eye and then, when you’re sure you have no clue where you are, take a moment to take it all in. Listen to the sounds and look at the comings and goings around you. Stop into a nearby restaurant and make conversation with the owners or waiters, stumble into a unique neighbourhood, listen to those you meet and find out if there’s anything going on nearby.

Alright, there is one caveat: you do have to be aware of where you are planning to get lost and make sure you consider safety first. Unfortunately, people are usually too frightened of the unknown, even in places that are generally safe, to just wander. Someone had something to say about the safety of EVERY country we went to. Korea isn’t safe. Taiwan isn’t safe. Japan isn’t safe. Spain isn’t safe. Don’t even get people started on Southeast Asia!

road trip unique travel experiences

In reality, we’ve walked our way through Asia, frequently without knowing exactly where we were going, and we’ve taken European road trips and driven around Spain and Germany pulling off the road at random to investigate a town that sounds or looks interesting or making turns because something catches our eye. We’ve been aware of our surroundings and cautious of any dangers but have never felt unsafe in any of the countries we’ve visited. We usually bring a map or GPS as well, not only for guiding us safely back but also so we can find random points of interest on either and head in that direction.

Maybe it isn’t quite necessary to ‘get lost’ maybe it’s simple enough to suggest being open and spontaneous. Open to the opportunities you may come across and spontaneous enough to change your direction to include those new experiences.

And even if you have a set destination in mind, perhaps someplace the locals have suggested to visit or a suggested walking tour found in a guidebook, once you’ve made your way to the area keep your mind open and just… get lost!

Take a Private Tour

this is korea tour of seoul with gene

We haven’t been on too many tours ourselves. We prefer a bit more flexibility, though the excursions and tours we went on during our Viking River Cruise were actually extremely enjoyable and pretty flexible when it came to itinerary and choices. So our opinion of guided tours has changed quite considerably.

However, if you’re looking for unique travel experiences but are wanting more guidance and structure than simply setting out on your own, a private tour may be perfect.

We took a private, or freestyle as they like to call it, tour of Seoul and it really was like a choose your own adventure! After a consultation where we discussed what we were interested in seeing and the types of activities and exploration we were hoping for, we were set up with a tour guide and a date. Our guide picked us up in the morning and had a pre-planned itinerary based on the feedback we gave. It really was more like touring with a friend as we all chatted away about ourselves in between our guide’s discussion of the sights we were passing as we drove. Throughout the day, we were able to change the itinerary as we pleased and inquire about visiting different parts of Seoul as we went. Though we had spent three months in Korea, the private tour was one of our favourite days and we learned a lot about Seoul in just a short amount of time.

The kind of flexibility and customization of a private tour allows you to find a local expert and have a guide while still providing you some freedom and choice. It also exposes you to unique aspects of a destination, particularly those that you are most interested in learning about and seeing. It’s definitely a great way to have unique travel experiences tailored to your travel style and preferences and you’ll usually get to meet and chat with the locals and/or expats who lead the tours as you do!

Scour Social Media

unique travel experiences from social media

While most people use social media channels to share photos and stories of their travels, very few realize it is also an amazing resource for information… for exactly that reason. People are constantly sharing their travels and experiences, whether at home or abroad, and much of that is not only accessible but also great for research purposes.

We’ve found restaurants and hidden gems, hotels and attractions, as well as connected with fellow travellers all though social media channels like Instagram and Twitter.  So how exactly do you go about making unique travel experiences out of all that info constantly thrown out on social media channels? Let’s break it down for our three favourite channels we use for just this purpose.

Instagram For Travel Planning

As Instagram is a platform for photos, you’ll be finding the unique aspects of a destination through images. Though there are an overwhelming number of photos to go through, Instagram provides some tools to help you narrow it down to exactly where and what you are looking for.

For instance, say you are already at your destination and are looking to find something different nearby. Simply click the search tab, click the search bar and you’ll be provided with options of what to look for including ‘Places’.  Once you’ve clicked on this tab, you’re able to search for posts related to nearby places (make sure to turn your location on on your device) or by another location of your choosing. This will give you photos posted from people who are in the area chosen. We happened to find a photo of the Toilet Cafe while in Taiwan (a unique restaurant with, yes, a toilet theme) and decided to hunt it down. We’ve also learned about local festivals and events, hiking trails and nature parks and so much more. You can plan ahead with the search or wait until you get there.

Another way to find more specific interests is to search specific hashtags. Perhaps you are looking for a restaurant in, let’s say Miami, Florida. Searching ‘#MiamiRestaurants’ will actually provide you with over 9,000 images (at the time of this post) which you can scroll through. Find an image of a meal you think looks good and you can learn more about it and where it is served. It may not be on the top of TripAdvisor’s list, but it may be on the top of local residents’. Of course, just searching ‘Miami Restaurants’, without the hashtag, will get you all profiles and hashtags related to that phrase so you’ll be able to pull up Instagram accounts of Miami food critics, restaurants and other related hashtags that may offer more options.

Twitter For Travel Planning

Twitter is less reliant on images and so you’ll be sorting through much more text and content but this offers a whole different set of advantages. Like Instagram, you can search by hashtag, and pull up all tweets that contain it or search by a phrase (like ‘Miami Restaurants’) and pull up related hashtags and accounts. One thing to note is that when a search is conducted in Twitter, you’ll automatically be shown the ‘Top Tweets’ retrieved from the search. These would be those most popular, or those with the most interaction, but do not cover all the tweets related to your search. Oftentimes, individuals will not make their way to the top tweets list as they have a small following. To find these, which will often have some more intimate knowledge of a destination, click on the tab “All Tweets”.

You may have to do a bit of scrolling and reading depending on how vague your search term is but you’ll have a variety of information to help you – tweets, images, links to posts. etc. In fact, Twitter is frequently used for content promotion so it’s very likely you’ll be able to find blog posts, articles and websites that will offer more in-depth information about the topic and/or destination.

Twitter is also incredibly interactive. You can comment on a tweet and request more information or send a tweet requesting some suggestions from a particular account holder – e.g. a tourism board, restaurant, attraction, travel blogger – and get some added information and suggestions back fairly quickly and simply!

Pinterest For Travel Planning

Pinterest is another great place to search for unique travel experiences. Pinterest has become a great platform for article sharing and collection and has aggregated quite a vast number of pins for travel.  Unlike Twitter and Instagram, the search ability in Pinterest is both simple and powerful. The search runs much like a Google search. You can search words or phrases or multiple concepts/terms you want included in the search. Simply typing ‘Unique things to do in ____’ can often find you an article or two about that very thing. Although, these posts tend to reduce the “uniqueness” by the fact that they are widely available and searchable, they are still a great place to start and can still offer some great ideas!

Find A Geocaching Adventure

geocache box and travel

This is the one trick for unique travel experiences that we’ve yet to try. Though our interest in it has been growing in leaps and bounds as we’ve learned more about the concept. We were first really introduced to geocaching during a roadtrip to New Brunswick. The entire trip very much followed our premise of “getting lost” as we drove from Toronto to Hopewell Rocks on the Eastern end of New Brunswick, taking various routes to get there as we pleased, stopping when we saw a sign for something that sounded interesting, and sometimes throwing GPS coordinates to the wind. When we did finally get to Hopewell Rocks, we were too late in the afternoon to see low tide and walk along the ocean floor but we wanted to see what it looked like at high tide so we would be able to compare it the following day.

As we walked through the forested path to get to the final lookout point, we saw a man following not too far behind us. A GPS device in his hand, he followed it to a tree, bent down near an area covered in bushes and vegetation and pulled out a box. As we were openly staring in confusion, and a bit of concern, he explained to us that he was geocaching and this was one of the sites. We talked to him for a while about the different places he’d been, all the things he’d seen while hunting for the locations and how he got started into it. As we researched it we learned it is much more involved than simply hunting hidden caches and we’re anxious to start participating while we travel to increase those unique travel experiences and find hidden gems as we go!

It is absolutely fascinating to us. Here is a way to see unique places, sometimes even places in your own neighbourhood you’ve never explored, and track your progress as you do. You meet people at geocaching meetups and while searching, become part of a global community and join one huge worldwide treasure hunt. With almost three million geocaches around the world, it’s really true what those in the geocaching world say –  there’s an adventure happening all around you, all the time!


No matter your style of travel or your interests, using any, or a combination, of these suggested tricks will have you learning more about your destination, exploring deeper into the culture or country and discovering some truly unique travel experiences.


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Cultural Taboos: Part Two Of What Not To Do

There are a few constants in travel and one in particular on which we often reflect. This constant appears no matter who you are, where you go or how long you stay. It can slap you in the face the moment you arrive or slowly creep up as you immerse yourself for longer periods in a particular country. This constant is the cultural differences and norms you’ll experience or at least, the discovery of those norms and taboos present across the world, albeit taking on different forms, every where you go.

A while back we asked several fellow travel bloggers to share their experiences with cultural taboos. We’ve also written about cultural taboos and customs in Malaysia and shared a guest post about dining etiquette in the Sudan. Since there are so many countries, cultures and norms, we thought we’d send out another request and give you information on even more countries to help guide you on your travels!

From personal experiences and stories to general lessons learned, here are some more cultural taboos and customs you should know before going!

Pardon, Please Don’t Do in Peru…

By Gemma & Craig of Two Scots Abroad

two scots abroad peru

Peru was a priority country on our list of places to visit during our 18 month career break. Craig was desperate to trek to Machu Picchu after watching numerous documentaries on it. The Lares trek to the seventh modern wonder of the world was interesting, not only because we felt we deserved to see the manmade town in the mountains after trekking twenty miles but also because we found out lots of facts along the way.

One thing that resonated with me was the photography situation. We all love to document our trip and I am still raging that I never got a selfie with a llama but did you know what many Quechan (the native Peruvians) do not like you taking photos of their livestock? This is particularly true of those who live in small villages, those who do not see many tourists bar the rogue anti-Lonely Planet backpacker now and again. These Peruvians believe that the act of taking a photo puts a curse on their animals and would result in a poor season and no money.

That brings me on to my second point. Ask before you take pictures! We witnessed an extremely awkward exchange on the touristy Uros Floating Islands. One tourist passed her camera to her partner, walked behind a Quechan couple and crouched down next to them. Their body language screamed I AM UNCOMFORTABLE! Instead of reading this, the tourist pulled them in closer for her shot. Why did you then take a photo of it Gemma? Good question! I wanted to share this with travellers to tell them to be sensible and respectful in future.

I asked if I could take a photo of two children on our trek to Machu Picchu and I gave them some fruit to say thanks. The little boy developed a massive smile on his face when he saw the image on the camera screen. I wish I could print it out and send it to him.

There are set-ups for tourists to take photos and this brings me on to my third point – pay the money! Wander around Cusco and you will see women and girls dressed in gorgeous, bright traditional clothing with llamas and alpacas. Sometimes they have baby llamas and alpacas too * COOS *

This set-up is for you. Pay them a small fee and they will happily get their photo taken with you and sometimes you can hold the baby llama. Obviously I questioned why the children were not at school, there is an issue with child labour in Peru according to our Spanish tutor, but if you want a photo of Peruvians in their traditional gear, this is your opportunity! Please do not zoom in at them from a distance; it’s cheap and disrespectful.

Two Scots Abroad (Gemma and Craig) have downed tools as teacher and tradesman and are traveling The Americas on an 18 month career break. They are currently living it up on the Sunshine Coast of Canada after four months in North, South America and Cuba. Follow them as well on Instagram

Dining Etiquette in Switzerland

By: Paula & Gordon of Contented Traveler

switzerland taboos

I will tell you how this story arose. The delightful lady had taken us to the Kornhuaskeller from Bern Tourism. This is one of the most beautiful underground restaurants in the capital city of Switzerland. As Gordon and I chatted away with Michelle, I noticed that she was not eating. Every time we spoke she put her cutlery down. We kept eating and talking. I asked her if we were offending her by talking and eating. This was when she told us, that like us, she and her family talk, eat and laugh during meals. However, the Swiss, particularly at a business dinner as this was, do not eat when the other person is talking. We are Australian, and we talk and eat – I think we are more like Italians.

She was very relieved that she didn’t have to stand on ceremony, and she caught up fairly quickly on her entree, which would have been totally cold.

As we all talked, ate and drank through the main meal, she told us about the dining etiquette in Switzerland. Most families do not talk while eating; her family was a rarity. Another was that punctuality to any meal was expected. I am punctual so that would never be an issue, but some people are late a lot. Don’t do it in Switzerland. Apparently pointing your index finger at you head is an insult, but I am yet to figure that one out.

On a subsequent business dinner in another city in Switzerland, we found out another very enjoyable dining etiquette expectation. You are supposed to keep your hands on the table at all times during a meal and not in your lap. Your left hands must always be visible. Switzerland has a very high ownership of guns, just behind the U.S, with the number of guns per capita. Now that is something I didn’t know. I did look around the restaurant and wondered who was packing heat. You should not put your elbows on the table but can rest your wrists.

At the end of the meal, place the knife and fork next to one another to indicate that you have finished eating as if they were hands on a clock at 5:25. This is what we do in Australia, but we know that other countries don’t.

So be on time, keep your hands visible especially your gun hand, eat and don’t talk unless you have dinner with someone like our lovely friend and enjoy.

Paula and Gordon of Contented Traveller regularly travel to Switzerland. They have been travelling together for 12 years, and independently for a lot longer than that. They are Experiential Travelers and love experiencing a country, city or place by connecting to its history, people and culture. Follow them also on  Instagram.

Jive With Locals in South Korea

By Alice of Teacake Travels

cultural taboos in south korea

South Korea is the wonderful land of kimchi, K-pop, unbelievable amounts of plastic surgery, endless hiking and enough karaoke joints to last you a lifetime. Whilst you’re having the time of your life here, here’s three things that will keep you in the locals’ good books.

Dress like a nun on top and a 60s Barbie doll on the bottom: South Korea is all about the legs.  For all you ladies out there, feel free to show as much of your pins as you wish.  No one will blink an eye and in the summer you’ll easily be able to keep yourself cool.  However, flash one bit of your cleavage or show your bare shoulders and the oldies will not be impressed. They’ll think you’re working the sexy night shift so to speak.

Keep your voice down. No-one needs to hear your ramblings thank you very much: There’s a very clear rule that if you’re on public transport, you need to keep a lid on it. Whether you’re on the bus, subway or train, don’t talk with your travel buddy like you’ve both been to too many rock concerts.  Koreans speak incredibly quietly in these places, to the point that they will cover their mouth whilst speaking on their mobile phone. Look over this rule and you will most certainly be shushed immediately.

Accept food and drink like you’re not going to be fed for a week: Koreans love to eat and share food with others so please accept everything you are given.  To decline it is very disrespectful. Even if you know you can’t finish it, still take what is given to you gratefully and try your best to take a couple of bites or sips. When it comes to alcohol and the infamous Korean liquor ‘soju’, it is impolite to decline it. Do what others have done before if you can’t stomach it: throw it over your shoulder, swap it for water or whatever your creative mind can think of to keep the locals happy. Follow these rules and South Korea will be super happy with you!

Teacake, of Teacake Travels is a British chick travelling around the world for as long as she can get away with it. Willingly throwing herself into anything outside of her comfort zone, she’s rocking girl solo travel one stride at a time! Follow her as well on Instagram

What Your Gestures Say in the UK!

By Margherita Ragg & Nick Burns of The Crowded Planet

london skyline

When I was leaving on London, I learnt that in the UK signing ‘V’ with your index and middle finger pointing the knuckles away from you is a derogatory sign – kind of like giving the middle finger. I had no idea! In Italy (and I’m sure in many other countries) that simply means ‘two’.

One day, when I was working at a café, a customer asked me for two cappuccinos. ‘Two’, I asked, doing the infamous reverse V sign. What are you doing!? Are you telling me to F*** off? he replied, visibly angry.. I was totally shocked and unaware of what was happening – luckily a coworker came to my rescue. That day I learnt it’s actually an offensive sign – keep it in mind if you’re travelling the UK!

Margherita and Nick, of The Crowded Planet, are a writer and photographer from Italy and Australia, long-term travellers and lovers of nature, wildlife and the outdoors.

How To Meet ‘n Greet in Hanoi, Vietnam

By Kach & Jon of Two Monkeys Travel

cultural norms in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most culture and tradition rich countries we have ever visited, which is why we chose to live in Hanoi for 9 months. This modern, thriving, bustling and chaotic metropolis is still heavily infused with long-standing traditions and social rules of conduct. One of my favourites, as it incorporates several customs in one, is incredibly important to know when invited to dinner – The order of drinking!

Upon sitting down on the floor for dinner with a group of Vietnamese, you must immediately scan your surroundings, looking for the oldest man in the room. This will usually be the grandfather of the house, or an older uncle, which is your next challenge, as the way to respectfully greet a person in Vietnamese depends completely on their age relative to yours. A man of similar age or slightly older is addressed as ‘Anh’ (ine) – brother, about ten to twenty years older is ‘Tu’ (too) – Uncle and any more than that must be addressed as ‘Ong’ (omg) – Grandfather. Be careful though, as although age is a sign of status, a ‘Tu’ may still take offence at being called an ‘Ong,’ but call an ‘Ong’ a ‘Tu,’ or even worse an ‘Anh’ and you’ll be devaluing their social status. Have fun with that one, I know I did!

Now you need to say hello – Xin chao! (sin chow!), plus their title. ‘Xin Chao, Ong!’ Extend your right hand, with your left hand resting palm down on your arm, just below your right bicep. This is the proper way to show respect while shaking hands, anything else might be deemed casual and flippant.

It’s now that you’ll probably be offered a drink, in the form of a shot of home-distilled spirit, called either Rượu Mạnh, or Zio, depending on how it’s made. Raise your glass and say cheers – ‘ZO!’ – then knock it back and try to keep a straight face! Shake hands again, just like before and say thank you – ‘Xin Cam on’ (sin gahm un), or simply ‘Cam on’. And you’re done!

Yes, I know, that’s a lot to remember just to introduce yourself, but the good news is that as a foreigner, every man in the group will want to drink with you (and some of the women too!), so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to practice! Just try to keep up, as it’s considered bad manners to refuse to drink with a man, regardless of whether you’ve just stopped for lunch in the middle of a 12 hour motorbike ride. (That was a hell of a day!) Then again, passing out in the middle of dinner is probably equally frowned upon!

Kach Medina and Jonathan Howe of Two Monkeys Travel are working-on-the-road couple from the Philippines and UK. Having each decided to quit their jobs and set off around South East Asia to start their new lives, neither imagined they would end up traveling the world with someone they met in a backpacker’s bar in Laos. But that’s what happened! Follow them as well on Instagram

Three Golden Rules of Travel in Dubai

By Mel of Footsteps on the Globe

dubai desert

Dubai is an exciting and glamorous place to spend some quality sunny holiday time. Less than 50 years it was a small fishing village on the edge of a desert, now it is one of the fastest growing cities in the world breaking world records for the tallest building, the biggest mall and the fastest roller coaster. But at its heart it is still a traditional and highly religious place so travellers take note not to offend any local people with these three golden rules.

Couples, don’t be over affectionate in public. In recent years there have been some horror stories coming out of Dubai about public displays of affection gone too far, resulting in the couple in question swiftly being asked to leave the country. The social codes are not as strict as they are in the other Emirates such as Sharjah however the rules still apply. Be respectful and aware of your surroundings. A peck on the cheek and loose hand hold are generally fine when out in public but be conscious of who is around you and whether it really is appropriate.

Dress appropriately. This goes for everyone however particularly for the ladies, be mindful of what you wear out in public. As a general rule, women should have their legs and shoulders covered and men should always wear a shirt or t-shirt. Although the most liberal of the Emirates, Dubai is still in a Muslim country and therefore anything short or low cut in public is a big no no. If you’re heading out for the night and are a little dressier, take a scarf or a pashmina with you just in case.

Don’t eat or drink in public during daylight hours in Ramadan. During the holy month of Ramadan you cannot eat, drink, chew gum, or smoke in public during the day. Nothing is permitted to pass through your lips between sunrise and sunset during this month, and foreigners must abide by Ramadan in public areas in which time locals fast during daylight hours for 29-30 days. The beginning and end of Ramadan is dictated by the Islamic Calendar but usually falls between June and July every year so make sure to check dates before booking your flights if you’d rather not travel during this time.

Mel, of Footsteps on the Globe is a British travel blogger who loves nothing more than immersing herself in different cultures and exploring new places. She shares her latest adventures, travel inspiration as well as tips and tricks on how to make your money and holiday allowance go further. Follow her on Instagram as well!

Finding Your Southern Charm in the USA

By Jennifer of Made All The Difference

southern usa

Don’t call a Southerner a Yankee.  It doesn’t matter that during the Revolutionary War all Americans were Yankees.  To a Southerner, a Yankee is from the North.  Be prepare to run should you call a Southerner a Yankee.

Order an unsweetened iced tea.  Iced tea is meant to have sugar in it.  It is impossible to get the proper ratio of sugar to water without dissolving the sugar with boiling water.

Do not try and tell Southerners that Bourbon Whiskey and Tennessee Whiskey are the same thing.  They are different and we don’t want to hear why you mistakenly believe they are the same thing.

Don’t assume we only like country music.  The south is the birthplace of much of the USA music scene.  From rock and roll to jazz, the South helped develop the music and provide many of the founding stats.  Do not forget that the “King of Rock and Roll” was a good ole boy from Tupelo, Mississippi.

Jennifer, of Made All The Difference, is a young American female who dreamed of moving away from her small town in Tennessee and getting to see the world.  She is travelling the world for work and using her free time to explore.

The Dos & Don’ts Down Under

By Vera of The Flash Window

Australia customs

Do not be too affectionate. This might not come as a surprise as Australia has always received a big influence from both the United States and Great Britain, and neither they’re famous for that. So, when you meet somebody, they will barely give you a handshake, if not only a little tilt with their head in order to ‘acknowledge each other presence’. Don’t even go to the two kisses as in Spain or three as in France, especially if it’s the first time you meet someone. And don’t even think about hugs. DON’T. You might be sent some awkward looks. This fact of course may be different for every Australian, and you might run into a big hugger, but just remember to be careful not to cross the line too soon.

Although not being strictly a costume to break, it’s essential to know that they drive on the left side in Australia – AKA the wrong side. Besides keeping to the left side while driving, keep this fact in mind when you are a pedestrian too. If you come from a right-driving country do remember that if you are walking through a busy street, you shall go to the left in order to keep two ordered tracks. If you cross with somebody who is going the opposite way, you are meant to move over to the left (on so does he/she) so you both don’t bump. If you are using the mechanical stairs, you shall take the ones in the left –or otherwise you won’t be going up. And before crossing any street, do remember to look to the other side your common sense tells you to. You’ll thank me later.

Do not break the rules. Ok, don’t never break the rules, but especially if you are in Australia. They are not there to play around. When they tell you they are closing at 5pm, they are. When they tell you not to cross, don’t. And do not try to push those boundaries. There aren’t many rules but it is essential to follow those few.

Extra: don’t mess around with football. If they say football – or footy – they mean Australian football. Soccer and American Football are two completely different things. And Australians love their sports, so you better get this fact straight from the beginning or they won’t hang around trying to explain it.

So you see, there aren’t many weird traditions you shouldn’t be breaking when you are Down Under, as most Australians come from various backgrounds and they’re pretty open to every culture. But please, remember to make sure you follow the few costumes they have or otherwise they could get pissed off.

Vera, of The Flash Window, is a curious girl who was born in Barcelona, yet she considers herself yo be a citizen of the world. Her biggest passion is to travel to awesome places and discover incredible things along her way. Follow her on Instagram as well!


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What Not To Do While Travelling To Malaysia

Have you ever travelled to a new country only to be confused by certain customs and practices? Walked the roads of a new city uncertain as to how you should behave? Every country has its own customs, standards of behaviour and taboos and often times they remain undiscovered until those practices are breached. Amidst questioning looks, confused stares and, sometimes even, expressions of angry disbelief, a traveller learns fast what is not acceptable in the places they visit.

Getting Lost in the Customs of Malaysia

Malaysia travel

Malaysia is no different. Quickly becoming one of the hottest and most popular travel destinations, it is a multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-ethnic country rich in variety of foods, traditions, and history.

With a core society of indigenous Malay, Indian and Chinese, the culture of Malaysia has also found influence from other areas of the world, from Britain to Persia, Europe to the Arabic nations. With so much diversity it can get confusing for a traveller to know exactly what customs to follow.

Before we first visited Malaysia, we had heard tons of ‘dos and don’ts’ from fellow travellers and we supplemented that with lots of research on the issue ourselves. While we didn’t notice all of these rules in play, possibly because we spent most of our time in the tourist-friendly Georgetown, Penang, we definitely were aware of some stark differences in practices between our own culture and that of the people in Malaysia. We’re sure if we had stayed longer, we may have noticed an even more stark contrast.

If you’re looking to make sure you don’t breach any behavioural rules while visiting Malaysia, the following will give you a good idea of what not to do in Malaysia.

Be Aware of Gestures Considered Rude or Obscene


Gestures are a difficult thing to control as they often come automatically. When in Malaysia, it’s good to avoid a few gestures that are not acceptable in Malaysia but may be commonly acceptable in other parts of the world.

For instance, the head is considered the most sacred part of the body and as such, should be respected. Touching the head of an adult or passing an object above someone’s head is considered rude and disrespectful.

While common in a lot of western cultures, using the forefinger to point is seen as a rude in Malaysia and instead, make a fist with your thumb over top the fingers and point using the thumb as the directional guide. We noticed about half of the people would point with their finger and the rest with their thumb over fingers. We’ve also found that in many places “pointing in a direction” with your whole hand open-palm, works very well.

Pounding your fist into the palm of your other hand is an obscene gesture to some people in Malaysia and should also be avoided.

Take Into Account Gender-Based Considerations


An important consideration in many places is the difference in acceptable behaviour from, and between, men and women. In Malaysia, men and women should avoid embracing and kissing in public. Public behaviour and image is incredibly important and public displays of affection are not considered appropriate.

Women should also take care in the beachwear they choose. Topless sunbathing is not allowed and while some tourist areas allow bikinis, many Malay women will swim fully clothed.

Interaction between unfamiliar men and women also comes with taboos. Don’t be offended if a member of the opposite sex does not return an extended hand for a handshake. In Muslim culture, physical contact between members of the opposite sex is not encouraged and may not be reciprocated. If you are a man, wait for the woman to offer her hand first. With a country as diverse in culture as Malaysia, it’s not always easy to identify what beliefs a particular person holds.

Interestingly, it is also important that a woman never touch a monk, even accidentally brushing past, or hand a monk something as they are then required to fast and perform a ritual cleansing.

Remember Table Manners and Guest Etiquette


Table manners and guest etiquette change significantly from country to country, and even sometimes city to city. What you have been told as a child may not always apply to another country or culture. In Malaysia, there are several important rules to remember when acting as a guest.

You may be used to showing signs of embarrassment when burping as it is often considered rude to do so in public in many Western countries, but in Malaysia burping after a meal is typically acceptable and a regular part of dining etiquette. On the flipside, wearing your shoes upon entering someone’s home, a mosque or a temple is a definite faux-pas. Remove your shoes before entering a house or place of worship as a sign of respect.

A related custom is ensuring the soles of your feet do not point at people or sacred images. When in public, ensure that your feet are facing towards the ground and are not propped up exposing the soles to others.

In Malaysia, there are apparently fairly strict customs for using your hands to eat. Always eat with your right hand, even if you are left-handed, as the left hand in Malaysian culture is usually reserved for bathroom-related behaviours. If you are left handed and cannot get used to the right-handed way, ask for utensils.


While there are more customs, traditions and taboos to be encountered in Malaysia, these are some common and more relevant behavioural rules to take into consideration while visiting the country. As a traveller it’s hard to know all the ins and outs of a culture, especially one as diverse and multi-ethnic as Malaysia, but taking time to learn the dos and don’ts, and making an effort to incorporate them while travelling, can make a huge difference in the way in which you are able to interact with the locals you meet and the impression you leave as you go.


Have you noticed any of these customs while in Malaysia? What other customs and practices have you noticed differ from your own culture while travelling abroad? Comment below and let us know!


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