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Why Beijing Poses More Questions Than Answers

Beijing Scooter

By Jane & Nigel of The Time of Our Lives Ever been to a new place, desperate to learn about a fascinating culture, a unique cuisine or an unfamiliar way of life? I guess that’s why most of us travel. If we only wanted to experience a similar vibe to home but with a nice […]


Daily Digital – Temple of Heaven, Beijing

temple of heaven, beijing attractions, what to do in beijing, beijing, China attractions,

Throughout our time in Beijing, we were continually amazed by the sheer size of everything. The expanse of Tiananmen square, the crowded busy maze of the Beijing night markets and the intensity of the city itself. We found so much history and culture from the Great Wall of China to the local neighbourhoods and streets. […]

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Tiananmen Square & The Royal Gardens of the Forbidden City

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With the recent protests in Hong Kong and their call to Beijing supporters to rally at Tiananmen square, we thought it was an appropriate time to write about our recent experience at Tiananmen in Beijing, China. We started out that day planning to visit the Forbidden City. It was a Monday and as we’ve mentioned […]


Daily Digital – The Great Wall of China, Mutianyu

Great Wall of China, Mutianyu, Mutianyu Great Wall, China Attractions, Beijing Attractions

  We often reflect on our short time spent in Beijing. It was a huge culture shock, an incredible story and it provided us with one of the most memorable experiences of both of our lives – visiting The Great Wall of China. For both of us, it was just one of those places we always thought […]

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Daily Digital – Jing Jing The Giant Panda

Giant Panda, Beijing Olympic Mascot, Jing Jing, Beiing Olympics Giant Panda

  Jing Jing the Giant panda, one of the mascots of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, has his own house in the Beijing Zoo.  While we typically don’t visit zoos, we decided to visit the Beijing Zoo one morning as it was one of the only things open at that hour of the day […]


Daily Digital – Revolutionary Struggles of Mao’s People

Mao's Mausoleum, Sculpture outside Mao's Mausoleum, Tiananment square sculpture

  At Tiananmen Square in Beijing, a mausoleum was built for the founder of the People’s Republic of China, Mao. Outside of this Mausoleum are four groups of sculptures. One depicts people during the socialist revolution and construction, the other of the period of the New Democratic Revolution and the last two are of workers, […]


Daily Digital – Firefighting in the Imperial Gardens

Beijing attractions, Forbidden City, Imperial Gardens, Chinese bronze pot

  Walking around the Imperial Gardens of The Forbidden City in Beijing, many of these large bronze and copper pots can be found scattered around the enormous property. These were a form of ancient fire fighting. Hundreds of these large containers would collect and hold rain water which could then be used in the event […]


Daily Digital – Old Beijing Yogurt

old beijing yogurt, asian yogurt, old chinese yogurt, beijing food, chinese food

  Walking around Beijing, these small plastic containers (sometimes ceramic) with paper lids and bands keeping them in place, can be seen frequently displayed on store fronts and roadsides. While we weren’t sure at first what these were, we risked it, bought one and tried it out. Discovering it was yogurt was quite the surprise […]