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Daily Digital – WWII Japanese Memorial Bridge

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While exploring Pai, Thailand, we came across a map marking a WWII Japanese Memorial Bridge. Looking on this map, we realized we must’ve passed by it on our way from Chiang Mai to Pai but with it raining so hard when we got there, we had missed it altogether. On our way out, we made sure to make a quick stop and check it out. The WWII Japanese Memorial Bridge is located on highway 1095 (the route into, and out of, Pai) and is now only for foot traffic and wagons carrying tourists. It was built in 1942 by the Japanese soldiers in order to transport items across the Burma/Myanmar-Thailand border during WWII. Made of iron and wood planks, it has withstood several floods and stands as an interesting attraction and an historical landmark worth a quick visit if you are passing through.

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  1. Danial
    Danial says:

    World War II historical sites in Southeast Asia has always intrigued me, especially involving the Japanese conquest. It’s not a widely promoted due to the bloody and atrocious nature of the site but I feel we still need to acknowledge their presence and how it shaped the geopolitics of the region during the war.
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