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Tour of Seoul: This is KOREA!

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The piece of tentacle I had placed in my mouth squirmed a bit as I furiously chewed, hoping to still the movement and get this painful episode over with as quickly as possible. Sitting at a makeshift table at one of the many sannjaki vendors in Korea’s Gangjang market, I realized that despite the fact […]

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The ‘Gentle Monster’ of Korea’s Fashion Scene

Shopping in Seoul offers a lesson in the diversity and complexity of the Korean culture that straddles traditional values and beliefs with modern commercialism and practices. There’s the low hanging, plastic tarp ceilings of the traditional street markets, where the smell of food being sold along narrow aisles wafts as you walk and old shops line the corridors […]

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Light the Torches! Two Things We Regret Eating!

Controversial issues are not typically things we deal with on our blog and that’s a shame. It’s a fact of life that people have differing opinions and some people are incredibly vocal in their beliefs. It’s natural to shy away from creating conflict. Part of this is due to a gene-deep need to fit into […]

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Songdo: South Korea’s Smartest City?

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Smart city. City of the future. High-tech utopia. These are the words that were sprawled across almost every article we read about the newly built city of Songdo in South Korea. So, while we were prepared to see something different, and perhaps a little advanced, we were not expecting to step out of the train […]


How Travelling To Korea Landed Us In Central Park

Where can you get a glimpse of Central Park from New York, the Canals of Venice, and the Boulevards of Paris all in one place? We’ll give you a hint: We’re not talking about Vegas. Chances are, if it wasn’t for the title of this post, you wouldn’t have guessed that, surprisingly, it’s in South Korea in the […]


5 Top Temples in Busan

In Japan, visiting temples was an interesting experience. Even during one of our most memorable temple visits to Narita, a smaller city in comparison to much of Tokyo, we were struck by the contrast found when looking from skyscrapers and technology to historic landmarks and temples. This contrast between old and new seems to be present in much […]

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A Craft Beer Paradise in Busan

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Part art, part science but complete dedication and skill. What is it that combines the talent of an artist, the palate of a connoisseur, the scientific ingenuity of a chemist, biologist and physicist? It may sound strange, but we’ve discovered that some of the most interesting creations are produced in microbreweries. In Busan, we found it […]