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Langkawi, Malaysia – A Nature Lover’s Paradise

langkawi a nature lover's paradise

By Vanessa of The Island Drum Peninsular Malaysia has over ten popular islands just off its coastlines but for nature lovers Langkawi, Malaysia is a standout. Despite Langkawi’s reputation as a beachy resort island, its natural topography is often overlooked by travellers keen on a dose of nature. In fact, nature greets visitors in abundance […]

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What Not To Do While Travelling To Malaysia

Have you ever travelled to a new country only to be confused by certain customs and practices? Walked the roads of a new city uncertain as to how you should behave? Every country has its own customs, standards of behaviour and taboos and often times they remain undiscovered until those practices are breached. Amidst questioning […]


The Streets of Georgetown – An Artist’s Playground

georgetown penang malaysia street art

It’s true, there’s some pretty amazing food virtually everywhere in Georgetown, Penang and we were told about it repeatedly before we travelled to Malaysia. What we weren’t told about however, was something we noticed for ourselves, pretty quickly, while walking the streets of this well-known city: an abundance of art displayed in just about any place a painting, […]

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Where to Go to Bite ‘N’ Eat Traditional Indian Food

  Butter chicken, tandoori and naan. Three of the most common dishes you’ll find ordered and served in Indian restaurants in the Western world. Back home, we have been to numerous Indian restaurants and inevitably we, and those we are with, revert to the same familiar foods with perhaps some kind of masala thrown in to feel adventurous.  During our […]

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How To Eat Your Way Through Penang in 48 Hours

Finding Diverse Food in George Town, Penang 48 hours has passed since we arrived in George Town, Penang considered Southeast Asia’s culinary kingdom. This melting pot of Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures have been blending and coming together centuries before any fancy fusion restaurant. Said to have some of Asia’s best street food at some […]