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A Guide To Lake Temiskaming: 1 Destination, 2 Provinces, 3 Cultures

Lake Temiskaming

There’s this lake in Canada. It sits in a gorgeous, lush area where the air is so fresh you can’t help but breathe deeply, where the people are so friendly you can’t help but keep a smile on your face and the views are so stunning, you’ll want to keep coming back for more. It’s […]

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Where To Find The Best Japanese Cheesecake in the GTA

Best Japanese Cheesecake in Toronto area

We absolutely love Japanese cuisine and when we say that, we literally mean all things Japanese cuisine. There hasn’t been a thing we’ve tried that we don’t enjoy. Okay, you caught us. There was a brief period of time where we avoided natto but we’re over that now. So you can imagine our excitement when […]

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Top 10 Most Affordable U.S. Cities to Live In

golden gate bridge sunset california

By Kacey Mya of The Drifter Collective City living is wonderful, but the cost of living in some of the big U.S. cities—looking at you New York and Los Angeles—is a big deterrent for living there. Luckily this country has multiple wonderful cities throughout it where the cost of living is more affordable. Here are […]