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Taiwan: From Layover to Love Affair

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We recently wrote about how much we love Japan. And we do. But perhaps one of the most surprising occurrences during our travels was when we realized just how much Taiwan had wormed its way into our hearts and made us fall totally in love with it – more than any other country we’ve yet […]


Chinese New Year – Beyond The Red Envelope

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We know it’s been a while since Chinese New Year but we wanted to share the amazing time we had spending New Year with our Taipei roomie’s family in Hsinchu (just south of Taipei). We spent 6 days filled with food, family, sightseeing, and a large amount of karaoke in between. It was a truly incredible […]


A Guide to Taiwanese Food We Dared to Try

Taiwan is a veritable culinary playground. Street food, night markets, Taiwanese restaurants and cuisine from around the world are found in abundance and are almost always delicious. During our two months in Taiwan we came to realize one of the fundamentals of Taiwan culture is Taiwanese food. Sure, most countries find strong cultural roots in their food […]

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The Number One Thing to Know About Taiwan

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Okay, so it may not be the number one thing you need to know, but we feel it’s a pretty good thing to find out about before you get there! When we first got to Taipei, we endeavoured to meet new people and really get a sense of Taiwan – the food, the culture, the hidden […]


When Hunger Strikes – Taiwan Edition

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5 Chains To Count On in Taiwan So, you’ve landed in a new country and are still trying to learn the ropes. It can be tough figuring out where and what to eat, how to order (especially in places where you no little to none of the language), and how much things should cost. During […]


An Introduction To Taiwanese Food: Chicken Bums & Stinky Tofu

One thing we’ve discovered while travelling is that the CouchSurfing website is an amazing way to meet people who, well, just want to meet people! Regardless of whether you are staying at their house, many in the CouchSurfing community are open to getting together for a meal or for showing you the sights around their hometown. It’s […]

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Why We Missed Our Flight To Vietnam

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From Vietnam to Taiwan “Why don’t we just NOT get on our connecting flight and stay in Taiwan?” That was the question that lead us both here, to Tiapei, Taiwan and a completely different travel schedule from what we had planned when we left southeast Asia and headed home to Canada for Christmas. With our […]