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10 Tips For Travel To Pai, Thailand

Pai, Thailand. Tucked away in the mountain valleys of Thailand’s northern countryside. A place where tranquil views of rice paddy fields and waterfalls attract tourists looking for a peaceful retreat, and perhaps some meditation, from more hectic cities. After we decided to travel to Pai ourselves, we understand the appeal it has for tourists and expats in the […]

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A Day At The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary in Thailand

elephant jungle sanctuary chiang mai

With bunches of bananas in hand, we walked slowly up the hill through the trees and into a clearing. It was there I encountered my first elephant, up close and personal. There were three of them actually, happily chomping away at the sugar cane that littered the ground around them. The group we came with […]

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One Day In Bangkok Exploring The Old Farang Quarter

Bangkok isn’t everyone’s favourite place to visit, though we’re really not too sure why it seems to have become, for many, the antithesis of a top travel destination in Southeast Asia. We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve been told Bangkok is a city better passed through or visited for only a brief […]


Exploring Phuket by Motorbike

exploring phuket by motorbike

Finding the ‘Perfect Route’ for Things To Do And See in Phuket We’ve always said we don’t really use guide books. Sure, Lonely Planet travel guide to China was the reason we spent our first week of full-time travels in Beijing, navigating our own way to The Great Wall, but typically we opt to go with […]

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Our Top Things To Do In Thailand

top things to do in thailand

Thailand: Popular backpacker destination. Exotic island beaches. A land steeped in ancient history and tradition. A culinary playground. A country mired in controversy, political conflict and, at times, civil unrest. It’s also one of our next destinations. Yes, it’s true, we were JUST there. At least, it feels like we were just there as it […]

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8 Things I Didn’t Do In Thailand

By Carolann Hughes Almost a year ago we quit our jobs and sold our stuff, started this blog and decided to start travelling full-time. We were looking for a starting destination that was practical, reasonably priced and would have tons of things for us to do and see and, ultimately, write about. Since we’ve never […]