Why You Should Cruise

12 reasons you should go on a cruise

Whether we’re on a river or the ocean, exploring Europe or the Caribbean, we absolutely love cruising the waters from destination to destination. From two Viking River Cruises in Europe, to a social impact cruise with Fathom to a large ocean cruise with MSC, over the past year we’ve had a taste of some very different styles of cruise travel yet, through each one, we found one constant: Cruising is an amazing experience!

12 Reasons Why You Should Go On A Cruise

MSC Divina Ship At Dock in Mexico

Whether you’re planning on going on a cruise or just contemplating the idea we’ve put together twelve reasons why we think it’s a good idea to book that trip and sail those waters!

1. Cruising Offers Great Value – It’s Bang For Your Buck!

When you cruise, you are essentially getting your travel plans and expenses bundled up into one price – food, hotel, activities, transportation between destinations – it’s all included and oftentimes at a cheaper price than you would pay if you were to do it all on your own.

Seeing multiple destinations adds extra bang for your buck as you are often hitting up destinations for a fraction of the cost of any other method of travel. Imagine island hopping and paying for transit, hotels and food separately – it would definitely end up being a hefty amount and nowhere near what you’ll find you’re paying to do all that, and more, on a cruise ship.

Booking cruises higher on the luxury end will also find you with more inclusive options like excursions and drinks packages adding more value even with the prices paid for those high-end cruise experiences.

Whatever your budget is, you can tailor your cruise accordingly and really find ways to maximize your travel experience.

2. Travel while you sleep… or dance or eat or…

Transportation is usually the most time consuming part of travel with the least entertaining aspects. On a cruise, travelling from one port to another is all part of the fun. Where else can you fall asleep in a comfortable, fluffy bed in one country and wake up in another? All you have to do is board the ship, unpack your stuff once, and enjoy the ride.

Not only do you wake up in new destinations, you also get a chance to enjoy being in transit. While the ship is moving you are engaging in onboard activities and entertainment, dancing, swimming in a pool, sunbathing, enjoying cultural events, dining and socializing.

3. Hassle-Free Planning!

While cruises often have extras to be purchased or paid onboard (such as drink packages, excursions, gratuities, etc) the bulk of the payment and planning is a one-time deal. Choose the cruise line, stateroom and itinerary and make your payment. Meals, activities and all the rest are covered and planned for you. There’s very little scheduling or booking that needs to be done past that initial booking.

While you may choose to add on additional excursions, upgrade rooms or buy drink packages, your main responsibility after booking is to enjoy the experience and do what you want. You can do all or none of the activities, eat where and when you want with the dining options available and leave the ship or stay onboard when docked at a port. Everything else is taken care of for you – you just sit back, relax and enjoy!

4. Cruising is Like A Sampler Plate of Destinations


Perhaps one of our favourite parts of cruising is that it is basically a sampler of destinations. Like a fleet of beer, it offers you a taste of each stop. Take a look, get a feel, enjoy some highlights, test the waters and figure out if this is a place you’d want to travel to again, perhaps for a longer period of time.

Through the cruising we’ve done, we’ve added many cities to our list of places to spend more time in like Vienna, Budapest and Lyon, to name a few. We’ve also checked out a few ports of call as potential areas for us to relocate to for a short time. Our cruise to Mexico was enlightening and we definitely will be returning again for a longer stay to really explore the country.

We’ve been able to see many countries in a short time, at a great value, and have learned which ones we’ll absolutely love returning to and thoroughly discovering.

5. There’s An Option For Everyone

There really is a cruise option for everyone. Whether it’s a preference in size, length of trip, amenities available or destinations covered, there’s bound to be a cruise that meets all your wants and needs.

Don’t like open bodies of water? A river cruise is perfect! You’ll be able to pick an itinerary where you can see the shore on both sides of the water – like on the Danube. Prefer to have the ship as the destination rather than get out and explore each port? A larger cruise ship is like a small city and will have everything you need to make you feel like you’re travelling to a unique country without ever leaving the ship!

Whatever your travel preferences are, we can guarantee you’ll find a cruise that matches. You can find cruises for food, wine, music, art, social impact and virtually anything else you could possibly think of wanting. We’ve been on four cruises in the past year and each offered something different and unique because, and that’s the other thing about cruises, there’s so much variety you never have to take the exact same cruise twice if you don’t want to.

6. Relax, Recharge or Revel!

We found cruising to be a fantastic way to relax and get unplugged. Many times connecting to WiFi while cruising the open waters was just not possible, or not easy or cheap, so we did without. We unplugged from our gadgets and internet and plugged into the moment and each other. Though there is the option to do so, we found it a great excuse to just let go of all that online clutter.

With the choice to do as much or as little as you want, you really can relax and recharge or, if you want, revel! Enjoy the social activities, have fun and be the life of the party. It’s up to you how you spend your time but any, or all, of the three options are possible.

7. Enjoy Spectacular & Changing Views

chain bridge budapest hungary

You can often find a hotel room with a view. What you can’t often find is a hotel room that offers constantly changing, spectacular views. A cruise ship however, can.

We’ve cruised past beautiful shorelines on the Danube, stunning Provence landscapes in France and woken up to spectacular ocean sunrises. Each port offers a new view too and adds to the almost endless possibilities of scenery you’ll see from the comfort of your stateroom or one of the decks onboard.

8. Variety of Entertainment, Activities & Excursions

As we mentioned, what you do with your time on a cruise is totally up to you and that includes participating in any of the onboard entertainment or activities… and there are usually quite a few to choose from.

From language or dancing classes to board games or bingo, you can learn about the destinations you are travelling to, socialize or just have fun!

There are also excursions, whether included or additional, that will have you occupied while docked at port. We often switch between doing our own exploring at some ports and taking an excursion at others. This allows us the flexibility to travel as we choose but also receive some guidance in certain locales.

9. Incredible Service

Who doesn’t want to be pampered while travelling? Room service and turndown service, a large range of amenities with certified professionals, attentive wait staff and often a dedicated entertainment team ensure that you have a trip to remember.

In our experience, ocean cruises will offer an increased amount of amenities available, like gyms and spas, while river cruising will offer some spectacular attention to detail and guests’ needs. Though no matter which type of cruise you choose, there’ll be an option for it all!

10. Food. Glorious, Delicious Food.

cruise food lamb dinner

This one gets us everytime. Even when we’ve taken a cruise where food is not a primary focus, we’ve found our way to delicious meals and dining options. Most cruises pride themselves on their ability to create beautiful culinary choices and most have a variety of dining options for each meal.

There are buffets and casual eateries, formal dining rooms and room service – the options abound depending on how large the cruise ship is and which line you have chosen.

On our Viking River Cruises, we enjoyed some of the best food we’ve ever eaten as meal after meal offered us unbelievable dishes. On our MSC Cruise, we found additional options, like Eataly, to be a perfect complement to their included dining choices and loved the almost 24/7 availability of something to eat.

If food is your focus when you travel, you’ll have some deciding to do and it’ll become clear pretty quickly that there is killer culinary talent to be found on many of the cruises!

11. Great Opportunities To Meet New People

As we said, you can basically do as much or as little as you choose while on a cruise. Don’t feel like socializing? You don’t have to but if that’s your thing, a cruise offers endless opportunities to meet new people and make new friends.

With the activities and excursions, dining areas and entertainment venues, the chances to bump into someone new and strike up a conversation abound and we’ve actually met, and stayed in touch with, several people from the cruises we’ve taken.

12. A Perfect Chance For Romance

Though you can socialize as much as you want, you can also easily escape and focus on the people you came with. If you’re going as a couple, a cruise can be a perfect time for romance. With all those great views, amazing food and opportunities to unplug and focus on each other, we’ve found cruising to be incredibly romantic and the time onboard perfect for connecting with one another.

Think about it: sunsets and sunrises, intimate dinners, walks on deck or on a beach when at port, latin dancing classes, private verandas to enjoy some time alone – cruising offers a multitude of moments for just you and your romantic partner and it’s one of our favourite reasons to go on a cruise. We can socialize and have fun with the onboard activities and the excursions, we can meet people and enjoy learning about the destinations we are going to, but no matter what time of day, we can always find a time and place to just be together and enjoy each other’s company.

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  1. Barney
    Barney says:

    I think too many people underestimate cruises and just how lovely they can be! I personally love the opportunity to have everything taken care of for me and not having to worry about where I’m going to eat, etc when I love to travel. I also love all the activities and opportunites to socialise. They are just so much fun!


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