We Just wanted to travel longer and smarter…

11 free travel tools you should know about ad big letters2We’ve been on the road for a wile now and finding the best hotels at a price we can afford, finding the best prices for flight, finding the best rated Restaurants, figuring out how to get around and even figuring out the best ways of contacting home and figuring out ways to talk to loved ones becomes a part of every day.

Let’s face it, figuring out all these travel problems becomes tiring at times (we’re not complaining right?), but in our situation, we want to travel for as long as we can without breaking the bank. In our case early on in our travels we were spending a lot of money and wasting time on useless websites that don’t help the customer save money but just worries about making money for them selves. It was truly tiring us out, we needed a new way too book and find exciting adventures in the places we were visiting.

We were sick of giving all of our hard earned money to travel companies who don’t give a damn!

So after a few months of paying way too much for travel, we made it our goal to find the best sites for our benefit that help us travel smarter, longer, and cheaper, without losing comforts (we love our comforts!).

So we traveled, and started to take notice of travel websites that help the user and not the share holders…

We found a few Travel tools that we love to use all the time, and thought why not share it with our friends and viewers for free (we don’t want to charge for this… we know how annoying it is to spend too much money while travelling).

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