koh tao sunset, thailand sunset, best sunsets, beautiful sunset,

Today we are foregoing our Daily Digital as we are taking the time to celebrate our anniversary – which leads us to revealing on which island we chose to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. The island is…

koh tao sunset, thailand sunset, best sunsets, beautiful sunset,

Koh Tao!!


koh tao sunset, thailand sunset, best island in thailand, koh tao, ko tao, beautiful sunsets

Alright, you’re probably wondering why Koh Tao was chosen. We’ve already been talking about being on the island; we’ve actually been here for a few days. It wasn’t even on the top of the voter’s list for where everyone else thought we should go. So why did we stick around to be here on our anniversary? Well, there are several reasons why this island won out above the rest.

sunset on koh tao, sunset on thailand, koh tao, thailand, best sunsets, beautiful sunset

For one, just looking at the pictures tells you a bit about how gorgeous this island is. We’ve seen amazing sunsets everyday and, when we had a chance, a great sunrise. It just doesn’t get any better than watching these over the water of a beautiful beach. The island itself is quite spectacular. The beach by our hotel (pictured above) makes for a great afternoon or evening stroll when the tide is low and the rest of the island has several beaches you can go to during the day that make you feel like you are in paradise, such as Sai Daeng Beach.

 welcome to koh tao, koh tao, ko tao, thailand, best island in thailand,

Secondly, the life of the island is so laid back and relaxed we aren’t in any hurry to leave, but it also has a good mix of entertainment and nightlife . It may be the beginning of high season but it hasn’t felt too busy or crowded yet. We are in a great little area for food (but really, where in Thailand isn’t good for food?) and if we chose, we could easily find a bar on, or off, the beach in which to spend the night socializing.

streets of koh tao, koh tao thailand, thailand islands

Third, we changed our travel plans for the remainder of Thailand (more to come) and so it suited us best to stay on this side of the South, reducing costs and travel time as opposed to going to the other side or up to Koh Chang area.

koh tao swimming, koh tao, ko tao, thailand, best islands in thailand, beautiful beach photos

While all of these contributed to us settling on Koh Tao, the main reason has to do with how we chose to celebrate our anniversary. We’ll be posting about our anniversary celebration tomorrow, and we don’t want to give it away, but we will say that it is related to our Halloween celebrations as well.

koh tao, ko tao, thailand, islands in thailand, best island in thailand,


We’re incredibly excited to celebrate our 2nd anniversary in such an amazing place with such stunning views and can’t wait to share more about our time on the island! Thanks to everyone who voted and helped us decide. We were leaning toward what the majority was going for but in the end it was Koh Tao that offered us the best options for our anniversary.

Stay tuned to hear about our anniversary celebration! If you’d like to follow our journey, don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and join our mailing list!


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  1. Hermine and Werner Haas
    Hermine and Werner Haas says:

    beautiful — congratulations on your 2nd anniversary – all the best from all the Haas and Souto families.

    love always


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