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Our drive down the mountain from Phu Chi Fa viewpoint, was much easier than the way up. Now, in full daylight, without any rain or fog to obscure our view we could see the beautiful scenery we had missed that morning. Every turn presented a view that had our heads turning (which isn’t always so great when you’re on a scooter down a mountain covered in pot-holes). We drove while looking at the surrounding mountains with green and lush vegetation, peppered with crop fields and villages.

At one point we hit a series of cabbage fields on the sides of the mountain and it was apparently harvesting time as there were workers all throughout the crops picking and putting the cabbages into their baskets they were carrying on their backs. From what we could find, various factors such as length of exposure to the sun, drainage and temperature all factor into where the cabbage plants are grown and which side of the mountain they use. We couldn’t help ourselves and had to stop to get some photos of these workers gathering the cabbage on this seemingly vast cabbage field.

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