One of our favourite adventures was our road trip to Key West. We had a great opportunity to explore the island, take in the culture and history and see some of the most beautiful sunsets!

When walking down the streets of Key West, you soon notice there is something interesting everywhere you look. On one of our walks around the city, we happened to wander our way, unknowingly, to the Key West Custom House & Art Museum. The first thing that alerted us to the significance of the building was the giant statues displayed around it.

In particular, we noticed the above statue of two dancers titled “Time For Fun” and sculpted after Renoir’s painting “Dancing in the Country”. One of several sculptures created by J. Seward Johnson, this statue must be at least 20ft tall and adds to the quirky, fun-natured atmosphere one seems to find in the Keys. There is another sculpture of a dancing couple, also based on a Renoir painting, as well as a somewhat curious sculpture based on a Matisse painting involving several dancing, and naked, women. But it is Key West, and it seems the quirky, fun, vibrant and interesting all mesh together on this incredible island.

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