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Strolling down the walking street in Pai, Thailand you see many street vendors selling a large variety of foods. The dishes run the gamut from fried insects to pad thai to sticky rice and mango, but the one vendor that got us stopping to take a second look, and sniff, was the one with the sign “Grandma’s Pancakes”. Offering exactly what the name suggests, this little Thai woman stands at her pancake grill from the time the walking street kicks into gear, between 5-6pm, until it closes around 11pm. The smell of the pancake batter slowly cooking on her grill wafts down the street and entices many a Pai visitor.

If you are looking for more than just delicious plain pancakes, she has a selection of others available including chocolate drizzled, sausage pancake with egg, sausage pancakes, nutella pancakes, and chocolate banana pancakes. Her prices are incredibly reasonable. You can get 10 of the small, unbelievably tasty pancakes for 30 baht (about $1 CDN), served in a cute handmade banana leaf bowl. While the price and the taste are both surprising, our biggest shock was seeing her step down from the stool behind the stand one night and “shrink” almost a foot and a half!

We’ve got tons more information on how to get to Pai, where to stay, what to do and where to eat!


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  1. Colton Van Bastelaere
    Colton Van Bastelaere says:

    So excited for our trip to Thailand this December! Everything is so much different than Canada. We’ve experienced Canada, and as amazing as it is, we’re extremely excited to fall into a different way of life.


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