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We decided that while we loved exploring the area of Koh Tao we were staying in, we wanted to be able to see more of it and find some other beaches. Renting a scooter once again, we hopped on and made the drive along the coast from where we were on Sairee Beach. We started seeing signs for Sai Daeng Beach and decided to check it out. Up some rather steep hills we wound our way off the main road and down even more hills. As we were going down one particularly steep incline we both looked up, at what seemed to be the same time, and saw a gorgeous view of the water and of a small rocky island in the distance. Stopping abruptly, we took a few photos before continuing to drive. We reached a “Park here. Do no drive down” sign before a ridiculously steep hill so we parked as we were told and walked, carefully, on foot for a couple minutes until we reached a fairly private, beautiful beach with a great view of that island.

The rocky island we were looking at was Shark Island. Fortunately, and despite what we initially thought, the island is not named after the sea creatures dwelling nearby. Also known as Red Rock, it is named Shark Island due to it’s shark fin shape. It is a popular location for divers, as many different fish can be found, and on days with good visibility, snorkelers.

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