Thailand Turkey, Turkey in Asia, Turkey in Thailand, Thanksgiving turkey, Canadian Thanksgiving

Thailand Turkey, Turkey in Asia, Turkey in Thailand, Thanksgiving turkey, Canadian Thanksgiving


This year, we are spending Thanksgiving in South East Asia – far away from our family and friends. This is a first for us both and it got us thinking a lot about Thanksgiving, what the holiday means, all those we wouldn’t get a chance to see and to be honest, the turkey dinners we would be missing. Although we had seen, and heard, an abundance of roosters, ducks, and chickens, we had not seen any turkeys, or even turkey meat for that matter. Until today, Thanksgiving Monday. Driving down from the peak of Phu Chi Fa, a mountain where we had gone to watch the sunrise, we were taking the winding roads slowly when we first heard, then saw, this turkey. We were so excited to have seen one, especially on Thanksgiving and we stopped to spend some time taking photos and video of our Thailand turkey. Later, while eating our “Thanksgiving dinner” of pad thai and noodle soup, we discussed how thankful we are for our family and friends, all the support and kindness we have received, and the fact that we are able to live this travel lifestyle.

Neither of us remember learning much about Canadian Thanksgiving. We did a bit of research and learned that an English explorer, Frobisher, landed in Newfoundland and wanted to celebrate his safe arrival, although we also saw some conflicting stories and not a whole lot of concrete information. But to us, that doesn’t really matter. What we do remember is not HOW the holiday came about but WHAT the holiday has come to mean. It is a time to celebrate all that is good in our lives, and sometimes even the bad that has helped us to grow. We take a day to spend with our loved ones and to reflect on all we can be thankful for in our lives, something that is easily forgotten while pushing through the day-to-day grind, and so for that also, we are truly thankful.


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  1. Hermine and Werner Haas
    Hermine and Werner Haas says:

    Happy Thanksgiving from the Haas and Souto families.

    everyone will be here later on this afternoon to celebrate with us. we are indeed thankful and blessed to have all our kids (big and small) with us.

    all the best
    Hermine and Werner


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