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Diving in Koh Tao, we finished our scuba diving certification at the diving site Twins. With so much to see, it’s hard as new divers to catch the more subtle and hidden creatures. Luckily, our diving instructor was quick to point out what he saw and made a point of looking for interesting finds. This creature in particular, the Jorunna Funebris, probably would have gone unnoticed had he not pointed it out.

The Jorunna Funebris, or dotted nudibranch, is sometimes considered a shell-less sea slug.  Just one type of nudibranch (nudi being Latin for nude), they are so called because they have gills that are exposed externally. There are 3000 species of the nudibranch and there are divers who dedicate their dives just to locating these mollusks. Although we only saw the one during our dive, nudibranches are apparently found in abundance in the waters around Koh Tao.

There were so many incredible things to see at the dive sites we went to and we’ve got footage galore! We’ve posted about our scuba diving certification , a video of one of our dives and our tips for those learning to scuba dive but we’ve also got a lot more great photos on what you can expect to see under the water in Koh Tao.

We can’t wait to find our next dive location – there’s a whole other world just waiting for us to discover!

This image was taken by Fat Fish Movies, an amazing underwater photography and videography company. Our cameraman Charlie, was fantastic and provided us with great footage of our dive!

Do you dive? If so what hidden creatures have you managed to find? If you don’t, what hidden creatures on land have you found when you’ve least expected?



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