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Oktoberfest is officially here! This large festival with origins in Munich, Germany started in 1810. While still an important event in Bavarian culture, Oktoberfest celebrations are now held across the world. There is usually a mixture of attractions including musical performances, lots of traditional food and beer. This year, Oktoberfest is being celebrated from October 10-18th in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario near our home in Canada. Since we couldn’t be there to participate in any of the celebrations, we thought we’d try and find some German themed food and celebrate it in our own way. Here in Chiang Rai, our options are a little limited but we ended up finding our own versions of some German/Oktoberfest cuisine. Searching the 7/11, we grabbed a bag of plain potato chips for potatoes and some sausages for Oktoberfest sausage. Of course, we couldn’t resist when we saw the Federbrau (feather brew) beer in the fridge and thought it was a perfect addition to our meal. We also managed to find something close to German speck at a restaurant for dinner (not the speck Carolann grew up on, but it’ll do!)

We may have missed Oktoberfest in Germany, and now in Canada, but we couldn’t forget to honour the occasion in our own way. Hopefully we’ll have the opportunity to celebrate it in Munich for 2015!