Crave Koh Tao Restaurant

Crave Restaurant & Lounge – More Than Just A Great Burger in Koh Phangan

We initially passed it. Driving at night on our scooter we were distracted by the lights of the 711 across the street and missed the sign pointing the way to the restaurant and its entrance through the walkway between two buildings. Once we had backtracked and parked we made our way through the dim lit pathway that lead us up a set of stairs to the dining area and were struck with a feeling of home.

When travelling at length, there are times when we yearn for it, look for it and sometimes even forget exactly what it feels like. Fortunately there are those moments, whether it be a smell, the place we are in, a moment in time, where we get that feeling again. That comfortable, warm, embracing feeling of being somewhere familiar, somewhere that feels just a bit closer to home. That’s exactly how we felt as we sat down at Crave Restaurant in Koh Tao, Thailand and looked around. It probably looked anything but like someplace from home – The dark wood, dimlit decor with rice steamer light fixtures and bench-like seating surrounding the edge of the dining area was brightened with strings of dancing lights along the railing. The treehouse-like feel of the restaurant matched the hot tropical climate but it had that comfortable and inviting feel of being home.

interior Crave Restaurant Koh Tao Thailand



crave restaurant koh tao interior

What we especially loved about the interior was the bench seating where we each were able to recline against a triangle pillow beside the table rather than the traditional table and chairs that were present in the centre of the restaurant. We ordered a glass of their homemade iced tea and one of their homemade lemonade and settled back to peruse the menu. The sound of blocks crashing on a nearby table and the call of “Jenga!” alerted us to the games provided in the centre of the restaurant. Games such as Jenga and dominoes were up for grabs and added to the casual atmosphere of this otherwise trendy looking space.

Games at Crave Restaurant Koh Tao

The iced tea was, truly, homemade with a bold orange pekoe flavour and a hint of mint. The lemonade was refreshing and had a perfect sweet and sour balance even with the tartness of the added lime. The really interesting and surprising element was the subtle cinnamon that coloured each taste. These were two great drinks to start the meal. Although we opted for two non-alcoholic beverages, Crave has a happy hour from 5-7pm for select cocktails and their drink menu includes homemade Sangria and homemade marinated spirits.

homemade drinks crave koh tao

With the rich, mouthwatering smells eminating from the kitchen, we were salivating before we could even decide what to order off the menu, and that decision proved harder than we expected. Each dish described sounded so good that we enlisted the help of one of their incredibly friendly waitresses. With her guidance and further explanations of each dish, we made our choices and anxiously awaited the first course.

Yummy Hummus Crave Restaurant koh tao

We started with an appetizer of Yummy Hummus. The garlic-toasted slices of baguette with tomato, carrots, beans and cucumber were presented cleanly around a bowl of homeamde hummus. The hummus was smooth with flavours that were not overpowering but instead were well-blended. It also did not have that sour bite that one usually finds. It didn’t take us long to finish off the hummus with the veggies and bread and although the portion was a good size, it was so good we were still left wishing there was more.

As we waited for our meal to arrive, we were fortunate to have the owner, and head chef, join us at our table for a chat. Fellow Canadian, Valerie, hails from Quebec and while she’s lived in Thailand for several years, she retains her Canadian roots in some of the food she serves, such as poutine. Although not formally trained, Valerie has established a pretty impressive menu with a majority of the fare, down to mayo, being homemade. We chatted for quite some time, discussing her migration to Thailand, opening the restaurant and about her life back in Canada. It felt as though we were catching up with an old friend.

Deluxe Burger Crave Restaurant Koh Tao

We were incredibly excited when our main dishes came. The deluxe burger looked and smelled amazing. In Thailand, the beef is relatively difficult to work with as it is pretty much tasteless. Typically, if you are getting a flavourful burger, it’s made with beef from New Zealand but this burger, made from Thai beef, was delicious and packed full of flavor between a fresh, toasted bun. The brie cheese, bacon and homemade mayo were a great combination and the side of poutine was a perfect complement. True, it’s difficult to get the proper tasting components for a good poutine in Thailand. The cheese is much different and the potatoes are often watery, but this Thai-style poutine worked incredibly well. The side of coleslaw was another delicious and welcome addition to the meal. This burger was so good we had to include it in our top places to find a burger on Koh Phangan!

Beef Kabob Crave Restaurant Koh Tao

Our other main was the beef kabob wrap with a side salad. Sliced beef, hummus, mayo, veggies and fresh coriander came together in this truly tasty wrap without one of the ingredients overpowering the other. The balsamic dressed salad was a nice zesty pairing and the dish was thoroughly enjoyable.

While we had two meat dishes, Crave definitely has vegetarian options and Valerie is working on a new menu incorporating more meat-free options! Check out Crave’s Facbook page for the new menu!

We do not have any photos of the carrot cake we had for dessert. As we took it back to the hotel with us to save for later, we had every intention of taking photos but as soon as we opened the lid, the smell of the cinnamon had us thinking only about tasting the sweet treat in front of us. We were told that if we liked carrot cake, we would like this one and we were definitely in agreement. Freshly baked, moist and with a slight taste of cinnamon, the cake with cream cheese frosting was probably the best carrot cake we have ever had.

Crave Restaurant Koh Tao Thailand

Leaving Crave that night, we stepped onto the streets of Koh Phangan, Thailand and realized that for a short time we were transported from this country to a place that felt like home with an owner and chef that felt like an old friend. We were left feeling grateful for finding such a restaurant and regretful that we hadn’t found it sooner.

Crave Restaurant

56/7 Moo 8

Haad Yao West, Koh Phangan

Surat Thani, Thailand


Tel: +66(0) 89 2116923

Crave is located across from the 7/11 and is open from 5pm-11pm everyday EXCEPT Tuesdays. Be sure to check their website for their annual closures which generally occur a few weeks in October and again in April.

Those who know us well, know we have a penchant for Japanese cuisine. Good Japanese food tends to be marked by fresh ingredients, tantalizing combinations of flavor and a chef’s passion for the process. We haven’t had much sushi since we left Toronto so we decided to try to find the best Japanese food in Thailand. We found what we were looking for and more at Kobori Japanese Restaurant in Koh Samui, Thailand and for us, the bar has been raised.

Kobori japanese restaurant koh samui thailand - has some of the best Japanese food in Thailand


kobori japanese restaurant koh samui

Our Journey To Find The Best Japanese Food In Thailand Ends Where It Begins

When we arrived at the restaurant, along the Mae Nam walking street, we were greeted immediately by the restaurant’s namesake, Chef Koji O Kobori, wearing full traditional Japanese clothing and a warm smile. He led us through the narrow restaurant to a table near the back of the comfortably lit, authentically decorated dining area.

Kobori Japanese Restaurant

Chef Kobori Brings Japan to Koh Samui and Takes His Kimonos With Him

In talking to Kobori we learned that the restaurant was only 9 months old, opening in February 2014, and while he did not go to culinary school for formal training, Kobori learned to cook in various establishments in Japan before working there as a chef for around 5 years.  His friendly demeanor and obvious love for Japanese cuisine and hosting guests made us immediately feel welcome and even more excited to try the food.

Kobori Japanese Restaurant Koh Samui

We requested that Kobori provide suggestions on our meal and drinks, which he did, starting first with a tasting of Japanese plum liqueur and some sake, both of which were a great way to start our meal. The sake was smooth and light and the liqueur was sweet and fruity and left our palate cleansed and ready for the food to come.

tuna avocado salad kobori - some of the best Japanese food in Thailand

We started with a tuna avocado salad made with fresh, melt-in-your-mouth pieces of tuna sashimi, chunks of avocado, slices of tomato, cucumber, onion and carrot on a bed of lettuce and served with a homemade wasabi dressing. The components contrasted well and provided a mix of textures while the slight kick to the dressing was a complement to the mild flavor of the tuna and the balsamic flavor blended well with the stronger hints of cucumber and tomato.

ice macha tea, thai iced tea

To enjoy with the rest of our meal, we had iced matcha green tea and a Thai iced tea. The green tea was bold and strong in flavor while the Thai iced tea was lighter and refreshing. We could have drank several glasses of both but stuck to just one.

fried fish skewers - some of the best Japanese food in Thailand

Our next dish was the Samui fish fry plate. Six beautifully and lightly fried, crispy pieces of skewered white fish were served with a katsu sauce on the side. The fish were neither greasy nor strong in taste and we were told that the type of fish used are chosen from whatever is fresh at the market that day. On our particular plate, we had three different kinds of white, flaky fish. Whatever they had caught in Samui that day, it was absolutely perfect for this fish fry.

salmon sushi rolls

What Japanese meal would be complete without some sashimi, sushi or a maki roll? Our Salmon-tataki roll was beautifully plated and served just as we were finishing our fried fish skewers. The freshness of the ingredients were evident as the flavor burst and blended in a perfect mix of salmon, rice, Japanese mayo and vegetables.  The salmon on the outside was nicely seared without being cooked through and matched the fish and vegetables on the inside of the roll.

By this point we were both starting to get pretty full but when Kobori mentioned his miso soup made from fresh miso paste, which he makes each day, we couldn’t resist. We must’ve been eating instant miso base all this time because the flavour was unlike any other miso soup we had tried back home. The soup had vibrant flavours that were strong and not watered down. Even the tofu held the flavour and was present in the soup in thick chunks rather than the small tiny cubes one usually sees when ordering a miso soup.

Kobori cooking some of the best Japanese food in Thailand

Kobori followed up the miso soup with some beef teppanyaki which he brought out on a hot steel plate and cooked himself on a service cart in front of us. Colourful vegetables combined with the thinly sliced New Zealand beef and emitted a wonderful aroma while being cooked with the sauces Kobori had also made and brought out with the rest. Fresh and flavourful we thoroughly enjoyed this dish, served with rice, and its unique presentation.

coconut pana cotta, macha green tea ice cream - some of the best Japanese food in Thailand

By this point of the meal we were quite full but the photos of dessert on the wall, and the Japanese sword Kobori kept strapped to his side, made it hard to resist ordering something. We decided on the homemade matcha green tea ice cream, especially since the iced tea was so good, and the homemade coconut milk pana cotta. Afterall, Kobori said that Koh Samui is nicknamed coconut island, so it only made sense to try at least something involving one of the island’s main crops.

The ice cream had a strong and creamy matcha taste while the pana cotta was light in texture and flavour. The drizzle of strawberry sauce on top was a perfect touch. We don’t know too much about pana cotta other than it’s delicious and can be tricky to make but when we asked Kobori where he learned to make it, he told us he taught himself and that “it’s easy”. If we hadn’t already decided that he was a talented chef, we would’ve been convinced in that moment.

Just as we were winding down to the last few bites of our dessert, a plate of ‘the fruit of the day’ was brought out. Served to all guests at the completion of their meal, the plate of fruit is to cleanse the palate after eating and the day we went was composed of lychee and watermelon.



Needless to say, by the end of the meal we were completely satiated and incredibly impressed by the quality and presentation of the food we had just consumed. Kobori then took time to help the both of us dress in traditional Japanese clothing and take photos with him.

Kobori Koh Samui, Kobori Thailand, Best japanese restaurant thailand, best japanese restaurant koh samui, sushi koh samui, sushi thailand, best restaurants Koh Samui

Donning some interesting, and pretty humourous, headwear we all took various shots alone and together and it was a great way to round out the evening and an example of what makes Kobori Japanese Restaurant and Kobori himself so special. Here, you receive individual attention, an amazing meal and a funny and attentive host.

japanese hat kobori

Open everday from 5:30pm-11pm we highly suggest you find your way to Mae Nam and Kobori Japanese Restaurant for some incredible and authentic Japanese cuisine and a chance to unwind, dress-up and enjoy. We definitely won’t be forgetting the meal or the evening anytime soon.

Kobori Japanese Restaurant

Moo 5, Mae Nam,

Ko Samui District, Surat Thani

84330, Thailand


Comment below and let us know which cuisine you’d look for after being away from home for a couple months!! We can’t decide between Japanese or Dim Sum!



Rock Restaurant and Bar, Best restaurant in Bangkok, where to eat in Bangkok, Asian Fusion in Bangkok, best asian fusion restaurant, Bangkok restaurants

Fusion of flavor served in a fusion of style


Bangkok is a city full of restaurants. Currently there are 7,946 restaurants listed on TripAdvisor, not to mention the local establishments devoid of any online presence. It can be tricky to navigate through the maze of dining options to find one that really stands out among the rest and offers an experience worthy of writing home about. We were fortunate enough to find such a place, Rock Restaurant and Bar, located off of the main strip of tourist driven restaurants in a growing area of the same trendy and cozy style as the restaurant itself.

When we arrived, we were greeted by the two owners, Lucy, a foodie, and Richard, a fashion designer. We were told that the menu was based off the personalities of the two and it was clear that they had come together to create a décor and overall experience that were also like their personalities: warm and inviting.

Rock Restaurant and Bar Dining area, Rock Restaurant and Bar Bangkok, Best restaurants in Bangkok, Best Bangkok restaurants, Asian Fusion in Bangkok, Best Asian Fusion Restaurants, Best thai food in Bangkok, where to eat in Bangkok

Stepping into the restaurant we were immediately struck by that same warmth and the intimate, den-like feel of the restaurant. Beautiful hand-carved rock serve as the bases to glass tabletops, paying tribute to the Stone Forest and Lucy’s roots in China. Dark walls and pillars decorated with green foliage and vines warms the area and adds to the private cavern feel of the room and is perfectly contrasted with the crisp white chairs. Locally handcrafted lights and Italian imported cowskin rugs finishes off the look and brings the space together.

Handcrafted Thai Lights, Rock Restaaurant and Bar Bangkok, Best restaurant in Bangkok, where to eat in Bangkok, thai food in bangkok, asian fusion in Bangkok, best restaurants Bangkok

rock restaurant and bar tables, rock restaurant and bar bangkok, best restaurants bangkok, where to eat in bangkok, best thai food in bangkok

The space upstairs has been turned into a private area for additional seating or parties and groups and maintains the same feel as the main dining area.

Rock Restaurant Upstairs, Rock Restaurant and bar dining area, rock restaurant and bar bangkok, best restaurants bangkok, where to eat in bangkok

Rock Restaurant and Bar dining area, Rock Restaurant and Bar Bangkok, where to eat in bangkok, best restaurant in Bangkok

The music also added to the feel of the place which has a chic, artsy ambiance worthy of the swankiest and trendiest of restaurants found in Toronto, New York or L.A. but lacks the pretentious flare one often finds in similar establishments. This is undoubtedly a place designed for the enjoyment of food . And boy, did we enjoy the food.

“Siamisation” – Familiar Thai dishes with a twist


They describe their style of food as “Siamisation”. This Asian-fusion fare, pulls from the traditional and old school Thai recipes, and incorporates the flavours and ingredients from cultures that have influenced the cuisine in Thailand, the Land of Siam, as well as styles from across Asia.  It is familiarity with a little twist. A fusion of flavour to go along with the décor’s fusion of style. Created with the help of Chef Noi, who studied under one of the world’s most famous Thai chefs, David Thompson, the menu brings the concept of “siamisation” to life and elevates fusion style cooking to another level. Knowing that the recipes were cooked with fresh ingredients, locally sourced and brought in from the markets daily when possible, only made the list of items more appealing.

Butterfly pea water, Rock Restaurant and Bar welcome drink, Rock Restaurant and Bar Bangkok, Best restaurants in Bangkok, where to eat in Bangkok,

Upon being seated, we were immediately brought a welcome drink of butterfly pea water. We’re pretty sure there’s a fortune to be made should they decide to bottle and sell this water. Slightly sweet, floral yet fruity in taste and incredibly refreshing, this water was definitely a great introduction to the meal ahead.

rock restaurant and bar, restaurants in bangkok, pork buns in bangkok, asian fusion in bangkok, thai food in bangkok, best restaurants in bangkok

We started with a canapé of syrup pork buns. We’ve had more than our fair share of dim sum, but we were in no way prepared for what we were about to be served. Rather than the traditional pork filled bun, we received three lightly toasted buns topped with braised pork leg, shallot and cilantro. It was an amazing combination of flavours and these bite-sized buns have been frequent players in our food fantasies of late.

rock restaurant and bar bangkok appetizer, rock restaurant and bar bangkok, crab meat cream cheese wafers, best restaurant bangkok, where to eat in bangkok, asian fusion restaurant bangkok

For our appetizer, we had the crab cream cheese wafers. Thin wafers filled with seasoned cream cheese, crab meat, and homemade sauce offered up layers of taste. Perfectly balanced between wafer, cream cheese and crab, these wafers were simple in concept but complex in execution and taste.

Rock restaurant and bar bangkok grilled beef salad, best restaurants in bangkok, wher eto eat in bangkok, asian fusion in bangkok,

Our next course was the grilled beef salad which was completely different in composition from any beef salad we had tried in the past. The meat was cooked perfectly and the shrimp paste based sauce was complimented nicely by the tartness of the pomelo and the sharper but fragrant lemongrass.

rock restaurant and bar crab curry, thai style restaurant bangkok, best restaurants in bangkok, where to eat in bangkok

For our main, we had crab curry and rice noodle. This southern style coconut curry was slightly spicy and blended wonderfully with the flavour of the crab meat. It was yet another dish of layered and complex taste this time from a dish we’ve come to know in Thailand but made into an entirely new experience.

Rock Restaurant and Bar TOddy Palm Butter Cake, Rock REstaurant and Bar bangkok, best bangkok restaurants, where to eat in bangkok, best asian fusion restaurants bangkok

The meal wouldn’t have been complete without trying something from their dessert menu. We figured if the experience had been this amazing so far, their dessert couldn’t disappoint. And it definitely didn’t. Their toddy palm butter cake, commonly a Southern Muslim street food, was a dense cake without being heavy. The passion fruit cut the sweetness and created an amazing balance between the components of the dish.

Signature Cocktails… on the rocks

Rock Restaurant and Bar Whiskey, Rock Rstaurant and Bar bangkok, best restaurants in bangkok, best bars in bangkok, best cocktails in bangkok,

Their bar and drink menu is as thought-out and developed as their food menu. Their signature cocktails, paying homage once again to the couple, was developed by world-renowned mixologist Joseph Boroski and are as layered in flavour as the food.

Kunming tourist trap, rock restaurant and bar signature cocktail, rock restaurant and bar bangkok, best bar in bangkok, best restaurant in bangkok

The Kunming Tourist Trap is a drink inspired by Lucy’s hometown in China and combines black tea infused gin, rose jam syrup and fresh passion fruit pulp.

Rock Restaurant and Bar Bangkok, Red earth Cocktail Rock Restaurant and Bar, best resaurants in bangkok, where to eat in bangkok, best thailand restaurants

Red Earth is more of a creation based on the rock theme of the restaurant. Taking the patrons on a trip to Mars in a glass, this drink mixes Appleton white rum with the spice of fresh red pepper and paprika, the sweetness of surgarcane and the tartness of lime.

With a long list of drinks including signature cocktails, mixed drinks, wines, beers and spirits (not to forget the butterfly pea water) there is bound to be something for everyone.

Rock Restaurant and Bar in Bangkok offered us one of the best and most unique meals. From the moment we walked in our experience was of the highest quality. All of our senses were catered to with the décor, the ambiance and finally the dishes themselves. Lucy and Richard maintain a presence in the restaurant ensuring each of their patrons receive the best dining experience possible.

Rock Restaurant and Bar, Best restaurants in Bangkok, where to eat in bangkok, best thai in bangkok, best asian fusion in bangkok

We like to think we’ve found a bit of a hidden gem, although it’s clear that Rock Restaurant and Bar is popular and busy. One thing is certain, despite this restaurant being off the main tourist streets, with the food, service and experience they provide this place won’t be very hidden for long!


Rock Restaurant and Bar

7/1 Soi Chumnanaaksorn Paholyothin

9 Road, Samsennai, Phyathai,

Bangkok, Thailand 10400

082 688 8200



It was early, we were tired and we were very hungry. We were in Montreal and looking for a place to eat breakfast. We searched online for “the best place to eat breakfast in Montreal” and decided on L’Avenue.  The reviews warned us about long lines and advised us to get there before opening and although it was already 9am, we were now set on trying this restaurant.

Breakfast in MOntreal - Lavenue Restaurant Front

It wasn’t hard to find the restaurant’s location since we could see the lineup as we turned onto the street.  (At the point when the picture above was taken, we were still by the light post on the left-hand side of the photo.) By the one hour mark, we contemplated leaving but by then, we were committed. If you do happen to try this restaurant we, like the rest of the reviews, recommend you get there as early as possible but if you don’t, we recommend you stick around and wait – It’ll be worth it.

Lavenue Front of Restaurant

A Meal At One of the Best Places to Eat Breakfast in Montreal

Approximately an hour and a half after we first stepped in line we were ushered into a completely packed, narrow dining area. The décor was colourful and fun, the menus and waiters were predominantly French, and the smells emanating from the kitchen were tantalizing. We were waited on fairly quickly and although it was early, it was the weekend and the bar was open and drinks seemed to be flowing. We managed to get by on the minimal French we know and as per usual, ordered two different meals: pancakes and French toast.

Lavenue Bacon and Cheese Pancakes breakfast in Montreal

Crepes Bacon et Cheddar: Pancakes with bacon, cheddar cheese, sautéed apples and maple syrup – $12.89 CDN

At first we were conflicted. Bacon, cheese and apples on pancakes sounded both brilliant and crazy at the same time.  When we tried it, we found that it was a great blend of sweet and savoury. We would never have thought to put those ingredients together but they worked wonderfully. The syrup may have made it a little too sweet by the end, but it was delicious overall.

Lavenue Peach and Granola French Toast

Pain Grillé Français, Peches et Granola: French Toast with peaches, granola and a peach reduction syrup – $13.98 CDN

We were a little more confident with this choice and it turned out to be just as good as the pancakes. The different textures of the peaches and granola were a perfect contrast and while there was little  that was savoury about this dish, the sweetness was not overpowering, even with the syrup.

Somehow, the combinations of ingredients in both dishes created explosions of perfectly blended flavours that left us both wanting more long after we had demolished our breakfasts. The meal left us satiated and we were glad we had waited in line.

Lavenue Dining Room

If you are not sitting in a booth, the tables themselves are only inches apart and while this may lead to some people feeling crowded, we happened to strike up a pleasant conversation with the couple next to us and were glad for the chance to meet new people and discuss their experiences as Montreal residents.

We had an amazing overall experience and would highly recommend eating here at least once for breakfast/brunch. We would love to try dishes from the rest of the menu, for lunch or dinner, and have added this to our list of places to try again should we have the opportunity.

We also found out L’Avenue was featured on at least one TV show, and if you know us, we always enjoy learning about and hunting down restaurants on shows like “You Gotta Eat Here” or “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” and determining for ourselves just how good they are! We’ve already stopped by Stoney’s Bread Company in Oakville, Ontario and 11th Street Diner in Miami so we can add L’Avenue to this list and keep on the hunt for more!

Have you been to L’Avenue or any other “As Seen on TV” restaurant? If so, comment below and tell us about your experience!


You Can Do It Too

Looking for a great place to eat breakfast in Montreal? Here’s all the info you’ll need to find amazing food to satisfy your morning cravings:



922 Avenue du Mont Royal Est

Montreal, QC

H2J 1X1



On our drive back from our trip to the Keys we decided to stop for dinner in Miami. It was already past dinner time, we were hungry and tired, and we figured anything would taste good but we really wanted to have an enjoyable meal.  We had read quite a few reviews about 11th Street Diner and thought it would be a good option. After finding parking in a lot not too far away, we walked to 11th Street and Washington Ave where we spotted the Airstream looking dining car that housed the restaurant.

The interior of the restaurant was modern, clean and inviting and on this particular day, very busy.  Since the main dining area was full we were seated at the only available table in the bar area. This area was even cozier and decorated with a beautiful large mural beside the bar. A waiter was at our table almost immediately.

There is a lot to choose from off of their “All Day” menu which is inspired by traditional American fare.  With everything from all day breakfast to turkey dinner and corn fritters to fresh Mahi, the menu is packed with delicious sounding meals and we had a tough time choosing. What narrowed it down for us were the asterisks beside certain items indicating that they were featured on the Food Network (we looked it up and they were visited by Guy Fieri in an episode of Diner’s, Drive-Ins, and Dives). We chose two dishes from the show: pork chops and the Argentinian skirt steak.

11th street diner maimi, pork chops

Pork Chops with apples and raisins and a side of rice and beans with veggies – $14.95 USD

The pork was tender and bursting with flavour from seasonings and the combination of apples and raisins. The rice and beans were a perfect compliment and tasty on their own. Altogether the dish flowed perfectly from one element to the next. The only thing wrong with it was that there was no way to stop eating until the plate was empty.

11th Street Diner argintinian steak

Argentinian skirt steak with tomato garlic relish and homemade mashed potatoes – $14.95 USD

The steak was melt in your mouth and the relish was so good we could have eaten it on it’s own, but with the meat it added incredibly sophisticated flavours to each delicious bite. The homemade mashed potatoes actually tasted homemade and put with the rest, it helped make this meal one of the most memorable ever.

This restaurant in one word? Unforgettable. If you are in the area, dining here is a must. And don’t worry if you can’t make it until late – this restaurant is open 24 hours!!

Have you dined in Miami before? Comment below and let us know your favourite restaurant!


11th Street Diner

1065 Washington Ave

Miami Beach, Fl




Since one of our hobbies as a couple is trying different restaurants, we like to keep our ears open for any reviews on local establishments. We had heard from quite a few people that Stoney’s Bread Company in Oakville, Ontario offered some pretty good food.  When we finally saw it on an episode of “You Gotta Eat Here”, we knew it was time to try it.

The restaurant itself is cozy and while it definitely gives that effect of an intimate night out, it is contrasted with a casual, relaxed feel as you order and pay at the counter and take a number to the seat of your choice. The restaurant boasts a menu of home-made pastas, sandwiches, pizzas and breads and even offers a daily breakfast menu. Their Sunday Brunch menu from 9am to 3pm adds additional mouth watering items to an already impressive looking list.

On our visit, we opted for a sandwich and a pizza and as we waited we started to doubt whether we made the right choice since all the dishes passing by looked so good. We most certainly were not disappointed though.


stoneys flat iron steak sammy

The Flat Iron Steak Sandwich with goat cheese, caramelized onions, fried mushrooms, spinach, and sundried tomato aioli on ciabatta – $16.00 CDN

This place knows its bread. The bun was fresh and soft on the inside but lightly crunchy on the outside. The steak was cooked to perfection and the mix of flavours of the garnishes were a delightful addition without being overpowering. It’s a good thing they give you a knife and fork for this sandwich but while it may not be the easiest sandwich to devour, it may just be one of the best.

stoneys pizza

Giuseppe’s Pizza – pepperoni, calabrese, capicola, bacon and mozzarella with fire roasted tomato sauce – $15.00 CDN

As we stated, this place knows their bread. The crust was thin and crunchy, but soft on the inside – just how we like our pizza crust.  There was plenty of toppings to have each bite packed with delicious meaty-flavour and the fire roasted tomato sauce blended well. The pizza was large enough that we had to take a to-go box for what was left.

This was one of the few restaurants we have tried after hearing much acclaim and actually agreed it was deserving of such high reviews.  This restaurant definitely provides a satisfying experience and is worth a second visit. Since this visit, we’ve tried a few other restaurants we’ve seen on television programs and, while not all were at the calibre we expected, there were two incredible restaurants that were. Click to read our reviews of 11th Street Diner & L’Avenue.


Have you ever tried a restaurant you’ve seen on TV? Comment below and tell us about your experience!


Looking to visit Stoney’s Bread Company?

Stoney’s Bread Company

325 Kerr Street

Oakville, Ontario, Canada