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Learning to scuba dive in koh tao certification

Our First Scuba Experience with 8 Tips We Gathered For Beginners 18m deep. Colder than the rest. The only sounds are your steady breath in and out through the regulator and a tapping sound from a nearby fish pecking at coral. Visibility is much less now but you can still see large schools of fish circling […]

Romantic Things to do in Thailand

 A Hidden Gem in Koh Samui’s Backyard For our anniversary on Koh Tao, we chose to celebrate in two ways. The first, was to get our scuba certification and the second was to have a nice romantic dinner. Unfortunately, the first got in the way of the second in the form of a killer migraine. Carolann […]

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Sailing down the Ping River with WagonersAbroad! We woke up to the sound of our alarm at 9:30am and were about to hit the snooze button, again, for probably the tenth time when we realized what we were doing and set off into a panic. We had made arrangements to meet with a family of […]