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Using What We Learned From The Tropical Writers’ Workshop

As we had mentioned before in our post about our recently published articles in Southeast Asia Backpacker magazine, and on our social media channels, we spent two weeks in November on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan at the Best Western Phanganburi Resort attending the Tropical Writer’s Workshop.  The workshop included intense classroom activity where we vastly improved our writing skills, delved into the world of travel writing and publication, advanced our social media management skills and, as applies now, learned a whole heck of a lot about web design.

Best Western Phanganburi


As it was off-season and the most recent full-moon party had just passed, the resort was quiet and peaceful. We woke up every morning and headed to the restaurant where we were greeted by friendly restaurant staff (especially Romell whose smile was contagious) and ate breakfast overlooking the pool and the beach. We would then head to one of the boardrooms and brush-up on our writing skills. Every morning we learned skills which were relevant to the afternoon’s workshop – be it travel writing, web design or social media. The afternoon segments were each only 3 days but they were packed with invaluable information and guidance from 4 instructors who were passionate about their topics and each had a wealth of knowledge to pass along.

Best Western Phanganburi

After the first day, as we returned to our room, we both agreed that even just that one day of information was worth it – the cost, the change in our plans to accommodate the two weeks and the time we knew we would have to dedicate to the workshop itself. The entire two weeks? However clichéd, it was priceless. We gained an immense amount of knowledge and confidence and made some truly incredible friends with whom we still keep in touch. Each of us are invested in each others’ success.

Tropical Writers' Workshop

And that brings us to the present and the changes (obvious if you are a returning visitor) being made to the site.

We are starting to implement the things we learned about web design from our teacher – the ever-engaging, tremendously knowledgeable and incredibly funny Carl (hope you like that description Carl!) of Web Courses Bangkok – and slowly, we are redesigning and renovating OneModernCouple.com.

It took us some time as we seemed to run into one roadblock after another: minimal internet connectivity in Malaysia (it took us several days to get stable connection to upload photos for a post and a 3 minute video took 17 hours to upload…before it failed); we went home for 3 weeks for Christmas expecting to plunge right into our website redesign and underestimated how much time we would want to spend with the friends and family we had missed while we were away. Now, in Taiwan, we have yet to really settle down and have been pretty consistently on the move but with excellent and widely available internet, we really have no excuse and so, we’ve started the transformation.

Over the coming weeks we will be altering and updating, tweaking and refining the look and feel of our site but we will continue to post about our travels and will be sure to announce the final launch of the site.


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If you are interested in improving your writing skills, learning about travel writing, social media management, web design, or all of the above, check out TropicalWritersWorkshop.com for more information about the newest workshop starting in March.